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Ralph Karlsson is a pilot in Into the Breach.


Ralph Karlsson is the protagonist and available by default.


Ralph Karlsson [Unknown]:

Ralph has crossed the breach almost more times he can count - there's been at least a hundred timelines he's watched fall (in the opening state, he has yet to save even one). This continuous cycle of warfare has made him ruthlessly efficient, being unwilling to even sleep if he has to, as he feels every second counts... and every second that slips away could be the critical moment lost to the Vek. He's come a long way from the wide-eyed soldier he first was (it seems like several lifetimes ago, and it was), and he tries to avoid attachments to the other pilots, as he knows how likely they are to die in battle. He has never said which island he hails from, and there are suspicions he may have come from somewhere beyond the Corporate archipelago... possibly even from a space station. If true, Ralph has refused to confirm it, although in a few timelines, both Bethany, Harold, and Isaac have commented on the Time Pod's architecture as being modeled off of space-faring tech (notably a launch capsule of a rocket... or an escape pod of a rocket).


Classic cold knowledgeable veteran type. No time for those who can't keep up. Cynical/realistic about your chances. Not a very exaggerated character.


As the game's starting pilot, his boost to XP is useful in leveling up quickly. However, since a 'last traveler's' level is saved, this ability becomes useless on consecutive runs. Thus, Ralph Karlsson is best used early on in finding other pilots


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