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Frozen is a status effect that can be applied to Mechs, the Vek, NPC units, or buildings and other structures.

An example of a frozen mech


When a unit is Frozen, they become completely immobile and unable to move or act. However, frozen units are able to be moved by weapons that push. They are also immune to damage until they are unfrozen by being attacked. Frozen units will not thaw on their own, except for the player's mechs, which can use their repair skill to unfreeze themselves.

Units can be frozen by weapons, ice mines, NPC units, or at the start of the battle.


  • Often, freezing buildings can be an effective way to protect them from Vek attacks.
  • When Vek are unfrozen, they will not ready an attack until their next turn, even if they had one prepared.
  • Frozen Vek can serve as useful barriers to block other Vek from getting into important positions.
  • If a frozen unit is hit by Fire damage, it will both un-freeze and catch on fire at once.
  • When a flying unit is frozen, it become a grounded unit an will therefore be killed if falling in a hole.
  • In the final mission, any mechs frozen at the end of the first phase will be unfrozen at the start of the second phase.