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Pinnacle Pilot
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Pinnacle Pilot is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Pinnacle Pilots are Sentient AIs working for Pinnacle Robotics in the current timeline. They may appear in any unoccupied mechs upon starting a new game.


Pinnacle Pilots, while more advanced than Artificial Pilots, are still relatively generic in comparison to AI Time Travelers. They speak between brackets and in stilted sentences, and are generally very matter-of-fact and emotionless.

Possible Names[]

Pinnacle Pilots have a separate naming pool from other CorPilots, consisting of only one randomly selected given name. The possible names are listed below:

Given Name


Pinnacle Pilots come without special skills, and only get randomized passive abilities. Due to this limitation, they can easily be outclassed by Time Travelers you encounter during your playthrough. Regardless, in most situations, having a CorPilot is still better than having no pilot at all. If they're not necessary anymore, Pinnacle Pilots can be traded in for a Corporate Reputation point after clearing any of the islands.


Category Event Description Content
Game States Gamestart This happens at the start of a new game "[ Att: Pinnacle CEO: Zenith. This is #self_reverse, from compromised timeline. My databank holds records critical to human and robot survival ]"
FTL_Found Happens on the island screen after finding the FTL pilot in a pod. "[ Alien craft contains extraterrestrial occupant and language of unknown construction ]"
FTL_Start Happens after you start a new game with an FTL pilot. Only needed for Recruits "[ Extraterrestrial time traveler is speaking a language of unknown construction ]"
* Gamestart_PostVictory Start of new game after winning "[ Att: Pinnacle CEO: Zenith. This is #self_reverse, from a salvaged timeline. My databank holds records critical to victory over the Vek ]"
Death_Revived If this unit is dead, but gets repaired "[ Att: Commander. Reporting successful reactivation following a system failure ]"
Death_Main If this unit dies. "[ Att: Zenith. #self_reverse, transmitting designation no. and Timeline of Death to Pinnacle archives ]"
Death_Response If another unit dies.

Use #main to say the dying unit's name.

"[ Pilot #main_second has suffered system failure ]"
Death_Response_AI If another Mech dies but it doesn't have a pilot to die. "[ Att: Zenith. Transmitting #main_reverse designation no. and Timeline of Death to Pinnacle archives ]"
* TimeTravel_Win Last thing pilot says before time traveling after a victory. "[ Initiating breach farewell protocol ]\n[ All Pinnacle thanks you, #squad ]",
Gameover_Start Right when you lose "[ Att: Commander. Current timeline has suffered a catastrophic system failure ]",
Gameover_Response Response to above "[ Att: Commander: Initiating temporal breach protocols ]",
UI Barks Upgrade_PowerWeapon Turn on a new weapon. "[ Upgrade online ]",

"[ Upgrade complete ]", "[ Ordnance activated ]",

Upgrade_NoWeapon If you have no weapon powered. This plays every time you remove all weapons from the Pilot. "[ Unit has been disarmed ]",

"[ Unit has entered stand-by mode ]", "[ Unit has entered pacifist mode ]"

Upgrade_PowerGeneric Diverting reactor power to either Health or Move (basic Mech stats, not a weapon). "[ #self_mech upgrade complete ]",

"[ #self_mech's power diverted to new systems ]",

Mid- Battle MissionStart Generic mission start "[ Vek infestation detected ]",

"[ Weapon systems online ]", "[ Hostiles detected ]",

* Mission_ResetTurn Triggers after a turn reset "[ Localized breach completed ]",

"[ Loc-Local bre-breach com-complete ]\n[ Recalibrating system echo ]"

MissionEnd_Dead Generic mission end where enemies are all killed "[ No Vek life signs detected on sensors ]",

"[ The Vek threat in the region has been eradicated ]", "[ Vek population in the region at 0% ]",

MissionEnd_Retreat Generic mission end when enemies retreat "[ Vek have been detected leaving the area ]",

