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Dewey Alms
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Archive, Inc.

Dewey Alms is the CEO of Archive, Inc.

"If you truly can go back in time - do it now."
I shall see to it Archive Inc. never forgets this historic day. Thank you, Squad.
I'm sorry, grandfather, we tried to keep the satellites preserved...


  • "Hundreds of people are in those buildings, make sure they stay standing!"
  • "...Did you pick up a strange glitch in your sensors just now?"
  • "Seismic readings are picking up more Vek surfacing near your location!"
    • "Vek surfacing!"
    • "That Vek blocked the other one from surfacing!"
    • "How about that - the one Vek prevented the other from surfacing!"
  • About Vek
    • "The Vek goes to join Old Earth in the depths."
    • "The Vek joins Old Earth in its grave."
    • "The Vek aren't amphibious... it'll be dead before it touches bottom, I suspect."
    • "Look at that Vek fall! I think I just heard a cheer from operations!"
    • "The Vek actively avoid smoke... much like our own pilots."
    • "It mystifies me why the Vek kill their own."
    • "It seems the Vek are as susceptible to the cold as we are.",
    • "Interesting... the Vek don't seem strong enough to break free of the ice."
  • Building Hit
    • "Please watch your fire, those buildings have civilians in them!",
    • "Please try to defend the buildings, not damage them!",
    • "What a loss... that building stood tall for hundreds of years.",
    • "Dispatching rescue crews to see if any civilians can be helped!",
    • "Archive construction at work! Our buildings may be old, but they're sturdy!",
    • "Whew, the building held! That was close!"
    • "The Grid is failing! We don't have much power left!"
  • Pilot Killed
    • "It's hard to lose a soldier, but focus on the mission!"
    • "Another brave pilot lost to these monsters..."
    • "I... I think we can salvage that Mech, but the A.I. unit's beyond repair."
  • Mission Success
    • "Not a single Vek life sign detected in the region - you've wiped them out!"
    • "Our scanners are picking up reduced Vek activity. What a relief!"
    • "You've shown exceptional skill, Pilot! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your promotion!"

Archive Missions[]

  • Train Mission
    • "Ol' Harold's one tough locomotive, but even he can't take much more!"
    • "That train's tough, but it can't take another hit!"
    • "That hit damaged poor Harold beyond repair. The last Old Earth locomotive... lost."
    • "The train's lost... what a tragedy. But at least it was lost carrying out its duty."
  • Airstrike
    • "We've got one of our jets coming in for a bombing run! Clear the target zone!",
    • "Bomber incoming! Clear the area!",
  • Tanks
    • "We're reading green on the tanks - they're ready to go!",
    • "Those Old Earth tanks are powered up and ready to fight!"
    • "My engineers report that the remaining tank should be ready for action. Send it into the fray!"
  • Dam
    • "That dam needs to be destroyed... we need a natural barrier to stop the Vek, and a river's what we need."
    • "I hate to press, but is the dam still intact?",
    • "If you can bring that dam down, do it! Better the monument fall than the people of Archive."
    • "Look at that river run! Well done Squad, I knew you could do it!"
    • "You know, I always thought a river would look nice in that region."
  • Satellites
    • "No, not the satellite! I can't look!"
    • "The satellite's lost! Grandfather must be spinning in his grave...",
    • "I'm sorry, grandfather, we tried to keep the satellites preserved..."
    • "The rocket's about to take off! I can't believe it!",
    • "Rocket's almost ready, Squad, just keep the Vek away a little longer..."
    • "It's away! Oh my stars, that is magnificent!",
    • "I can't believe it, the rocket launched! Er, well, I mean, I was SURE it would, but Old Earth relics can be, um, unreliable sometimes."
  • Mines
    • "Well, those Old Earth mines still have some fire in them!",
    • "Please be careful of the mines - I certainly wouldn't want you to go the way of that Vek!"


  • "Our satellites are picking up an incoming Pod."
  • Squad, we've picked up a Time Pod!"
    • "It's vital we obtain that Pod. It may hold something that'll help us win the war."
    • "Those Pods look like old space capsules... but I don't recognize the alloy. How unusual."
    • "Maybe something can be recovered from the wreckage of that Pod. Though from the looks of it, I doubt it."
  • Secret Pod
    • "Odd... we're getting some kind of signal from that mountain that was just destroyed."
    • "That's odd... we're getting some sort of signal from beneath the ice."
      • "What's this...? We're picking up a strange craft on sensors."


  • "Power Grid shutting down! The Vek are overrunning the island!"
  • "If you truly can go back in time - do it now."


  • "Thank you, Squad... you saved us. You have our gratitude."
  • "I shall see to it Archive Inc. never forgets this historic day. Thank you, Squad."