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Archive Inc Pilot is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Archive Inc Pilots are Archive, Inc. CorPilots in the current timeline and are part of the pool of available pilots to replace the regular Artificial Pilots.


These fellows are a little uncertain, but interested in the Mechs they are commanding from an Archive point of view.

Pilot Names

Here's a list of given names and surnames of CorPilots encountered across all timelines
Given Name (Male) Given Name (Female) Surname
Aidan Airilee Acharya
Alexis Alison Berezin
Anton Amelia Chavez
Bigby Ana Correa
Charlie Ayesha Ferry
Collin Chloe Huang
David Clara Kim
Dylan Elizabeth Kirby
Elijah Estelle Kirk
Fox Esther Koleda
Leo Ilona Lee
Liam Isabel Montes
Mateo Isla Nguyen
Maxim Jill Patel
Michael Lauren Perez
Miguel Maria Prieto
Nick Mikayla Romano
Nikola Myra Sanchez
Omar Nadia Singh
Ori Nora Smith
Peter Sam Tigani
Philip Sofia Torcasio
Pierre Tatiana Volkov
Sergei Urbana Waller
Stefan Willow Zhang
Steve Zoe



Starting Game

  • [Coming soon]

Powering Weapon

  • When can I test it out?
  • New weapon powering up!
  • Works like a charm.

Upgrading Stats

  • Would you look at that!
  • Installation successful.
  • Reactor checks out.
  • Humming right along.

Reactor Installed

  • [Coming soon]

Assigned to Mech

  • [Coming soon]

Removing Weapon

  • Am I getting a replacement?
  • Am I getting an upgrade?
  • Um, I signed up partly to test weapons...

Mission Start

  • Let's turn the Vek into relics!
  • This Mech makes Archive's old-fashioned relics almost prehistoric.

Being Webbed

  • [Coming soon]

Objective reminder

  • We need to put a lid on those emergence points! (Block Vek)

Vek Surfacing

  • Picking up quakes - Vek are digging their way to the surface!

Vek Surfaced

  • [Coming soon]

Blocking Vek

  • Diverting power to ground stabilizers!

Taking Damage

  • [Coming soon]

Vek Killed

  • Another for the [Team name]!


  • [Coming soon]

Teammate Promoted

  • [Coming soon]


  • [Coming soon]

Time Pod (Arrival)

  • Pod, coming in hot!

Time Pod (Destroyed)

  • [Coming soon]

Time Pod (Acquired)

  • Recovered the Pod!
  • Pod's safe!


  • Not as familiar with Mechs as Archive relics, but I made do.
  • I repaired what I could.

Building destroyed

  • The Vek will pay for that!

End Mission (Vek escaped)

  • [Coming soon]

End Mission (Objective Failed)

  • [Coming soon]

End Mission (Perfect)

  • We killed them all! The Vek are dead!
  • We wiped them all out! The region's clear!

Failed Mission

  • [Coming soon]