Into the Breach Wiki

The Reactor Core is one of the Resources in Into The Breach.

Reactor Cores are used for upgrading Mechs. Each installed core will give 1 additional energy that can be assigned to improved stats, power weapons, weapon upgrades, passives (extra moves, extra hitpoints) or some Pilots with special abilities.

A Reactor Core is acquired by:

  • Recovering a Time Pod during a mission
  • Protecting a key building during a mission
  • Spending 3 Corporate Reputation Points after protecting a Corporate H.Q.

Using Reactor Cores[]

Open the Mech Upgrade screen by clicking on any Mech Icon on the left, and click on "Install" to install a core.


You can install up to 9 cores in the reactor of each Mech. Pilots can acquire the Mech Reactor skill to gain a bonus Reactor Core.

You can Undo the installation to redistribute Reactor Cores as needed.