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Mafan is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Mafan can be acquired by finding the secret FTL pod.


The Zoltan are an alien race from the game FTL. Generic text is used to streamline these pilots for use in the game. Mafan is a secret pilot that can be gained over the course of the game. General Background: The Zoltan are a wise, intelligent species of energy, about to transcend to a higher "level" – of consciousness. They favor enlightenment above all else. They are respectful, tactful, and humble… but not pushovers if attacked. Younger members ("children") in the lore are said to be gaining telepathic powers.

Mafan was on a pilgrimage when the beacon summoned it. It finds the idea of the breaches to be akin to enlightenment along the lines of Groundhog Day although it finds them surprising… it considers the two week "recycling" of the self an opportunity to reflect on one's actions forever within an enclosed temporal loop. It considers the Vek to be an obstruction to this enlightenment, but also a necessary part of the phenomenon that keeps sparking the breaches to be made. (More specifics about the tone and intent of each of the lines below can be found in the Writing Style Guide, broken down line by line, if curious – it gives more information on how Mafan and the Zoltan might perceive certain events.)


Zoltan are energy beings… so perhaps a wispy ethereal speak.


Extra reactor power is very useful in itself, but if this wasn't enough, Mafan also boasts the unique 'Zoltan Sheild' ability. Like Bethany's shield, it can safely block any enemy attack irrespective of its damage. However, unlike her shield, it recharges at the beginning of every round. This frees one to use it for more trivial strategies such as blocking Vek spawns. The only downside is that Mafan's irreparably low health begets death should it take multiple hits in a single round. Naturally, players ought to avoid this at all costs. On the other hand, being unable to upgrade health means the associated reactor power can be allocated elsewhere. Thus, provided one gets good skills on level-up, a fully leveled Mafan is arguably the most overpowered pilot in the game.