Into the Breach Wiki

The Marked Mountain Tile is a special variant of either a Mountain Tile or an Ice Tile which rarely appears during Missions.


This special tile variant spawns already damaged at the start of a mission and has a faint, yellow glow originating from inside it. The tile will appear undamaged during the mission preview and will not actually crack until the mission is begun.

Destroying the tile will reveal a "strange object" hidden inside it; upon being picked up it will broadcast a signal. After the end of that turn, a Strange Pod will fall from the sky, similarly to a Time Pod. Protecting or rescuing the Pod will unlock one of three special Pilots and grant the Distant Friends achievement.


  • Keep in mind that the "strange object" must be picked up by a Mech, simply protecting it until the end of the battle won't summon the Pod.
  • There is a 15% chance that this tile will spawn in place of a regular Time Pod on the second, third, or fourth islands. It will not spawn on the first island, and only one may spawn in a given timeline.
  • Because it replaces a regular Time Pod, it will never spawn during a boss mission. Similarly, if you've already seen an island's allocated number of Time Pods (1 for the second island, 2 for the third and fourth islands), then there's no chance of encountering it in later missions on that island.
  • To maximize your chances of encountering the Marked Tile, take missions with mountains or ice tiles until you've seen the allocated number of Time Pods for an island. If a Time Pod spawns on a mission without these, you essentially forfeit one of your run's 15% rolls.
  • While not collecting the "strange object" does not count as a failed objective for a perfect island, the Time Pod it replaced will not reappear later.


  • The special pilots are a reference to Subset Games's earlier title, FTL: Faster than Light.
    • The sound that plays during the signal broadcast is the same as the FTL jump drive.
    • The Pod resembles a broken section of the Federation cruiser from Faster than Light.