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Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.


These were the very first Mechs to fight against the Vek. They are efficient and reliable.


Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 3
Prime punchmech.png
Titan Fist
Punch an adjacent tile, damaging and pushing it.
Upgrade I
Dash: Charge any distance before punching the target.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Increases damage by 2.
Brute 3 3
Brute tankmech.png
Taurus Cannon
Fires a powerful projectile that damages and pushes its target.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Ranged 2 3
Ranged artillery.png
Artemis Artillery
Powerful artillery strike, damaging a single tile and pushing adjacent tiles.
Upgrade I
Buildings Immune: This attack will no longer damage Grid Buildings.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Increases damage by 2.

Squad Achievements[]

Watery Grave
Drown 3 enemies in water in a single battle
Ramming Speed
Kill an enemy 5 or more tiles away with a Dash Punch
Island Secure
Complete the first Corporate Island


  • The Rift Walkers is a basic, straightforward squad who works well as an introduction, but have a surprisingly weak mid-game and their upgrades require a lot of Reactors.
  • The squad lacks mobility, so spending Power on +1 Move or Dash or equipping mobility-oriented pilots for the Combat and Cannon Mech helps.
  • The squad's weaponry are basic, so they can swap out weapons more freely than other squads that are more synergy-dependent.