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The Islands in Into The Breach is where humanity's last stand takes place. At the beginning of each new timeline, each of the four islands are randomly generated with different region names, terrains, and bonus objectives. The only consistent variable is their biome, the region layout, and the controlling corporation.

Each island is divided into eight regions. One region is always the Corporate HQ. The other seven regions are available for missions. Completing four missions triggers an attack on the Corporate HQ and locks out the remaining three regions.

There are four main islands that the player must liberate from the Vek to win. After saving two islands, the Volcanic Hive island becomes available, where the final battle can be fought to save the world from the Vek.

  • Museum Island (Archive, Inc.): Recreates Old Earth as it was before the oceans rose and nearly wiped out humanity.
  • Desert Island (R.S.T. Corporation): Terraforming specialists, R.S.T. turned the environment against the Vek and nearly destroyed their Island in the process.
  • Ice Island (Pinnacle Robotics):Pinnacle Robotics fights a war on two fronts, one against the Vek, the other against its own Sentient Weapons.
  • Factory Island (Detritus Disposal): Detritus tech can break down any matter into its base elements. Their factory-cities are devoted to waste removal and recycling.
  • Volcanic Hive