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Artificial Pilot
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Artificial Pilot is a pilot in Into the Breach.


All Mechs have an onboard Artificial Pilot. In the event a human or Pinnacle A.I. pilot is killed, the Artificial Pilot can operate the Mech until a replacement Pilot is found.


Artificial Pilots are assigned to mechs as a last resort in combat. While they are capable of fighting, Mechs excel and become better when manned by a human pilot (or Pinnacle A.I., which are far more advanced). Artificial Pilots are often present in the corporate islands, but not accorded the same status nor have the same extent of personality that the Pinnacle robots do.


The easily replaceable AI pilot can be played far more recklessly than other pilots; if there is an opportunity to sacrifice an AI-controlled mech on the final turn to preserve grid power or complete an objective, do not hesitate to do so. Sacrificing your AI pilot before the final turn is far riskier, however.

Even if you have suitable generic pilots, it may be wise to leave highly self-destructive mechs in the AI’s control. Not only does this open up opportunities for riskier plays, but the unused pilots who are no longer at risk of dying can be traded for corporate reputation at the end of the island.

Because the AI cannot gain experience, it is slightly preferable to use it to soften a Vek before finishing it off with another pilot, if all other outcomes are equal.


Category Event Description Content
Game States Gamestart This happens at the start of a new game
FTL_Found Happens on the island screen after finding the FTL pilot in a pod.
FTL_Start Happens after you start a new game with an FTL pilot. Only needed for Recruits
* Gamestart_PostVictory Start of new game after winning
Death_Revived If this unit is dead, but gets repaired "Status: Functional",

"Status: Reactivated"

Death_Main If this unit dies. "Damage Report: Critical",
Death_Response If another unit dies.

Use #main to say the dying unit's name.

"Pilot #main_second: Deceased\nTactical Efficiency: Compromised"
Death_Response_AI If another Mech dies but it doesn't have a pilot to die. "#main_mech: Destroyed\nTactical Efficiency: Compromised"
* TimeTravel_Win Last thing pilot says before time traveling after a victory. "Update: Data drives ready for temporal breach"
Gameover_Start Right when you lose "Status: Power Grid collapsing\nVek: Unstoppable"
Gameover_Response Response to above "Humanity: Destroyed\nInitiate: Time breach"
UI Barks Upgrade_PowerWeapon Turn on a new weapon. "Interfacing: New equipment detected",

"Interfacing: Accessing new schematics"

Upgrade_NoWeapon If you have no weapon powered. This plays every time you remove all weapons from the Pilot. "Error: No weapon detected",

"Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal", "Warning: Weapon systems offline"

Upgrade_PowerGeneric Diverting reactor power to either Health or Move (basic Mech stats, not a weapon). "Calibrating: Optimizing power levels",

"Update: Power distribution complete", "Status: Mech optimized"

Mid- Battle MissionStart Generic mission start "Weapons: Online",

"Update: Multiple targets detected"

* Mission_ResetTurn Triggers after a turn reset "Update: Localized breach completed"
MissionEnd_Dead Generic mission end where enemies are all killed "Update: Mission successful\nObjective: Completed",

"Update: Mission complete\nWeapons: Offline"

MissionEnd_Retreat Generic mission end when enemies retreat "Update: Hostiles retreating"
MissionFinal_Start Plays at the start of the final mission "Emergency: Power Grid out of range",
MissionFinal_StartResponse Incoming power pylons "Update: Pylons incoming"
MissionFinal_FallStart Plays at the start of the ground falling in the final mission
MissionFinal_FallResponse Plays once the ground shakes "Update: Island collapsing"
MissionFinal_Bomb What's the plan? "Update: Target acquired\nMission: Destroy Vek hive"
MissionFinal_BombResponse Before dropping the bomb
MissionFinal_CaveStart Plays at the start of the final cave section (after MissionFinal_BombResponse) "Priority Update: Defend the bomb"
* MissionFinal_BombDestroyed When the bomb is destroyed, another one is dropped and the battle length is extended.
MissionFinal_BombArmed "Priority Update: Bomb armed"
PodIncoming Pod is about to fall "Update: Pod detected"
PodResponse Response to above "New Secondary Objective: Acquire Pod resources"
PodCollected_Self Pod collected (by the pilot talking) "Update: Pod acquired"
PodDestroyed_Obs Pod destroyed (by anyone, including Vek, except the speaker) "Update: Pod destroyed",
Secret_DeviceSeen_Mountain Secret object was inside a mountain

