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Fire is a mechanic in Into the Breach. Units that are on fire take 1 damage near the start of their turn. Any unit standing on Fire or emerging from a tile set on Fire will remain on fire until put out (or dead). Units can be put out by standing in water, being frozen, or repairing.

  • Fire damage occurs as part of the regular Attack Order, usually at first, before enemy attacks
    • Opponents take damage in the order listed (press Left-Alt by default to show)
    • It's not clear in which order Mechs take damage, possibly the squad order (top to bottom). Actually, since fire damage happens before anything else, it's like all fire damage happens simultaneously)
  • Vek that aren't already burning won't deliberately stand in fire.
  • Civilian Buildings are immune from Fire, as well as some special units with the Fire-Immunity ability, like the trains.
  • If a Frozen unit is hit by Fire damage, it will both unfreeze and catch on fire at once.
  • Boulders are damaged by fire (unlike mountains)
  • The Flame Behemoths squad starts with passive ability Flame Shielding that negates flame damage to the squad and requires one (preinstalled) reactor.