"[ The Vek are receding from the conflict zone at maximum speed ]", "[ Vek leaving area. Chance of regrouping and initiating future attack: 78% ]"

MissionFinal_Start Plays at the start of the final mission "[ This unit risks itself by coming to this Vek volcanic hive so that other units might persist ]",
MissionFinal_StartResponse Incoming power pylons [ Pylon deployment detected ]
MissionFinal_FallStart Plays at the start of the ground falling in the final mission
MissionFinal_FallResponse Plays once the ground shakes "[ Terrain unstable, collapse imminent ]"
MissionFinal_Bomb What's the plan? "[ Central Vek hive discovered, probability of destroying hive with current armament low ]"
MissionFinal_BombResponse Before dropping the bomb
MissionFinal_CaveStart Plays at the start of the final cave section (after MissionFinal_BombResponse) "[ New objective, defend bomb logged ]"
* MissionFinal_BombDestroyed When the bomb is destroyed, another one is dropped and the battle length is extended.
MissionFinal_BombArmed "[ Bomb primed ]"
PodIncoming Pod is about to fall "[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has been detected ]"
PodResponse Response to above "[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has landed in our vicinity ]"
PodCollected_Self Pod collected (by the pilot talking) "[ Temporal rescue craft has been rescued :: ]",

"[ Att: Commander. 'Time Pod' retrieved ]"

PodDestroyed_Obs Pod destroyed (by anyone, including Vek, except the speaker) "[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has been destroyed by post-landing damage ]"
Secret_DeviceSeen_Mountain Secret object was inside a mountain

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"[ Unknown device detected in space formerly occupied by mountain ]"
Secret_DeviceSeen_Ice Secret object was under water after destroying ice

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"[ Device of unknown origin detected beneath ice ]"
Secret_DeviceUsed Only needs 1 line per Pilot "[ Device of unknown origin has activated a signal ]"
Secret_Arriving Only needs 1 line per Pilot "[ Object of unknown origin on approach ]"
Emerge_Detected Emerges are queued. "[ Seismic readings show enemy activity from beneath the surface, and rising ]"
Emerge_Success Vek Emerges "[ A Vek has surfaced. Locking on with sensors ]",

"[ Sensors have locked on to surfacing Vek ]", "[ Unauthorized Vek have emerged on #corp Island surface ]"

Emerge_FailedMech Mech blocks Emerging Vek "[ A Vek is attempting to surface beneath this unit's Mech ]",

"[ A Vek has been prevented from surfacing ]"

Emerge_FailedVek Vek Block Emerging Vek "[ A Vek has been prevented from surfacing by another Vek ]",

"[ The Vek are interfering with their own pathing routines ]"

Mech State
Mech_LowHealth Mech has 1 hp. "[ This unit has been compromised. System failure imminent ]",

"[ This unit has sustained critical damage. ]", "[ This unit is in need of repair. ]",

Mech_Webbed Mech is webbed "[ Vek excretions are preventing unit mobility ]"
Mech_Shielded Mech is shielded "[ Pinnacle shield engaged ]",

"[ Unit has been shielded ]"

Mech_Repaired Mech uses repair. "[ Repairs have been effected ]",

"[ Diverting parts from self to damaged Mech ]",

Pilot_Level_Self Pilot levels up (not necessarily max rank) "[ Tactical algorithms upgraded ]",

"[ Have requested additional storage space for combat routines ]"

Pilot_Level_Obs Pilot is observed to level up "[ Tactical efficiency of Pilot #main_second has been upgraded ]",

"[ Pilot #main_second's tactical efficiency has been upgraded ]", "[ Pilot #main_second's tactical efficiency optimized ]",

Mech_ShieldDown Mech's shield is removed "[ Pinnacle shield disengaged ]",

"[ Unit has been de-shielded ]"

Damage Done Damage commentary comes in three flavors:

"SELF" : The Mech did themselves "OBS" : The Mech (or CEO) observed another Mech do it "VEK" : A Vek did it, and a CEO or Mech is commenting on that

