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This page covers abilities and status effects from Into The Breach.


Abilities and status effects are conferred by equipment, pilot skills, or terrain. The below list contains all the possible effects that can affect a unit. Some are limited to Vek, others can only be used by mechs.

List of abilities

  • Flying : Flying units can move over any terrain tile.
  • Invigorating Spores : The Soldier Psion is providing +1 HP to all Vek.
  • Burrower : This Vek will hide underground after taking one or more damage.
  • Overpowered : The Psion Abomination is enhancing all Vek. They gain +1 HP, regeneration, and explode on death.
  • Hive Targeted : The Psion Tyrant will do 1 damage all friendly units every turn.
  • Hardened Carapace : The Shell Psion is providing Armor to all Vek, reducing incoming weapon damage by 1. All other damage (Push, Blocking, Fire, etc.) is unaffected.
  • Natural Armor : Weapon damage to this unit is reduced by 1. All other damage (Push, Blocking, Fire, etc.) is unaffected.
  • Degraded Armor : A.C.I.D. is currently nullifying the effects of Armor on this unit.
  • Regeneration : The Blood Psion is healing all Vek 1 point every turn.
  • Explosive Decay : The Blast Psion will cause all Vek to explode on death, dealing 1 damage to adjacent tiles.
  • Explosive Decay : Explodes on death, dealing 1 damage to adjacent tiles.
  • Conveyor Belt : This unit will be pushed by the conveyor belt in the marked direction.
  • Teleporter Pad : If another unit uses the RED/BLUE teleport pad, this unit will swap locations with it.
  • Webbed : Units Webbed by the Vek cannot move, but they can still attack.
  • Not Powered : Units without power are inactive and cannot move or attack.
  • Massive : Massive units can walk in Water (but Water will prevent shooting).
  • Submerged : Weapons do not work when submerged in Water.
  • Submerged in A.C.I.D. : Weapons do not work and the submerged Mech is inflicted with A.C.I.D.
  • Submerged in Lava : Weapons do not work and the submerged Mech is on Fire.
  • Fire : Units on Fire take 1 damage at the start of every turn.
  • On Forest : Tile will light on Fire when damaged, posing great risk to this unit.
  • On Sand : Tile will turn into Smoke when damaged, preventing this unit from attacking.
  • On Ice : If an Ice tile takes damage twice, it will turn into Water.
  • On Damaged Ice : Damaged Ice will turn into Water if damaged again.
  • Corroding A.C.I.D. : Weapon damage against this unit is doubled. All other damage (Push, Blocking, Fire, etc.) is unaffected.
  • Blocking Spawn : The new enemy unit will not spawn here, but this unit will take 1 damage.
  • Smoke : Units in Smoke cannot attack or repair.
  • Electric Smoke : Units in Smoke cannot attack or repair. Electricity damages enemy units.
  • Energy Shield : Shields block damage and any negative effects (Fire, Freezing, A.C.I.D, etc.). Only direct damage will remove the Shield.
  • Zoltan Shield : Same as a normal Shield, but regenerates at the start of every turn
  • Stable : Cannot be moved by any weapon effect (Push, Teleport, etc.).
  • Frozen : Invincible but unable to move or attack. Any damage will free the unit.
  • Kickoff Boosters : +2 Move this turn.
  • Sidestep : (Pilot Skill) This unit gets one bonus Tile move after attacking.
  • Impulsive : This unit gains +3 Move on first turn of every mission.
  • Double Shot : (Pilot Skill) This unit gets a bonus action because it did not move.
  • Fire-and-Forget : (Pilot Skill) This unit can move after shooting.
  • Fire Immunity : This unit cannot be set on Fire
  • Smoke Immunity : This unit is unaffected by Smoke
  • Self-Repairing : If damaged, this unit will Shield itself and prepare to heal.
  • Environment Danger : The environment effect will affect this space next turn
  • Alpha Unit : Alpha units are more powerful than their standard counterparts
  • Hive Leader : These are the most powerful Vek. Immune to water, they can be more challenging to kill.



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