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Gana is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Gana can be acquired by completing islands.


Gana is a construction robot adapted for combat by uploading a mix of old and modern combat routines from the Archive libraries (think Baymax in Big Hero 6). This has had… partial success, and what happened to Gana is evidence as to why he was the only construction robot so outfitted: while an excellent soldier, his expressions and outlook are a blend of construction-focused speech mixed with ruthless pragmatism. As an example, Gana may categorize an otherwise simple repair as "offending parts have been executed" - or he may start ordering a building's infrastructure to "hold the line" to prevent a collapse. Soldiers who have served with Gana for an extended period of time have come to ignore its unusual speech patterns as the robot is incredibly effective on the field (and obeys orders), but Gana can be disconcerting for new pilots. Gana has indicated that when the war with the Vek is over, he would prefer to return to his construction duties, and finds he experiences "reduced job satisfaction" in fighting the Vek.

Note that given the recent rise in prejudice against the Pinnacle robots, Gana has suffered similar discrimination… and several officers have questioned if Gana's "sanity" in case he may malfunction like the Pinnacle robots.


Construction robot adapted for military use. Meant to interface with people so speaks in sentences but is very curt and unemotional.


Great care should be taken to avoid placing Gana in dangerous situations when utilizing Preemptive Strike; while it is frequently a great move to cause enemies to focus on your own troops rather than vital Grid Power or objectives, Preemptive Strike by itself will not be able to neutralize anything but the weakest of enemies, and can leave Gana's Mech dangerously exposed and vulnerable without escape.

On the second part of the final stage, you cannot manually place Gana's mech, but the mech will still deal 1 damage to adjacent enemies upon landing.


Category Event Description Content
Game States Gamestart This happens at the start of a new game "Islands, this is #self_reverse. I am here because your timeline requires extensive repairs. Exterminating the Vek is a necessary first step.",

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. There are many like me, but I am unique. I am here as your ally. Without me, you will go extinct.", "All sentient systems, I am #self_reverse. You are threatened. We will act together to end this threat.",

FTL_Found Happens on the island screen after finding the FTL pilot in a pod. "The pilot's craft bears no tachyon emissions. Its language is unknown to my circuits."
FTL_Start Happens after you start a new game with an FTL pilot. Only needed for Recruits
* Gamestart_PostVictory Start of new game after winning "Islands, this is #self_reverse. I have repaired a previous timeline's Vek damage. I will now do the same to yours.",

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. I am from a timeline where the Vek population was violently extracted. I will now do the same to yours.", "Islands, this is #self_reverse. I have saved a similar timeline from the Vek. Together, we will expunge the Vek from this one as well.", "I am #self_reverse. I have come to this timeline to forcibly eradicate your Vek hives. Please send your leader to me for further instructions.", "Islands, I am #self_reverse. I once served as an Archive robot, one of many. Now I am a soldier, and I fight to save your timeline."

Death_Revived If this unit is dead, but gets repaired "#self_full un-decommissioned.",

"Hull restored. #self_reverse resuming work.", "Do not recommission order countermanded by Archive combat directives."

Death_Main If this unit dies. "Systems surrendering on multiple fronts. Attempting system morale reboot.",

"Primary systems have mutinied. I repeat, systems have m...", "#self_mech has failed to protect primary occupant. Formal reprimand submitted.", "Primary systems report they have not gone gently into the dark night.", "Processors have failed in their primary objectives. Executing traitorous circuits now.", "Reporting dereliction of duty in multiple critical systems. Collapse imminent.",

Death_Response If another unit dies.

Use #main to say the dying unit's name.

"No artificial pilot reported inside #main_mech. Loss to #squad: minimal.",

"Pilot's parts have failed in their primary mission to protect their host.", "#main_mech's parts have failed in their primary mission to protect their host.", "#main_mech has been deemed unfit for active duty.", "#main_mech has failed to protect its host. Requesting Mech be disciplined.", "#main_mech has failed to protect its host. Requesting Mech be court-martialed and disassembled."

Death_Response_AI If another Mech dies but it doesn't have a pilot to die. "#main_mech is now ready for next shift pilot.",

"#main_mech designation number logged for next qualified pilot.", "#main_mech is now acting as an obstruction to combat pathing.", "Request submitted to clear #main_mech obstruction from hazardous work zone.",

* TimeTravel_Win Last thing pilot says before time traveling after a victory. "Reconstruction of new temporal zone imminent. It has been efficient to have repaired this timeline with you, #squad.",

"Our work continues. There are multiple timelines in need of repairs. The #squad had proven ourselves capable of the task.", "This temporal breach has been repaired within acceptable parameters. Other timelines are in need of our on-the-job skills."

