Hazardous Mechs

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Hazardous Mechs

Hazardous Mechs is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.

Description[edit | edit source]

These Mechs have spectacular damage output but rely on nanobots feeding off dead Vek to stay alive.

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 4
Prime leap.png
Hydraulic Legs
Leap to a tile, damaging self and adjacent tiles.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage Each: Increases damage to self and targets by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage to targets by 1.
Brute 3 3
Brute unstable.png
Unstable Cannon
Powerful projectile that causes damage to shooter as well as target.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage Each: Increases damage to self and target by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases target damage by 1.
Science 2 4
Science acidprojector.png
A.C.I.D. Projector
Fire a projectile that applies A.C.I.D. and pushes.
Passive leech.png
Viscera Nanobots
Mechs heal 1 damage when they deal a killing blow.
Upgrade I
+1 Heal: Increase healing to 2.
Icon flying.png Flying: Flying units can move over any terrain tile.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Heal 10 Mech Health in a single battle.
Finish 4 Corporate Islands without a Mech being destroyed at the end of a battle.
Deal 8 damage to a unit with a single attack.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Viscera Nanobots will heal a mech even if its health would be reduced to zero or lower. Even if you use Self-Destruct. This ability doesn't account for negative numbers, so if your mech's health has been reduced to a negative number, the game will just treat mech's HP as 0 and heal the according amount of HP. E.g. if your Unstable Mech has 1HP, has Upgrade I powered and kills two enemies in one attack, it will have 2HP after the attack resolution.
  • Abe Isamu's Armored ability will absorb 1 damage done to self when attacking with the Leap Mech or Unstable Mech.
  • All of this squad's weapons push enemies, so beware of inside corners, particularly where one of the obstacles is a city or allied unit, and either occupy them with your own mechs or prevent enemies from moving into them