Frozen Titans

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Frozen Titans

Frozen Titans is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cryo Launcher is an excellent tool in the fight against the Vek, but it takes an experienced Pilot to master.

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 4
Prime shieldbash.png
Spartan Shield
Bash the enemy, flipping its attack direction.
Upgrade I
Gain Shield: Gain a Shield when bashing.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Brute 3 3
Brute mirror.png
Janus Cannon
Fire two projectiles in opposite directions.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Ranged 2 3
Ranged ice.png
Freeze yourself and the target.
Icon flying.png Flying: Flying units can move over any terrain tile.


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Cryo Expert
Shoot the Cryo-Launcher 4 times in a single battle
Trick Shot
Kill 3 enemies with a single attack of the Janus Cannon
Kill fewer than 3 enemies in a single battle

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • In general, try to turn the Ice Mech's self-freeze drawback into an advantage. Position the mech to block Vek attacks or emerging Vek, so that it both prevents the damage and cracks the freeze.
  • Kazaaakpleth is a great pilot for the Ice Mech. They can free themself from ice while attacking an enemy, if one happens to come to close.
  • If you have Mafan or Bethany Jones pilot the Ice Mech their shields will negate the self-freeze effect of its attack, making the mech more straightforward to use.
  • Freeze something on every turn. Even if there are no obvious targets, freeze one of your buildings to give it an extra layer of protection.
  • Get the Aegis Mech's shield upgrade as soon as possible. Gaining a shield after every attack gives the mech a huge advantage and allows you to use it to block Vek emergence, deal risk-free knockback damage, and protect buildings from the Janus Cannon's reverse fire.
  • Be careful with mission objectives that require 7 kills. The ice mech is very effective, but can be counter-productive when trying for kills.
  • This squad has very limited knockback ability. Investing in a weapon like Boosters adds a lot of flexibility.
  • Consider using the Mirror Mech's second shot to crack the Ice Mech's self-freeze.
  • Satellites won't launch if they're frozen.
  • Freezing the train will protect it and also stop it from crashing by moving into Vek. A frozen train does not fail the mission, even if it never moves from its start position.