Into the Breach Wiki

Jessica Kern is the C.E.O. of R.S.T. Corporation.

One of your 'Time Pods' has appeared on sensors. Perhaps this one will shed truth on why you're really here.


  • "Now show me what those Mechs of yours can do."
  • "What was that? Just had a moment of deja vu... like when you first arrived."
  • Emerging Vek
    • "Seismic readings are spiking. More Vek will be here soon.",
    • "Watch the ground, we're detecting increased subterranean Vek activity."
    • "The Vek have reached topside. They'll be more trouble now."
    • "The Vek impede their own.",
    • "That Vek has blocked the other. Stupid creatures.",
    • "If only I could block every emerging Vek with another."
  • On Vek
    • "May the aquatic life feed on that Vek's corpse.",
    • "If you can't kill the Vek with your weapons, water will suffice."
    • "We'll send a team to dig the Vek out later to make sure it's dead.",
    • "Better to kill the Vek where our sensors can confirm it... but the fall should kill the Vek."
    • "The smoke disorients the Vek, makes them easy targets."
    • "Now that the Vek's frozen, don't let it break free."
    • "Vek kill their own. Such stupid creatures.",
    • "Mindless beasts... the Vek can't even stop themselves from killing each other."
  • Building Hit
    • "Careless. That building should have been protected!",
    • "Your incompetency will result in hundreds of deaths!",
    • "We need you to defend those buildings!",
    • "It is unacceptable to let the Vek succeed. Stop them!",
    • "You're there to stop the Vek, not watch them destroy the city.",
    • "The Grid held. You got lucky this time.",
    • "The Power Grid's defense is unreliable at best. But it worked this time, that building held.",
    • "The Grid is bleeding power. Another hit, and we're done for.",
  • Vek Killed
    • "Competent."
    • "Now let's see you do even better."
    • "Kill confirmed."
    • "Don't get complacent... there's thousands more."
    • "Pat yourself on the back after the mission's done."
  • On Pilot Death
    • "Another life the Vek will answer for.",
    • "We will make the Vek pay for your pilot's sacrifice."
    • "No matter how many machines the Vek destroy, we will find a way to make more. We must.",
    • "That Mech is now useless.",
    • "The loss of that Mech is why mechanized pilots can never compare to human pilots."
  • Mission Success
    • "Every Vek has been wiped out. Thorough - and impressive.",
    • "Excellent work. That is all."
    • "Hard to believe, but it appears you drove them off."
    • "While I would have preferred you kill all the Vek, the region is secure, and that is enough."
    • "You've proven yourself in the field, Pilot. But to prove yourself to me, you'll have to save R.S.T. first.",
    • "Perhaps I underestimated you, Officer Pilot. I think you could teach our cadets how best to fight the Vek."


  • "Another Pod from 'your future' is incoming.",
  • "One of your 'Time Pods' has appeared on sensors. Perhaps this one will shed truth on why you're really here."
  • "That Pod's technically company property, so make sure it gets back intact.",
  • "I want that Pod retrieved... and if you can't retrieve in during the battle, keep the Vek from it.",
  • "If only those Pods would hit a Vek on the way down.",
  • "Those Pods are falling from the skies... suspicious."
  • "Careless."
  • "Now that you've made recovering the Pod impossible, focus on the mission."

R.S.T. Missions[]

  • Train
    • "Our maglev's crippled, but can be repaired. Keep it from taking any more damage."
    • "Our maglev's destroyed. A waste.",
    • "Careless."
  • Terraform
    • "Stay out of the terraformer's way and let it do its work.",
    • "Use the terraformer to kill the Vek if you have to... it's an effective weapon."
    • "Report to my office about that terraformer as soon as you're back.",
    • "About that terraformer... make my office the first stop when you return to base.",
    • "Terraformer's offline. Careless."
  • Cataclysm
    • "Watch the terrain... R.S.T. is continually shifting and breaking apart.",
    • "Knock the Vek into the chasms if you can - the fall will kill them."
  • Storm
    • "Even storms hate the Vek...",
    • "That's why we harness the weather against the Vek. It's quite effective."
  • Solar
    • "I'll see to it you apologize to the R.S.T. families personally.",
    • "We needed those farms!",
    • "Solar farm's been destroyed. Careless."
  • Mountains
    • "You have your orders. Those mountains need to come down.",
    • "If those mountains remain standing, the Vek will use them as a staging ground for more attacks.",
    • "Direct your fire on the mountains! We can't let them be used as hives."
  • Bombs
    • "This site holds two warheads designed by a temporal physicist, Dr. Renfield, utilizing your 'breach' technology. R.S.T. was deemed the safest place to test them."
    • "Excellent, both prototypes survived intact. I can order Renfield and his team to move on to stage two."
    • "While you lost one of Renfield's prototypes, at least the other is intact. But your carelessness could cost us the war."
    • "Your incompetence knows no bounds. Not one, but both of Renfield's prototypes destroyed... you may have cost us the war!"


  • "Our sensors are picking up strange readings from that mountain that was destroyed. Investigate if you can."
  • "Our sensors are picking up strange readings from beneath that layer of ice. Investigate if you can."
  • "Sensors have picked up an unidentified craft descending on your location."

The Last Stand[]

  • "Deploying remote power pylons. They'll keep you connected to the Grid."
  • "Incoming seismic activity. Brace yourselves."
  • "Sending down power pylons. Keep them operational, we don't have any more."
  • "Deploying a Renfield Bomb. Defend it while it primes and it will destroy the hive."
    • "Deploying another bomb, but it will need more time to prime. Try to keep this one in one piece."
  • "The Renfield bomb is ready. I recommend you leave now or you'll share a grave with the Vek."


  • "The Power Grid has collapsed! We've failed!",
  • "You've failed to protect the Grid! R.S.T.... all the islands... we're finished!",
  • "The Grid has collapsed! The Vek are swarming the island!"
  • "The Vek are erupting across the islands... if you can get to safety, do so.",
  • "If you are time travelers, then prove it. There is nothing more here.",
  • "It is over. Escape if you can... I will die here, with my people."


  • "My trust in you was not misplaced. You were tested, and you prevailed."