Vek_Drown Vek drowns (from anyone / any cause) "[ Vek has been rendered inert ]",

"[ Vek has submerged and is descending at a rapid rate ]"

Vek_Fall Vek falls down a hole (from anyone / any cause) "[ Vek descending ]",

"[ The Vek has begun its descent ]"

Vek_Smoke Vek is put in smoke (from anyone / any cause) "[ The particles are interfering with the Vek sensors ]",
Vek_Frozen Vek is frozen (from any cause except Snow Storm and Freeze Mine) "[ Vek has been encased in ice ]",

"[ Vek has ceased movement ]"

VekKilled_Self "[ Vek has been deleted ]",

"[ Vek threat removed ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations ]"

VekKilled_Obs "[ Vek has been deleted. Credit for deletion: Pilot #main_second ]",

"[ Vek threat removed. Credit for removal: Pilot #main_second ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations. Credit for cessation: Pilot #main_second ]"

VekKilled_Vek "[ Vek deleted. Cause of deletion: rival Vek ]",

"[ Vek threat removed. Reason for removal: rival Vek ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations. Cause of cessation: rival Vek ]"

DoubleVekKill_Self "[ 2 Vek have been deleted ]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed ]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations ]"

DoubleVekKill_Obs "[ 2 Vek deleted. Cause of deletions: Pilot #main_second]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed. Reason for removals: Pilot #main_second]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations. Cause: Pilot #main_second]"

DoubleVekKill_Vek "[ 2 Vek deleted. Cause of deletions: rival Vek ]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed. Reason for removals: rival Vek ]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations. Cause of cessations: rival Vek ]"

MntDestroyed_Self Note that because a destroyed mountain (and building) can then be moved through, some lines reflect the fact the player can now move into these tiles. "[ Terrain has been altered ]"
MntDestroyed_Obs "[ Terrain has been altered ]"
MntDestroyed_Vek "[ Terrain has been altered ]"
PowerCritical "[ Att: Commander. Grid power is almost depleted ]"
Bldg_Destroyed_Self "[ Casualty reports have been filed ]",

"[ Targeting error ]",

Bldg_Destroyed_Obs "[ Casualty reports have been filed ]"
Bldg_Destroyed_Vek "[ Casualty reports have been filed ]",
Bldg_Resisted Building resists damage, currently anyone can comment but I can change this to _Obs/_Self/_Vek if we think it's worth it. "[ Structure is unharmed ]",

"[ Damage to structure is minimal ]"

Mission Specific Mission_Train_TrainStopped "[ Train is damaged ]",
Mission_Train_TrainDestroyed "[ Train is destroyed ]",

"[ Train is irreparable ]"

* Mission_Block_Reminder Remind player to block emerging Vek "[ Objectives dictate emerging Vek need to be contained underground ]",

"[ Objectives dictate emergent Vek must be blocked ]"

Archive Inc
Mission_Airstrike_Incoming "[ Incoming Archive jet detected ]",

"[ Archive air support detected ]"

Mission_Tanks_Activated Both tanks survived to activation "[ Archive tanks are active ]",

"[ Archive tanks: call signs 'Daddy Warbucks', 'Mama Bear', are now activated ]", "[ Archive tanks are ready to be deployed ]"

Mission_Tanks_PartialActivated Only one tank survived to activation "[ Surviving Archive tank is now activated ]",

"[ Surviving Archive tank: call sign 'Mama Bear', is now activated ]", "[ Surviving Archive tank is ready to be deployed ]"

* Mission_Dam_Reminder Remind player to destroy the Dam "[ Dam still needs to be destroyed ]",

"[ #squad notification: Dam is still intact ]", "[ Destruction of dam is among our primary objectives ]"

Mission_Dam_Destroyed After the completed animation of the dam drowning things "[ Dam has been destroyed, river has been deployed ]",

"[ River has been deployed ]", "[ Vek burrowing efforts halted by river ]"

