Into the Breach Wiki

Lightning Mech is a Prime-class mech in Into the Breach. Mech's primary weapon, Electric Whip, lets the Mech to channel great amounts of damage throughout the whole battlefield, if properly positioned. The key to its usage is learning how to position the mech so that the current flows through as many targets as possible. This is difficult at first, before you get your first Reactor Core, but becomes much easier after you get a core and upgrade the primary ability to allow for Building Chain.


The mech is available as part of the Blitzkrieg squad.

Strategy & tips[]

  • Use your other mechs to extend the circuit.
  • Use Camila Vera, Henry Kwan and pilots with similar abilities to maximise the potential of this mech.
  • Invest into Building Chain ASAP. This upgrade allows you to greatly extend your circuit range.
  • Take advantage of positioning yourself adjacent to a building, so that melee Vek are tempted to attack the building instead of your mech. If you do this properly, you will be able to deal a lot of damage just in one turn while also staying out of trouble.
  • The current flows in all possible directions, so if you discharge the whip at a T-junction, it will go both ways.
  • Be wary of the objects you are ought to protect, such as Disposal Unit, Supply Train, Renfield Bomb or its Prototypes. If they are part of the circuit, they will be damaged by the Whip, because they are not Buildings.
  • The current doesn't flow through Mountains, but does flow through Rocks left by Rock Launcher or Diggers.
  • The current does flow through disabled mechs.