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Detritus tech can break down any matter into its base elements. Their factory-cities are devoted to waste removal and recycling.

Detritus Disposal is the fourth island in the game Into the Breach. It is initially locked with the creation of a new profile and is only unlocked once the other three islands (Archive, Inc., R.S.T. Corporation and Pinnacle Robotics) are complete. Once unlocked, it can be accessed in any order.

Led by Vikram Singh, Detritus specialises in the use of A.C.I.D to break down enemies and machines alike. Missions will often have A.C.I.D. Pools which can be key to quickly shredding apart alphas and leaders. Other mechanics include the use of Conveyor Belts and Teleporters, fitting the urban combat environment.



Reputation Missions[]

Grid Power Missions[]

Reactor Core Missions[]


As all region names are randomized, the following list is included for completion.
  • Chemical Field A
  • Containment Zone D
  • Containment Zone J
  • Disposal Site C
  • Disposal Vault
  • Downtown
  • Nanite Farms
  • Nano Silos
  • Pumping Station
  • Reclamation Zone
  • Reprocessing
  • Scrapheap
  • Teleport Facility
  • The Heap
  • The Landfill
  • The Wasteland
  • Venting Center
  • Venting Fields
  • Waste Chambers

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