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The Custom Squad is a special Squad in Into the Breach


The Custom Squad option becomes available after unlocking a second Squad.

A Custom Squad allows for the selection of any Mechs that have been unlocked, including multiple of the same class as well as multiple of the same Mech.


Select any 3 Mechs, no restrictions


Squad Achievements[]

Class Specialist
Beat the game with 3 different Mechs from the same class in a Custom squad
Flight Specialist
Beat the game with 3 flying Mechs in a Custom squad
Mech Specialist
Beat the game with 3 of the same Mech in a Custom squad

Interesting Squads[]


  • Class Specialist: Artillery Mech, Rocket Mech, Boulder Mech. The versatility and damage output far outweigh any downsides of ranged mechs
  • Mech Specialist: Flame Mech x3. They are immune to fire, synergize with each other, deal sufficient damage, and push.
  • Flight Specialist: Because the flying mechs have low damage output, kills will be difficult. Ice Mech is very good when combined with Bethany Jones' or Mafan's shield. Jet Mech is not bad, even if its smoke will not do extra storm damage. Defense Mech can shield buildings, pull Vek out of position, or even kill with bump damage.