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This page covers the various Environments from Into The Breach.


Each map can and will have several special tiles that can affect both Vek and Mechs.

Environmental Effects[]

Icon Tile Type Description Additional Notes
Tile airstrike.png Air Strike Bombs will be dropped here, instantly killing any unit
Emerging Vek will emerge here next turn. Any unit blocking this space will take one damage.
Tile rock.png Falling Rock A rock will fall here, killing any unit. Converts Lava tiles into normal ground tiles afterwards.
Tile hightide.png High Tide This tile will become Water at the start of the enemy turn. Removes emerging.
Tile snowstorm.png Ice Storm The storm causes anything present to become Frozen.
Tile lava.png Lava Flow The tile here will turn into Lava. Removes emerging.
Tile lightning.png Lightning Strike Lightning will strike here, killing any unit. Converts Sand tiles into smoke tiles afterwards.
Tile crack.png Seismic Activity This tile will become a Chasm at the start of the enemy turn. Removes emerging
Tile tentacle.png Tentacles The unit here will die and the tile will turn into Lava. Removes emerging
Tile fireball.png Volcanic Projectile A fireball will strike here, destroying anything present. Sets the tile on Fire afterwards.


Evacuating was something planned, but ultimately not implemented.

  • Evacuating : This building will be evacuated next turn.(?)