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Marked mountain tile
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Marked Mountain Tile

The Marked Mountain Tile is a special variant of either a Mountain Tile or an Ice Tile which rarely appears during Missions.


The undamaged tile looks exactly the same as its normal counterpart, while the damaged tile has a faint, yellow glow originating from inside it. This special tile variant may spawn already damaged at the start of a mission.

Destroying the tile will reveal a "strange object" hidden inside it; upon being picked up it will broadcast a signal. After the end of that turn, a "strange pod" will fall from the sky, similarly to a Time Pod. Protecting or rescuing the Pod will unlock one of three special Pilots and grant the Distant Friends achievement.


  • Keep in mind that the "strange object" must be picked up by a Mech, simply protecting it until the end of the battle won't summon the Pod.


  • The special pilots are a reference to Subset Games's earlier title, FTL: Faster than Light.
    • The sound that plays during the signal broadcast is the same as the FTL jump drive.
    • The pod resembles a broken section of the Federation cruiser from Faster than Light.