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Bethany Jones is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Bethany Jones can be acquired by .


Bethany Jones [Pinnacle] Bethany Jones served as a physics engineer at Pinnacle, helping design and refine Pinnacle shield technology. Having only grown up on Pinnacle, she's somewhat sheltered with regards to the other islands, and she tends to trusting of others, taking them at their word. She loves the cold and the snow, but she's also excited by the opportunities to see other islands in the Corporate archipelago and learn from the people there. While she and Isaac are technically brother and sister, there hasn't been a timeline where they both were alive to realize this (either Bethany dies at a young age, or Isaac dies - only one of them could be saved in the womb b/c of a chronic medical condition their parents had). Bethany has had a more positive upbringing than Isaac, and her genius is tempered more with empathy and optimism than Isaac (who had a much more difficult childhood).


Caring, intelligent, pragmatic. A bit naive to war. Constantly hopeful & encouraging. Looks for the best in humanity.


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