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Gana is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Gana can be acquired by .


Gana [Archive] Gana is a construction robot adapted for combat by uploading a mix of old and modern combat routines from the Archive libraries (think Baymax in Big Hero 6). This has had… partial success, and what happened to Gana is evidence as to why he was the only construction robot so outfitted: while an excellent soldier, his expressions and outlook are a blend of construction-focused speech mixed with ruthless pragmatism. As an example, Gana may categorize an otherwise simple repair as "offending parts have been executed" - or he may start ordering a building's infrastructure to "hold the line" to prevent a collapse. Soldiers who have served with Gana for an extended period of time have come to ignore its unusual speech patterns as the robot is incredibly effective on the field (and obeys orders), but Gana can be disconcerting for new pilots. Gana has indicated that when the war with the Vek is over, he would prefer to return to his construction duties, and finds he experiences "reduced job satisfaction" in fighting the Vek. Note that given the recent rise in prejudice against the Pinnacle robots, Gana has suffered similar discrimination… and several officers have questioned if Gana's "sanity" in case he may malfunction like the Pinnacle robots.


Construction robot adapted for military use. Meant to interface with people so speaks in sentences but is very curt and unemotional.


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