Into the Breach Wiki
Rockman: +3 Health and immune to Fire.

Ariadne is a pilot in Into the Breach.


After breaking a certain mountain tile or ice tile a "mysterious transmitter" will be found under it. If you take it, a special time pod will fall from the sky. Ariadne will be inside.


Rock (people, male and females of the species exist) are large, herbivorous bipeds. Rock(men) are natural isolationists and like to be left alone. They are dogmatic and single-minded. In their own territories, they are largely religious zealots and have a wide interpretation of cultural transgression (ex: offers to trade can be interpreted as hostile). Rock(men) are raised so that radical members of their species are separated from the population and carefully managed so that they can fit in with the rest of their culture. Interaction with alien species is illegal. Their home culture involve arranged marriages. They were one of the founders of the Federation (along with humans and Engi).

Rockmen who do not conform to their species stereotype (say, rebelling against religion or by being simply... different) can be found amongst the stars, and several instances of Rock pirates and warriors exist in the Big Black (they are known to cover their ships with "outcast decorations"). Ariadne (female of the species) was fleeing a pre-arranged marriage to a Basilisk Chief (see FTL) when the beacon diverted her vessel. Her crime prevents her from wanting to return to Rock space even if she could... but is uncomfortable amongst the many cultures on the new planet she has found. She is vaguely curious what time travel/breach technology could possibly do to erase her crime and the events leading up to it, allowing for a fresh start.


Rockmen "speech" is like a low grumble - slower, almost a 'rocks grinding' sound.


At first glance, Ariadne's immunity to fire suggests that she pairs well with the Flame Behemoths; it is arguably the opposite. As this squad starts with 'Flame Shielding,' the only way to make use of her ability is to turn said passive off and exploit the additional power. However, this runs the risk of allowing the two other mechs to take fire damage. Should one attempt this strategy, it is recommended that Ariadne pilot the Swap Mech, which must first stop over a burning tile before teleporting an enemy in its stead. Alternatively, she may pair well with the Flame Mech if using a similar strategy with a custom squad.

Ariadne's greatest asset is her unrivaled boost to health. This can make up for some mechs' naturally low hit points or bolster strategies that rely on tanking damage as with Blitzkrieg.