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Flame Behemoths

Flame Behemoths is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.


Invincible to flames, these Mechs aim to burn any threat to ashes.


Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 3
Prime flamethrower.png
Flame Thrower
Push target tile and light tiles on Fire. Damage units already on Fire.
Upgrade I
+1 Range: Extends flamethrower range by 1 tile.
Upgrade II
+1 Range: Extends flamethrower range by 1 tile.

Passive flameimmune.png
Flame Shielding
All Mechs are immune to Fire.
Ranged 3 3
Ranged ignite.png
Vulcan Artillery
Light the target on Fire and push adjacent tiles.
Upgrade I
Backburn: Light the tile behind the Mech on Fire.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Adds 2 damage to targeted tiles.
Science 2 4
Science swap.png
Swap places with a nearby tile.
Upgrade I
+1 Range: Extends range of the swap by 1 tile.
Upgrade II
+2 Range: Extends range of the swap by 2 tiles.
Icon flying.png Flying: Flying units can move over any terrain tile.


Quantum Entanglement
Teleport a unit 4 tiles away
Scorched Earth
End a battle with 12 tiles on Fire
This is Fine
Have 5 enemies on Fire simultaneously


  • Ignite tiles that vek are emerging from and they will be on fire once they appear
  • Fire wont damage cities so you can freely target them with the Meteor Mech to push vek away from them, or shoot through cities with the Flame Mechs range upgrade to hit vek behind them
  • Fire does not damage cities, trains, or the bombs, but does damage other items with hit points you are supposed to protect (such as the earth mover, terraformer...)
  • Enemies that are on fire take fire damage before they perform an action, so the Flame Thrower and Vulcan Artillery can effectively do one immediate damage even without upgrades
  • Vek that aren't already burning won't deliberately stand in fire, so you can protect structures from melee Vek by igniting the tiles around the structures
  • Use the Swap Mech to drop land enemies into water/lava; or to pull guarding targets next to your freezing tanks.
  • Destroy the Dam missions are tricky until you power up the Vulcan artillery. It can't be set on fire, so none of your attacks can damage it. Look for opportunities to push Vek into the dam or redirect their attacks toward it.
  • If you have unlocked the Detritus Disposal island, try to save this island later in the run because the effects of A.C.I.D. when paired with the Flame Behemoths’ attacks can be devastating and prove very helpful when fighting later-game Vek.
  • Ignited Vek take damage from flamethrower instead of re-igniting.