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Mantis: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair.

Kazaaakpleth is a pilot in Into the Breach.


After breaking a certain mountain tile or ice tile a "mysterious transmitter" will be found under it. If you take it, a special time pod will fall from the sky. Kazaaakpleth will be inside. Perhaps unintended, the "mysterious transmitter" can also be found when turning ground tiles into water by destroying a dam.


The Mantis are an alien race from the game FTL. Generic text is used to streamline these pilots for use in the game. Kazaaakpleth is a secret pilot that can be gained over the course of the game. His full name is KazaakplethKilik, a legendary Mantis thief.

General Background: The Mantis exist to expand, loot, and plunder. There are males and females of the species. They once enslaved the Engi (and thus, may have an overseer-like dominance toward their Mech). They are expansionist, tribal, warlike, and polytheistic. Females often don't make it to high positions of authority unless they are particularly vicious.

The Mantis at key points in their life, have to either return home to reform their exoskeletons (non-biological materials adhere to a resin secreted by their epidermal layers) - or to a suitable planet with the same materials. The Earth of Into the Breach is one such planet although it's not clear if the Mantis were aware of that. Their ships are also composed of the same crust as the Mantis "wear." Presumably this crust can be applied to Mech hulls as well (not planning to discuss/show in game, merely commenting this). Mantis ship hulls may also be bedecked with hides, corpses, and remains of their kills. The Mantis enjoy teleporter technology in hunting prey (teleporting onto ships) and are comfortable with the technology (but the Breach tech may be more primitive than they're used to).

Kazaaakpleth is feared among his own people because he doesn't hunt aliens... he prefers to hunt his own kind. He outwardly claims to be doing this for bounties and for a higher, noble purpose, but secretly, he enjoys killing other Mantis. His craft is an escape pod from a failed encounter with a tribe of his own people he'd marked for death. His craft detected the beacon from Earth, and followed it to the corporate islands. He soon relalized he'd come to the "Happy Hunting Grounds" a place where he can practice his fighting skills on larger varities of insects than ever (the Vek) and a machine (his Mech) that he can use as a weapon. Kazaaakpleth is happy to slay as many Vek as he can, although if he had the skill to build a ship and take to the stars with the technology he has found, he would do so. Like other Mantis, K. needs to reestablish his carapace, and he finds the islands rich with suitable biological material - including Vek corpses.


Mantis speak in a kind of chittering - (i.e. names having a lot of k's or tch's kinda sounds).


  • Having an extra attack option is useful for combat versatility. Though, where Kazaaakpleth really shines is on the Science-Class mechs that otherwise lack a direct offensive option.
  • It's extremely important not to set him on fire as he has no inherent way to extinguish it. If his Mech does catch fire, try to move him into water, freeze him, or move him into smoke.