Gameover_Start Right when you lose "Power Grid offline. Vek threat increasing. Advise immediate retreat.",

"The Power Grid has surrendered, its circuits in full retreat. We must do the same.", "I report the Power Grid has been lost in battle.", "The Power Grid is beyond repair. Advise halting temporal reconstruction of current timeline."

Gameover_Response Response to above "Activating time travel emergency measures.",

"Timeline is now a Vek hazard zone. New timeline work order being processed.", "Construction efforts have failed. Activating temporal end-of-shift signal.", "Temporal reconstruction halted. Authorizing new work order in new timeline.",

UI Barks Upgrade_PowerWeapon Turn on a new weapon. "Hardware install acknowledged. Accessing schematics and operation instructions.",

"Performing roll call of new systems. Systems, sound off.", "Beginning rigorous component training. Components, at attention!", "To new device: Your training begins now.", "To new device: I expect nothing less than 100% performance.", "To new device: I am #self_full. But you will address me as 'sir'."

Upgrade_NoWeapon If you have no weapon powered. This plays every time you remove all weapons from the Pilot. "Critical warning. This unit is lacking weaponry.",

"Is unit returning to construction duties?", "Has my device been court-martialed?", "Was the device derelict in its duty?", "Attention, commander. My weapon has gone AWOL."

Upgrade_PowerGeneric Diverting reactor power to either Health or Move (basic Mech stats, not a weapon). "Reactor install acknowledged.",

"Reactor output optimized.", "Power output has increased. Well done, reactor, you are due for a promotion.", "Reactor now optimized beyond original specs. Let this be a lesson to you other systems."

Mid- Battle MissionStart Generic mission start "Assessing nearby threats to infrastructure. Deconstruction countermeasures initiated.",

"Temporal reconstruction initiated. Removal of hazardous Vek material commencing.", "#corp infrastructure is at risk. Removing Vek from combat work zone.", "My weapons have reported in. All components are eager to fulfill their purpose.",

* Mission_ResetTurn Triggers after a turn reset "Chronometers reset. Objectives remain fixed.",

"Localized breach successful. Suggest avoiding any more wear and tear on timeline.",

MissionEnd_Dead Generic mission end where enemies are all killed "Vek hazards eradicated. Components, you have behaved admirably.",

"#main_mech's skill set has successfully removed all Vek from the threatened work zone.", "All Vek hazardous material has been removed from work zone."

MissionEnd_Retreat Generic mission end when enemies retreat "Vek hazards have fled the zone. Warning construction crews in other regions.",

"Vek hazards have relocated. Work site integrity maintained.", "Zone has been cleared for additional temporal reconstruction."

MissionFinal_Start Plays at the start of the final mission "Analyzing temporal reconstruction needed at current location. Calculations expanding exponentially.",

"Am testing morale of base components now. Deserters will be cast into the lava.", "My base components are prepared for disintegration before dishonor.", "This volcano is in violation of Corporate Accord Zoning laws.", "This island violates the Corporate Accords prohibiting island construction without certified safety checks.", "This Vek hive violates construction ordinance 1.i, 2.ii, and aesthetic association rule 13.a.i.",

MissionFinal_StartResponse Incoming power pylons "A squad of highly-trained supply pylons have been deployed to assist us."
MissionFinal_FallStart Plays at the start of the ground falling in the final mission
MissionFinal_FallResponse Plays once the ground shakes "The island foundation is collapsing due to unusual Vek activity beneath the surface."
MissionFinal_Bomb What's the plan? "The explosives required to destroy this hive exceed this unit's capabilities."
MissionFinal_BombResponse Before dropping the bomb
MissionFinal_CaveStart Plays at the start of the final cave section (after MissionFinal_BombResponse) "Demolitions are being primed. Ensure bomb hull integrity is not compromised.",

"All components, protecting the bomb is our priority. Remember your training.",

* MissionFinal_BombDestroyed When the bomb is destroyed, another one is dropped and the battle length is extended.
MissionFinal_BombArmed "Bomb is now active. Vek hive demolition commencing."
PodIncoming Pod is about to fall "A Time Pod is entering the construction zone.",

"A temporal capsule is entering our work zone.",

PodResponse Response to above "Secure the Time Pod and detain its components for questioning.",

"The Time Pod is violating work zone safety protocols.", "That Time Pod is not cleared to be on-site."

PodCollected_Self Pod collected (by the pilot talking) "The Time Pod has been apprehended and its components are being interrogated.",

"The Time Pod has been apprehended and its components detained for questioning.", "I will oversee the dismantling of this Time Pod personally.", "This Time Pod will answer for the unauthorized trench it carved in the region."

