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This page lists characters from Into The Breach.


Pilots control the mechs, gaining experience and valuable skills on the battlefield. Basic AI Pilots are already operating at their peak efficiency and do not gain experience in combat, making it necessary for you to find find superior human Pilots, or advanced AI Pilots, to replace the basic AI.

Pilots need 25 XP to get to Level 1 and then another 50 XP to get to level 2. XP is gained by killing Vek at a rate of 1 XP per HP (eg. a 2 HP Vek is worth 2 XP). This means the health boosting psion also increases the xp value of the vek. Most Pilots have an innate Ability (not to be confused with skills earned thorugh leveling), you start with three pilots of which your choosen pilot has an ability and the other two generic pilots. All pilots encountered after that also have abilities. Robotic Pilots need 1 or 2 Reactor Core to activate their special ability.

Generic company pilots have randomly generated names.

Other characters[]

This section is for non-Pilot characters, such as CEOs.