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Psion Tyrant
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Hive Targeting
All player units take 1 damage at the end of every turn.
Icon flying.png Flying: Flying units can move over any terrain tile.
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Psion Tyrant is one of the Vek from Into The Breach.


The Tyrant is a more dangerous form of Psion, as the damage it inflicts can be debilitating for low health mechs. During each turn, it'll deal 1 damage to each player mech as long as it's alive.

It has a primarily orange body with dark purple bumps adorning its head.


While the Tyrant Psion can be very dangerous to mechs with low health (usually artillery or science mechs), or mechs with self-damaging weapons, it's of no direct threat to the grid, or to mechs that have a healthy amount of spare healthbar. If there are any spare cores leftover at the end of the game, placing them in +2 HP upgrades may help in order to assist with ignoring the Tyrant until a more convenient turn, so as to take care of more direct threats.

The Tyrant Psion itself is relatively weak and should be killable via collateral damage or fire. Overall it's likely better to see this Psion emerge from a spawnpoint than any other normal enemy.

Remember to take into account that a live Tyrant Psion, on phase 2 of the final battle, will attack the Renfield bomb along with your units, so factor that into the amount of damage the bomb is "allowed to take". If you have any deployable tanks, it will attack those too, so upgrading them to 3HP may also help.