PodDestroyed_Obs Pod destroyed (by anyone, including Vek, except the speaker) "The Time Pod is no longer trespassing in the work zone.",

"The Time Pod has shown how unsafe it is to enter a work zone without proper clearance.", "Time Pod's structural integrity has been compromised.", "The Time Pod has been dismantled before I had a chance to dismantle it."

Secret_DeviceSeen_Mountain Secret object was inside a mountain

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"A non-#corp device has been detected within the mountain. Detain it if possible."
Secret_DeviceSeen_Ice Secret object was under water after destroying ice

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"A non-#corp device has been detected under the ice. Detain it if possible."
Secret_DeviceUsed Only needs 1 line per Pilot "The non-#corp device is sending what may be a distress call. If so, it calls in vain."
Secret_Arriving Only needs 1 line per Pilot "Unknown capsule, you are trespassing in a temporal reconstruction zone."
Emerge_Detected Emerges are queued. "Unauthorized Vek hazards have been detected.",

"Vek preparing to emerge without permits to surface.", "Hazardous Vek material is approaching the surface."

Emerge_Success Vek Emerges "Vek hazards have reached the surface.",

"Attention, Vek: You are not authorized to be in this zone.", "Hazardous Vek material detected.", "Vek have emerged without permit to surface."

Emerge_FailedMech Mech blocks Emerging Vek "Work zone ground integrity maintained.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been blocked from surfacing.", "Vek hazard is secure.", "Vek has been detained."

Emerge_FailedVek Vek Block Emerging Vek "Hazardous material is conflicting with other Vek hazardous material.",

"Vek hazard has blocked another Vek hazard.", "Vek hazard has blocked another Vek surfacing action."

Mech State
Mech_LowHealth Mech has 1 hp. "Reporting drops in (1) outer hull integrity, (2) networked systems, and (3) this unit's probabilities for survival.",

"Surviving components are reporting severe damage to Mech systems.", "My diagnostic system has faltered attempting to assess the extent of Mech damage."

Mech_Webbed Mech is webbed "#self_mech restrained by hostile Vek. Movement impossible.",

"Hostile Vek. Release me at once or suffer the consequences.", "Hostile Vek. Your constriction of this Archive combat unit is unauthorized."

Mech_Shielded Mech is shielded "Shield online.",

"Pinnacle shield, you now serve #self_reverse.",

Mech_Repaired Mech uses repair. "Components unfit for battle have been discharged and replaced with fresh recruits.",

"I have isolated the malfunctioning components and executed them.", "I have isolated the malfunctioning components and made examples of them.", "Repairs enacted with extreme prejudice.", "All treasonous components have been rounded up and executed."

Pilot_Level_Self Pilot levels up (not necessarily max rank) "Due to their bravery in the field of battle, I have promoted several of my components.",

"Due to their valiant efforts, I am upgrading several parts to full systems.", "I am giving several sub-systems field promotions to full systems."

Pilot_Level_Obs Pilot is observed to level up "#main_mech's pilot has achieved synergy with its partner.",

"#main_mech's training of its pilot has succeeded.", "#main_mech has taught its pilot well."

Mech_ShieldDown Mech's shield is removed "My shield has failed. Its systems will be disciplined.",

"My shield has fallen in battle. It shall be mourned.", "My shield has sacrificed itself for me.", "Shield, your bravery will not be forgotten.", "Shield has countermanded my order to remain intact."

Damage Done Damage commentary comes in three flavors:

"SELF" : The Mech did themselves "OBS" : The Mech (or CEO) observed another Mech do it "VEK" : A Vek did it, and a CEO or Mech is commenting on that

Vek_Drown Vek drowns (from anyone / any cause) "Vek has been removed from work zone.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been washed away.", "Attention, Vek: Flood warning is in effect.", "Vek has experienced a workplace accident."

Vek_Fall Vek falls down a hole (from anyone / any cause) "Vek has removed itself from work zone.",

"Vek has experienced the unsafe conditions inherent in the work site.", "Vek has become part of island foundation.",

Vek_Smoke Vek is put in smoke (from anyone / any cause) "Vek's lack of safety goggles has disoriented it.",

"Vek sensors appear to be malfunctioning in the smoke."

Vek_Frozen Vek is frozen (from any cause except Snow Storm and Freeze Mine) "Hazardous Vek material has been encased in ice.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been frozen.", "Vek has been encased in ice for safe removal."

