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Detritus Pilot is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Detritus Pilots work for Detritus Disposal in the current timeline and replace the regular AI pilots.


Detritus pilots are cautious, careful (both due to their profession), and polite - they, like their CEO, believe in safety first and "disposing" of hazardous material (including Vek) safely vs. swiftly. They are more matter-of-fact and focus on metrics and results. "Haste makes waste" is a good Old Earth expression for explaining their slow, methodical approach.

Pilot Names

Here's a list of given names and surnames of CorPilots encountered across all timelines
Given Name (Male) Given Name (Female) Surname
Aidan Airilee Acharya
Alexis Alison Berezin
Anton Amelia Chavez
Bigby Ana Correa
Charlie Ayesha Ferry
Collin Chloe Huang
David Clara Kim
Dylan Elizabeth Kirby
Elijah Estelle Kirk
Fox Esther Koleda
Leo Ilona Lee
Liam Isabel Montes
Mateo Isla Nguyen
Maxim Jill Patel
Michael Lauren Perez
Miguel Maria Prieto
Nick Mikayla Romano
Nikola Myra Sanchez
Omar Nadia Singh
Ori Nora Smith
Peter Sam Tigani
Philip Sofia Torcasio
Pierre Tatiana Volkov
Sergei Urbana Waller
Stefan Willow Zhang
Steve Zoe



Starting Game

  • [Coming soon]

Powering Weapon

  • Beginning systems diagnostics.
  • Has engineering run the proper checks on this?
  • Checking the safety on the weapon now.
  • Is this safe?

Upgrading Stats

  • Internal diagnostics are in the green.
  • Should we conserve power for safety protocols?
  • Reactor power has been diverted... running safety checks now.
  • Reactor safety is within acceptable limits.
  • Sure glad it didn't decide to blow a gasket.

Reactor Installed

  • [Coming soon]

Assigned to Mech

  • [Coming soon]

Removing Weapon

  • Have I been reassigned to relief efforts?
  • Will I be getting a replacement?
  • Are we expecting support in this field?

Mission Start

  • Let's show these Vek how Detritus takes out the trash.
  • All right, [Team name], let's make this a clean sweep.
  • [Pilot name] reporting in... safety checks complete, weapons online.

Being Webbed

  • [Coming soon]

Objective reminder

  • [Coming soon]

Vek Surfacing

  • Seismic readings are reporting Vek burrowing to the surface.

Vek Surfaced

  • Vek has surfaced. Follow combat protocols.

Blocking Vek

  • Keeping a lid on this Vek!

Taking Damage

  • Barely holding on here!

Vek Killed

  • [Coming soon]


  • [Coming soon]

Teammate Promoted

  • We may have a job for you at Detritus, [Pilot name].


  • I'm receiving a commendation from Detritus on my performance.

Time Pod (Arrival)

  • We've got a Time Pod about to impact the area.
  • Be sure to follow safety protocols before opening that Pod.

Time Pod (Destroyed)

  • Whoever designed those Pods, they need to make the hull stronger...

Time Pod (Acquired)

  • The Time Pod has been recovered safely.
  • All right, Time Pod's safely stored in cargo.


  • I've done what I can. Proper repairs will take time.
  • Managed to patch some of the hull...
  • Readouts have stopped flashing red... for now.

Building destroyed

  • [Coming soon]

End Mission (Vek escaped)

  • [Coming soon]

End Mission (Objective Failed)

  • [Coming soon]

End Mission (Perfect)

  • 100% success. That's the number CEO Singh likes to see.

Failed Mission

  • [Coming soon]