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'The following is information about pilots in the game Into The Breach.

Pilots control the mechs, gaining experience and valuable skills on the battlefield. Basic AI Pilots are already operating at their peak efficiency and do not gain experience in combat, making it necessary for you to find superior human Pilots, or advanced AI Pilots, to replace the basic AI. Cyborgs are both Pilot and Mech in one.

Unless otherwise specified, pilots are obtained by completing 100% of all objectives on Islands or collecting Time Pods.

Artificial Pilots and CorPilots[]

  • The Artificial Pilot is the default mech pilot if the pilot is killed. No skills and always active without a pilot in the mech
  • CorPilots work for the Corporations in the current timeline, never have any special skills, and the best available pair of them start every new timeline
Pilot Artificial.png
AI Pilot
Archive Inc Pilot
RST Pilot
Pinnacle Pilot
Detritus Pilot

Time Travelers[]

  • Time Travelers are exceptional pilots, each with a special skill, and have jumped timelines more than once
  • Ralph Karlsson is the first known Time Traveler
    • Karlsson can be chosen after achieving a 100% success rate on any Island.
  • All other Time Travelers can be unlocked by:
    • Perfectly completing 100% of all objectives on an island and selecting a Time Traveler over a weapon or bonus grid power
    • By recovering a Time Pod
Name Corporation Special skill Debug Name
Ralph Karlsson
  • Experienced: Gain +2 bonus XP per kill.
Harold Schmidt
Archive, Inc.
  • Frenzied Repair: Push adjacent tiles when repairing.
Pilot Assassin.png
Abe Isamu
R.S.T. Corporation
  • Armored: Mech gains Armored.
Pilot Genius.png
Bethany Jones
Pinnacle Robotics
  • Starting Shield: Mech starts every mission with a Shield.
Pilot Hotshot.png
Henry Kwan
Detritus Disposal
  • Maneuverable: Mech can move through enemy units.
Pilot Warrior.png
Archive, Inc.
  • Preemptive Strike: Deploy anywhere on the map, damaging adjacent enemies. (1 power required)
Pilot Recycler.png
Detritus Disposal
  • Flying: Mech gains Flying (1 power required)
Pilot Youth.png
Lily Reed
Archive, Inc.
  • Impulsive: Gain +3 Move on first turn of every mission.
Pilot Leader.png
Chen Rong
Detritus Disposal
  • Sidestep: After attacking, gain 1 free tile movement.
Pilot Soldier.png
Camila Vera
R.S.T. Corporation
  • Evasion: Mech unaffected by Webbing and Smoke.
Pilot Medic.png
Isaac Jones
Pinnacle Robotics
  • Temporal Reset: Gain 1 extra 'Reset Turn' every battle.
R.S.T. Corporation
  • Double Shot: Mech can act twice if it does not move. (2 power required)
Pilot Aquatic.png
Pinnacle Robotics
  • Fire-and-Forget: Move again after shooting. (1 power required)

Secret Pilots[]

  • After breaking a certain mountain tile or ice tile a "Strange Object" will be found under it. If you take it, a special time pod will fall from the sky. Recover the special time pod or protect it until battle ends to rescue a secret pilot.
Name Special skill Debug Name
  • Mantis: 2 damage melee attack replaces Repair.
  • Zoltan: +1 Reactor Core. Reduce Mech HP to 1. Gain Shield every turn.
  • Rockman: +3 Health and immune to Fire.

Cyborg Pilots[]

  • Cyborg Pilots become available after unlocking the Secret Squad by completing all Achievements.
  • All Cyborg Pilots have randomly-selected names, a portrait depending on their mech, and the same special skill:
    • Vek : Normal Pilots cannot be equipped. Loses 25 XP when the unit is disabled.
Pilot BeetleMech.png
Cyborg Pilot
Pilot HornetMech.png
Cyborg Pilot
Pilot ScarabMech.png
Cyborg Pilot

Experience and Skills[]

Pilots gain experience points (XP) when Veks are destroyed while defending a region. One XP is gained for each Vek health point (HP), so a 2 HP Vek is worth 2 XP.

The Soldier Psion adds 1 HP to each Vek giving an extra XP. A Hornet typically has 2 HP and is worth 2 XP, but with a Soldier Psion present it has 3 HP so the Hornet would be worth 3 XP. When a Soldier Psion is killed, every Vek is reduced by 1 HP. If a Vek that has 1 HP left is destroyed due to the death of a Soldier Psion, then the extra HP is taken away before the Vek dies and no additional XP is gained. If there's a Hornet with 1 HP left and the Soldier Psion is destroyed, the Hornet is reduced from 3 HP to 2 HP, then 1 HP is taken away from the Hornet. The dead Hornet gives 2 XP.

If a Vek is not directly killed by a Pilot, such as when a Vek is killed by an emerging Vek or dies from environmental damage, the XP is split among all the Pilots in the squad. If there isn't enough XP to split among all the pilots, XP is distributed to just part of the squad on a rotating basis.

  • Artificial Pilots do not gain XP.

Human, Advanced AI, and Cyborg Pilots automatically learn a random skill after gaining 25 XP and 50 XP. Pilots stop earning XP after getting a total of 75 XP.

  • +1 Mech Reactor : Piloted Mech reactor increased by 1.
  • +1 Mech Move : Piloted Mech movement is increased by 1.
  • +2 Mech HP : Piloted Mech health is increased by 2.
  • +3 Grid DEF : Grid Defence increased by 3.

A Pilot sent to a new timeline, the Last Traveler, retains their XP and skills from the previous timeline.

Note : Bonus skills are completely random, prior to patch 1.0.17 this could result in Mafan ( max HP = 1 ) having a useless bonus of +2 Mech HP.

Corporate CEOs[]

While not Pilots, the Corporate CEOs are heavily involved with guiding the Squads against the Vek.

Dewey Alms.png

Dewey Alms
Archive, Inc.
Jessica Kern.png

Jessica Kern
R.S.T. Corporation

Pinnacle Robotics
Vikram Singh.png

Vikram Singh
Detritus Disposal

Behind the scenes[]

Gizmo, Huang, and Kirk were Pilots from pre-release versions of Into the Breach.

Character Gizmo.png
Character Huang.png
Character Kirk.png

There are some special skills that went unused in the game:

  • Cauterize : Fire heals instead of damaging Mech.
  • Frozen Stance : Stopping on any liquid tile freezes it, making it safe to stand on.
  • Retaliation : Deal 1 damage to adjacent enemies after surviving damage.