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"Update: Anomaly detected in mountain",
Secret_DeviceSeen_Ice Secret object was under water after destroying ice

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"Update: Anomaly detected under ice",
Secret_DeviceUsed Only needs 1 line per Pilot "Transmitter: Activated",
Secret_Arriving Only needs 1 line per Pilot "Update: Anomaly incoming",
Emerge_Detected Emerges are queued. "Warning: Vek approaching surface",

"Warning: Enemy activity"

Emerge_Success Vek Emerges "Warning: Vek surfacing"
Emerge_FailedMech Mech blocks Emerging Vek "Activating: Ground stabilizers",

"Update: Diverting power to ground stabilizers"

Emerge_FailedVek Vek Block Emerging Vek "Update: Vek pathing blocked by Vek"
Mech State
Mech_LowHealth Mech has 1 hp. "Damage Report: Critical"
Mech_Webbed Mech is webbed "Warning: Mobility compromised",

"Warning: Mobility at 0%"

Mech_Shielded Mech is shielded "Status: Shield at 100%",

"Status: Shield activated"

Mech_Repaired Mech uses repair. "Update: Repairs complete"
Pilot_Level_Self Pilot levels up (not necessarily max rank) "Tactical Efficiency: Updated",
Pilot_Level_Obs Pilot is observed to level up "#main_reverse: Evaluating...\nTactical Efficiency: Increased",

"#squad: Evaluating...\nTactical Efficiency: Increased"

Mech_ShieldDown Mech's shield is removed "Status: Shield at 0%",

"Warning: Shield compromised", "Warning: Shield failure"

Damage Done Damage commentary comes in three flavors:

"SELF" : The Mech did themselves "OBS" : The Mech (or CEO) observed another Mech do it "VEK" : A Vek did it, and a CEO or Mech is commenting on that

Vek_Drown Vek drowns (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Vek submerged\nSecondary Update: Vek life signs have ceased",

"Update: Vek submerged"

Vek_Fall Vek falls down a hole (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Vek falling at terminal velocity",

"Update: Vek falling at increasing velocity"

Vek_Smoke Vek is put in smoke (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Airborne particles have slowed Vek reflexes",

"Update: Airborne particles have halted Vek attack", "Update: Vek attack compromised"

Vek_Frozen Vek is frozen (from any cause except Snow Storm and Freeze Mine) "Update: Vek is frozen.",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%",

VekKilled_Self "Update: Target destroyed",

"Update: Target deleted", "Update: Enemy obstruction removed", "Update: Enemy has been deactivated"

VekKilled_Obs "Evaluation: #main_reverse competency logged",

"Retrieving Compliment: 'Well done!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'You deserve praise!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'Jolly good show!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'Kicking ass, taking names!'"

VekKilled_Vek "Update: Target destroyed\nCause of Death: Friendly Fire",

"Vek Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal"

DoubleVekKill_Self "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets deleted", "Update: Multiple targets destroyed"

DoubleVekKill_Obs "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets deleted", "Update: Multiple targets destroyed"

DoubleVekKill_Vek "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal+\nUpdate: Cataloguing new tactics",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets destroyed\nCause of Death: Friendly fire", "Update: Targets deleted\nCause: IFF failure", "Vek Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal"

MntDestroyed_Self Note that because a destroyed mountain (and building) can then be moved through, some lines reflect the fact the player can now move into these tiles. "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

MntDestroyed_Obs "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

MntDestroyed_Vek "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

PowerCritical "WARNING: Grid approaching critical",

"WARNING: Grid failure imminent"

Bldg_Destroyed_Self "Accessing: Island pop. database\nUpdated: Civilians lost"
Bldg_Destroyed_Obs "Accessing: Island pop. database\nUpdated: Civilians lost"
Bldg_Destroyed_Vek "Update: Tactical algorithms\nUpdating: Civilian priority"
Bldg_Resisted Building resists damage, currently anyone can comment but I can change this to _Obs/_Self/_Vek if we think it's worth it. "Assessment: Structure intact",

"Assessment: No interruption to Grid"

Mission Specific Mission_Train_TrainStopped "Scanning: Train schematics\nDiagnostic: Recoverable"
Mission_Train_TrainDestroyed "Update: Train destroyed\nObjective: Failed"
* Mission_Block_Reminder Remind player to block emerging Vek "Reminder: Block emerging Vek"
Archive Inc
Mission_Airstrike_Incoming "Alert: Air support incoming"
Mission_Tanks_Activated Both tanks survived to activation "Update: Archive Inc. Tanks online",