Mission_Satellite_Destroyed Triggers only when the first satellite is destroyed "[ Rocket has been destroyed ]",

"[ Launch canceled ]"

Mission_Satellite_Imminent Triggers when the Satellite queues its launch (the turn before it actually launches) -- It can trigger for either satellite, or both, it's randomized. "[ Launch imminent ]"
Mission_Satellite_Launch Triggers when the satellite actually takes off, can trigger for either or both "[ Rocket launch detected ]",
Mission_Mines_Vek Vek Killed by Mine "[ Detonation detected ]",

"[ Explosion detected ]"

Mission_Terraform_Destroyed If the terraformer is destroyed "[ Terraformer has been destroyed ]",

"[ Terraformer is offline ]"

Mission_Terraform_Attacks After the player uses the terraformer (not necessarily the first, random chance)

This will obey the same rules as other barks, where something like a pilot death will take priority.

"[ Please stay clear of terraformer work area ]",

"[ Terraforming initiated]"

Mission_Cataclysm_Falling Triggers when ground is falling during either RST mission with falling ground "[ Earthquake warning ]",

"[ Attempting to project aftershocks... calculating... ]",

Mission_Lightning_Strike_Vek If lightning hits a Vek "[ Vek has been electrocuted ]",
Mission_Solar_Destroyed Solar panel destroyed "[ Solar farm has been destroyed ]",

"[ Solar farm is offline ]"

* Mission_Force_Reminder Remind player to destroy the mountains "[ Mountains still need to be destroyed ]",

"[ Destruction of mountains is among our primary objectives ]"

Mission_Freeze_Mines_Vek Vek Frozen by Mine. This takes priority over all other Freeze conditions. "[ Cryo-mine triggered ]",

"[ Target has been immobilized ]"

Mission_Factory_Destroyed Bot Factory destroyed "[ Factory has been destroyed ]",

"[ Factory is offline ]"

Mission_Factory_Spawning Bot Factory spawning "[ Rogue intelligences detected ]",

"[ Factory is deploying rogue intelligences ]"

Mission_Reactivation_Thawed A selection of enemies on the map are freed from ice (might be bots) "[ Enemies have freed themselves from the ice ]"
Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenVek Snowstorm freezes Vek "[ Storm has immobilized the Vek ]",

"[ Vek has been immobilized ]"

Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenMech Snowstorm freezes speaking Mech -- This takes priority if Vek are frozen as well "[ Storm has immobilized my Mech ]",

"[ Controls not responding ]", "[ Mech systems are shutting down ]"

BotKilled_Self Player kills a hostile Bot "[ Serial number recorded ]",

"[ Threat has been neutralized ]", "[ Self-defense protocols enacted ]"

BotKilled_Obs Player is observed to kill a hostile Bot "[ Serial number recorded ]",

"[ Threat has been neutralized ]",

Mission_Disposal_Destroyed Player was supposed to defend the Disposal unit and it was destroyed -- Shooter could be anyone "[ Disposal unit has been destroyed ]",

"[ Disposal unit is offline ]"

Mission_Disposal_Activated Player uses Disposal Unit -- mass damage "[ Please stay clear of disposal unit's zone of operations ]",

"[ Please avoid the disposal zone ]", "[ Elevated A.C.I.D. levels detected in region ]"

Mission_Barrels_Destroyed A.C.I.D. barrel destroyed (as per mission objectives) -- shooter unclear "[ Vat destroyed ]",

"[ A.C.I.D. released ]", "[ Subterranean hive contamination initiated ]"

Mission_Power_Destroyed Power plant is destroyed "[ Power plant has been destroyed ]",

"[ Power plant is offline ]"

Mission_Teleporter_Mech Mech teleports (self) "[ Teleport successful ]",

"[ Transmitting new coordinates ]"

Mission_Belt_Mech Mech moves on conveyor (self) (does not hit anything, no damage, etc.) "[ I am being conveyed ]",

"[ Conveyance enacted ]"