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Random Squad
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The Random Squad is a special Squad in Into the Breach


The Randomized Squad option becomes available after unlocking a second Squad.

A Randomized Squad is created out of all the unlocked Mechs.

The Balanced Roll option selects three unique Mechs from three different classes (Prime, Brute, Ranged, Science, and Cyborg). The balanced squad won't have more than 4 weapons so this prevents the Flame Mech, Rocket Mech, Defense Mech, Gravity Mech, and Nano Mech from appearing together in a balanced squad.

The Chaos Roll option has no restrictions on class, weaponry, or Mech combinations so you get a truly randoms quad. However, if you get duplicate Mechs with the same Passive ability, one of the duplicate Mechs will have the Passive deactivated.


Player selected, no restrictions

Squad Achievements

Change the Odds
Raise Grid Defense to 30% or more with a Random squad
Loot Boxes!
Open 5 Time Pods in a single game with a Random squad
Lucky Start
Beat the game (any length) without spending any Reputation with a Random squad