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Archive, Inc.
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Dewey Alms
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Archive, Inc. is the first island in the game Into the Breach. It is led by CEO Dewey Alms and has a Temperate environment.


This Museum Island recreates Old Earth as it was before the oceans rose and nearly wiped out humanity.


The Museum Island of Archive, Inc. is made up of 8 regions numbered 0 to 7. Region numbers are fixed, but region names are randomized. Ignore the colors on the map. The location of the Corporate HQ is always randomized.

Missions can be attempted in 4 Regions before a Hive Leader attempts to destroy the Corporate HQ.

Regions must be unlocked by attempting to complete the objectives in an adjacent region.

In the example map, Region 0 was the Corporate HQ. Regions 2 and 6 are unlocked because those regions are adjacent to the Corporate HQ. Selecting the mission in Region 2 unlocked Regions 1 and 3. The mission in Region 6 unlocked Region 4 and the mission in Region 4 unlocked Regions 5 and 7. Having attempted the missions in Regions 2, 6, 4 and 5, seismic activity by the Vek attacking the Corporate HQ destroys Regions 1, 3, and 7.


Reputation Missions[]

  • Kill at least 5 Enemies
  • Do not kill the Volatile Vek
  • End Battle with less than 4 Mech Damage
  • Defend the Artillery Support
  • Protect the Old Earth Bar
  • Protect the Clinic
  • Block Vek Spawning 3 times
  • Destroy the Dam

Double Reputation Missions[]

  • Defend the Satellite Launches
  • Defend the Tanks
  • Defend the Train

Power Grid Missions[]

  • Protect the Coal Plant
  • Protect the Emergency Batteries

Corporate HQ Mission (Double Reputation Mission)[]

  • Destroy the Scorpion Leader
  • Protect the Corporate Tower

Special Conditions[]

  • Air Support - A bomber will periodically target areas of the map
  • Defensive Shields Active - Some buildings start with a free Shield
  • Tidal Waves - The map will gradually be flooded with Water

Region names[]

As all region names are randomized, the following list is included for completion.
  • Accord Repository
  • Antiquity Row
  • Archival Flats
  • Archivist Hall
  • Artifact Vaults
  • Central Museums
  • Chronology Hall
  • Colonial Park
  • Excavation Site
  • Exhibits Archive
  • Forgotten Hills
  • Historic County
  • Martial District
  • OhmTown
  • Old Earth Park
  • Old Town
  • Preserved Farms
  • Relic Preserves
  • Remembrance Point
  • Renovation Complex
  • Research Center
  • Restoration Center
  • Retrospect Park
  • Safeguard Valley
  • Secondary Archives
  • Storage Vaults
  • The Library
  • The Pasture

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