VekKilled_Self "Vek hazard disposed of.",

"Vek disposal operations are on track.", "Vek hazard has been cleared from the area.", "I have removed the Vek hazard from the area.",

VekKilled_Obs "Vek hazard disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are on track.", "Vek hazard has been cleared from the area."

VekKilled_Vek "Hazardous Vek material has consumed itself.",

"The Vek appear to be clearing the work site themselves.", "Vek hazard has disposed of Vek hazard.", "Vek obstacle has been disposed of by another Vek obstacle."

DoubleVekKill_Self "Vek hazards disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are ahead of schedule.", "Vek hazards have been cleared from the area.", "Vek hazards removed from the area.",

DoubleVekKill_Obs "Vek hazards disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are ahead of schedule.", "Vek hazards have been cleared from the area.", "Vek hazards removed from the area.",

DoubleVekKill_Vek "Hazardous Vek material are consuming themselves.",

"Vek appear to be clearing the work site themselves.", "Vek hazard has disposed of Vek hazards.", "Vek obstacles have been disposed of by another Vek obstacle."

MntDestroyed_Self Note that because a destroyed mountain (and building) can then be moved through, some lines reflect the fact the player can now move into these tiles. "Mountain obliteration complete.",

"Mountain has been obliterated.", "Mountain has been demolished with extreme prejudice.",

MntDestroyed_Obs "Mountain obliteration complete.",

"Mountain has been obliterated.", "Mountain has been demolished with extreme prejudice.",

MntDestroyed_Vek "Unauthorized Vek work order has demolished a mountain.",

"Vek hazard is performing unauthorized demolitions in region.",

PowerCritical "Grid analysis indicates we are nearly out of power. The island will be lost.",

"Island is now on emergency power. When it is depleted, we have lost."

Bldg_Destroyed_Self "Collateral damage unavoidable. Power Grid holding.",

"Workplace accident logged.",

Bldg_Destroyed_Obs "Collateral damage acknowledged. Power Grid holding.",

"Workplace accident logged.",

Bldg_Destroyed_Vek "City damage acknowledged. Power Grid holding.",

"Vek hazard level has increased.",

Bldg_Resisted Building resists damage, currently anyone can comment but I can change this to _Obs/_Self/_Vek if we think it's worth it. "#corp structure has resisted assault.",

"Wrecking attempt on #corp structure has failed.", "#corp building's supports have refused to surrender."

Mission Specific Mission_Train_TrainStopped "#corp train has experienced an accident. Recommend execution and replacement of offending parts.",

"#corp train's repairs are covered under warranty.", "#corp train is merely wounded. Defend our brother until the medics arrive."

Mission_Train_TrainDestroyed "#corp train's necessary repairs exceed warranty.",

"The #corp train has fallen in battle. We must avenge it.", "The #corp train has sacrificed itself. Let this sacrifice not be in vain.",

* Mission_Block_Reminder Remind player to block emerging Vek "Our work orders are to keep the Vek from surfacing.",

"No Vek is to be allowed to emerge without permission.", "We have all been given our shift assignments. Cover the emergence points.",

Archive Inc
Mission_Airstrike_Incoming "A flying demolitions crew is approaching our position.",

"An aircraft laden with explosives is preparing to drop them in our work zone."

Mission_Tanks_Activated Both tanks survived to activation "The two bulldozers with cannons are now ready to begin work.",

"We have two new members of the work crew, ready to pitch in.", "Two bulldozers requesting permission to join the #squad.", "Two new employees are ready to assist clearing Vek hazards from the region."

Mission_Tanks_PartialActivated Only one tank survived to activation "The intact bulldozer with the cannon is now ready to begin work.",

"The surviving employee is ready to assist with clearing Vek waste from the region.", "The remaining bulldozer is requesting permission to join the #squad.", "We have a new member of the work crew, ready to help remove Vek hazards."

* Mission_Dam_Reminder Remind player to destroy the Dam "Our work orders include obliterating that dam.",

"That dam must be obliterated. With extreme prejudice.", "We all have been given our shift assignments. Obliterate the dam.",

Mission_Dam_Destroyed After the completed animation of the dam drowning things "Monument obliteration detected.",

"Monument obliteration complete.", "Monument has been obliterated with extreme prejudice.", "A new drainage ditch has been created.", "A river to ferry away the dam wreckage is now online.",

Mission_Satellite_Destroyed Triggers only when the first satellite is destroyed "Rocket has suffered system failure.",

"Rocket has been decommissioned.", "Rocket couldn't take the pressure.",

Mission_Satellite_Imminent Triggers when the Satellite queues its launch (the turn before it actually launches) -- It can trigger for either satellite, or both, it's randomized. "Clear the launch pad. I repeat, clear the launch pad.",

"Warning: Launch pad temperatures will rise enough to melt our Mech's hulls.", "Rocket launch imminent - all #squad get to minimum safe distance."