"Update: Archive Inc. Tanks online\nCall Signs: 'Mama Bear', 'Daddy Warbucks'"

Mission_Tanks_PartialActivated Only one tank survived to activation "Update: Archive Inc. Tank online",

"Update: Archive Inc. Tank online\nCall Sign: 'Mama Bear'"

* Mission_Dam_Reminder Remind player to destroy the Dam "Reminder: Complete destruction of dam"
Mission_Dam_Destroyed After the completed animation of the dam drowning things "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: River now online",

"Update: Vek tunneling prevented\nCause: Water barrier", "Update: Vek environmental barrier online"

Mission_Satellite_Destroyed Triggers only when the first satellite is destroyed "Update: Satellite 'Argus V' destroyed"
Mission_Satellite_Imminent Triggers when the Satellite queues its launch (the turn before it actually launches) -- It can trigger for either satellite, or both, it's randomized. "Update: Rocket preparing to launch"
Mission_Satellite_Launch Triggers when the satellite actually takes off, can trigger for either or both "Update: 'Archive, we have liftoff!'"
Mission_Mines_Vek Vek Killed by Mine "Warning: Detonation detected\nCause: Proximity mine"
Mission_Terraform_Destroyed If the terraformer is destroyed "Update: Terraformer destroyed"
Mission_Terraform_Attacks After the player uses the terraformer (not necessarily the first, random chance)

This will obey the same rules as other barks, where something like a pilot death will take priority.

"Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Terraforming successful"
Mission_Cataclysm_Falling Triggers when ground is falling during either RST mission with falling ground "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Canyon added to database"
Mission_Lightning_Strike_Vek If lightning hits a Vek "Update: Recalibrating EMP safeguards",

"Alert: Electrical discharge detected"

Mission_Solar_Destroyed Solar panel destroyed "Update: Solar farm destroyed"
* Mission_Force_Reminder Remind player to destroy the mountains "Reminder: Mountains must be destroyed"
Mission_Freeze_Mines_Vek Vek Frozen by Mine. This takes priority over all other Freeze conditions. "Update: Vek in hibernation mode\nCause: Pinnacle cryo-mine",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%\nCause: Pinnacle cryo-mine", "Update: Vek in hibernation mode", "Update: Vek mobility at 0%"

Mission_Factory_Destroyed Bot Factory destroyed "Update: Robotics factory destroyed"
Mission_Factory_Spawning Bot Factory spawning "Warning: Enemy activity",

"Warning: Hostiles detected"

Mission_Reactivation_Thawed A selection of enemies on the map are freed from ice (might be bots) "Warning: Enemy activity",

"Warning: Enemy leaving hibernation mode"

Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenVek Snowstorm freezes Vek "Update: Vek in hibernation mode\nCause: Meteorological",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%\nCause: Meteorological", "Update: Vek in hibernation mode", "Update: Vek mobility at 0%"

Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenMech Snowstorm freezes speaking Mech -- This takes priority if Vek are frozen as well "Warning: Mobility compromised",

"Warning: Mobility at 0%", "Warning: Mobility compromised\nCause: Meteorological", "Warning: Mobility at 0%\nCause: Meteorological", "Warning: Mobility compromised\nCause: Unfavorable weather conditions", "Warning: Mobility at 0%\nCause: Unfavorable weather conditions"

BotKilled_Self Player kills a hostile Bot "Update: Target decommissioned\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Update: Target deactivated\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

BotKilled_Obs Player is observed to kill a hostile Bot "Update: Target decommissioned\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Update: Target deactivated\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

Mission_Disposal_Destroyed Player was supposed to defend the Disposal unit and it was destroyed -- Shooter could be anyone "Update: Detritus A.C.I.D. launcher destroyed"
Mission_Disposal_Activated Player uses Disposal Unit -- mass damage "Warning: Activate chemical filters",

"Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: A.C.I.D. concentration levels logged"

Mission_Barrels_Destroyed A.C.I.D. barrel destroyed (as per mission objectives) -- shooter unclear "Update: Detritus A.C.I.D. vat destroyed",

"Update: Seismic readings\nUpdated: Vek burrowing activity decreasing"

Mission_Power_Destroyed Power plant is destroyed "Update: Power plant destroyed"
Mission_Teleporter_Mech Mech teleports (self) "Update: New coordinates logged",

"Update: Reacquiring targets",

Mission_Belt_Mech Mech moves on conveyor (self) (does not hit anything, no damage, etc.) "Tactical Efficiency: Mobility affected",

"Update: Recalculating mobility"