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Distant Friends is one of the achievements in Into the Breach.

The achievement is unlocked by rescuing a special Pilot from a Strange Pod. The pod must be summoned using a "strange object" which rarely spawns inside glowing marked Mountain or Ice Tiles.


  • This achievement might require a lot of patience, as the glowing tiles appear very rarely and are not easy to notice during normal gameplay.
  • If you're specifically looking for the Object, it is recommended to set the difficulty to Easy, which will give the player more freedom to break open many Mountain or Ice Tile
    • It might take between 5 to 15 timelines to find the Object using this method.[1]
  • The marked tiles never appear on the first visited Island, nor during Boss battles.[1]


  • The achievement, as well as the Pilots, are a reference to Subset Games's earlier title, FTL: Faster than Light.