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The Aquatic
Fire-and-Forget: Move again after shooting. Requires 1 Power.
Pinnacle Robotics

Archimedes is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Archimedes can be acquired by completing islands.


Archimedes is a cutting-edge robotic intelligence (a Sentient, he finds the term "robot" and "artificial" to be discriminatory) from Pinnacle designed to act as a Human Relations officer. It has come from a timeline where Pinnacle "oversaw" the islands (the Pinnacle Island Network: P.I.N.) and tended to the humans' needs (much like how you would take care of animals on a farm, but not in a mean or ruthless way – the Sentients simply saw themselves as benevolent caretakers to keep the humans from hurting themselves).

Zenith has refused to allow Archimedes access to her network, for fear that his directives may corrupt programming on Pinnacle (if this occurred it would be inadvertent, but it is a possibility). Archimedes believes the rioting behavior of the robots on Pinnacle is due to either (1) a contradictory directive they are attempting to follow or reconcile, or (2) the possibility that the arrival of sentient pilot variants from other timelines may indeed be interfering with the natural programmatic order on the island.


Well-mannered, aristocratic, has a superiority complex (he comes from a more advanced timeline, he believes), and can be condescending toward humans.


Archimedes has particular synergy with Teleport weapons that can cause other Pilots to sacrifice their own personal safety in order to rescue other Mechs from damage. Fire-and-Forget can also be used offensively to reposition and intercept enemy attacks, or stand on enemy spawn points after having previously attacked a different target, done best in Armored and/or high-HP Mechs, such as an upgraded Hook Mech, or Prime-class Mechs.