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Chen Rong
Pilot Leader.png
Sidestep: After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement.

Chen Rong is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Chen Rong can be acquired by completing islands.


Chen is Henry Kwan's opposite. He's dutiful, conscientious, and puts other's safety before his own. Chen was a high-level manager of one of the key Teleportation Waste Sites in Detritus (much like a central hub to distribute waste to the proper sections of the island), and was responsible for transporting and managing hundreds of disposal lines at once (much like an air traffic controller in the old days, but this was governing the movement of waste, junk, and insuring there were no back-ups or stoppages in the supply line). It is believed this gave him considerable skill in tactics that was recognized during the open call for pilots when the Vek first attacked. Unlike Kwan, Rong didn't volunteer because he wanted to fight, or rise above his position, he did it because he believed it was his responsibility. Since then, he has proven a capable and reliable solider, although he lacks Kwan's battle instincts.


Chen is conscientious, reliable, and tries to be a model soldier. He's one of the best examples of managerial skill and leadership at Detritus, and it comes through in fighting the Vek.


Being able to move after attacking allows him to pull off maneuvers that would otherwise be deadly or impossible. While Archimedes performs more extensively, Chen Rong does so without the additional cost to reactor power.