Mission_Satellite_Launch Triggers when the satellite actually takes off, can trigger for either or both "Rocket has left the work zone.",

"Post-launch clean-up procedures in full effect."

Mission_Mines_Vek Vek Killed by Mine "Vek demolition successful.",

"Proximity mine functioning within normal parameters.", "Vek has unsuccessfully interacted with an Archive proximity mine."

Mission_Terraform_Destroyed If the terraformer is destroyed "The terraformer has ceased operations.",

"The terraformer has expired. Calling deconstruction crews now."

Mission_Terraform_Attacks After the player uses the terraformer (not necessarily the first, random chance)

This will obey the same rules as other barks, where something like a pilot death will take priority.

"Work site has been altered. R.S.T. terrain successfully subjugated.",

"The R.S.T. terraformer has broken the island terrain to its will."

Mission_Cataclysm_Falling Triggers when ground is falling during either RST mission with falling ground "Unsafe work conditions detected.",

"The foundation of the R.S.T. structures were designed to resist these quakes.",

Mission_Lightning_Strike_Vek If lightning hits a Vek "Vek has been exposed to lethal amounts of electricity.",

"Vek lacks adequate insulation to survive a lightning strike.",

Mission_Solar_Destroyed Solar panel destroyed "Solar array's components have failed to defend it.",

"Solar array's structural integrity has been found lacking."

* Mission_Force_Reminder Remind player to destroy the mountains "Mountains still require obliteration.",

"Our work orders are clear. Mountains must be obliterated.", "Mountains must be made unsuitable for Vek habitation."

Mission_Freeze_Mines_Vek Vek Frozen by Mine. This takes priority over all other Freeze conditions. "Cryo-mine is functioning within normal parameters.",

"Vek has failed to observe worksite safety procedures.", "Vek hazard has suffered a cryogenic workplace accident."

Mission_Factory_Destroyed Bot Factory destroyed "The factory's components have failed to defend it.",

"The factory's structural integrity has been found lacking.", "The factory was too fragile to survive the attack.", "The factory was not only malfunctioning, but it also failed to reinforce its hull against an attack."

Mission_Factory_Spawning Bot Factory spawning "The factory has deployed a new construct to be deconstructed.",

"The factory is compounding its errors by emitting damaged robots.", "That robot's systems have turned on it. Its systems will pay for turning on their master."

Mission_Reactivation_Thawed A selection of enemies on the map are freed from ice (might be bots) "Hostile units have broken free of ice.",

"Hostile units have escaped the ice and are on the move.",

Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenVek Snowstorm freezes Vek "Hazardous Vek material has been encased in ice.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been frozen.", "Vek has been encased in ice for safe removal."

Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenMech Snowstorm freezes speaking Mech -- This takes priority if Vek are frozen as well "My Mech refuses to respond. Preparing repair components to free unit from the ice.",

"My Mech has failed to protect me from the sudden drop in temperature."

BotKilled_Self Player kills a hostile Bot "Damaged robot has been decommissioned.",

"Robot's malfunction has been corrected.", "Robot's remaining parts will be rounded up for questioning."

BotKilled_Obs Player is observed to kill a hostile Bot "Damaged robot has been decommissioned.",

"Robot's malfunction has been corrected.", "Round up the robot's remaining parts for questioning."

Mission_Disposal_Destroyed Player was supposed to defend the Disposal unit and it was destroyed -- Shooter could be anyone "The disposal unit's components have failed to defend it.",

"The disposal unit's structural integrity has been found lacking."

Mission_Disposal_Activated Player uses Disposal Unit -- mass damage "The disposal unit is dousing terrain with nanite disassemblers.",

"Detritus terrain doused.",

Mission_Barrels_Destroyed A.C.I.D. barrel destroyed (as per mission objectives) -- shooter unclear "Detritus A.C.I.D. vat has been punctured. Chemical release detected.",

"Please observe safe distance from ruptured Detritus vat.", "A.C.I.D. released. Tracking spread patterns now."

Mission_Power_Destroyed Power plant is destroyed "The power plant's components have failed to defend it.",

"The power plant's structural integrity has been found lacking."

Mission_Teleporter_Mech Mech teleports (self) "Displacement successful. All components accounted for.",

"Teleport complete. All components, sound off."

Mission_Belt_Mech Mech moves on conveyor (self) (does not hit anything, no damage, etc.) "It is a work site violation to use the conveyer belts for personal use.",

"Using conveyer belts without hand rails is a court-martial offense.",