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Camila Vera
Pilot Soldier.png
Evasion: Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke.

Camila Vera is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Camila Vera can be acquired by completing islands.


Camila is the sixth adopted daughter of Jessica Kern (who maintains an extended family of 20, none of them related by blood) from her Origin Timeline. She is a ex-cartographer and meteorological scout from R.S.T. - she was previously assigned to do field surveys and do "terrain testing" in areas where the corporation were testing out new terraforming weapons (she was essentially terraforming "Q.A."). In this role, she became an excellent pilot (the others are dead, it's an unforgiving job) and developed a "sixth sense" for piloting craft in hazardous conditions and trusting her instincts to "move" whenever she sensed a quake or collapse in the ground was about to occur. She has since channeled this sixth sense into combat, learning to anticipate and evade Vek webs as well as knowing how to pilot her Mech in the thickest dust storms without handicapping her combat efficiency. She was one of the first volunteers to fight the Vek in her original timeline after the death of her adopted mother, and also (she's never revealed this to anyone else) she has always had a loathing for insects, so she takes satisfaction in wiping out the giant varieties (the Vek).


Prototypical good soldier. Treats the battle like a military war. Doesn't have time for nonsense. Wishes others were as professional. While she shares traits with Chen Rong, they occasionally (quietly) clash on military issues (she's more hands-on in the fighting, while Rong's more of a supervising officer).


While being impervious to webs make her a desirable front-line fighter, it is her immunity to smoke that gives her particularly excellent synergy with the Rusting Hulks. Whereas the late-battle build-up of smoke might otherwise hamper the Jet Mech's maneuvering options, it can only work to Camila's benefit.