Rift Walkers

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Rift Walkers

Rift Walkers is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.

Description[edit | edit source]

These were the very first Mechs to fight against the Vek. They are efficient and reliable.

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 3
Prime punchmech.png
Titan Fist
Punch an adjacent tile, damaging and pushing it.
Upgrade I
Dash: Charge any distance before punching the target.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Increases damage by 2.
Brute 3 3
Brute tankmech.png
Taurus Cannon
Fires a powerful projectile that damages and pushes its target.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Ranged 2 3
Ranged artillery.png
Artemis Artillery
Powerful artillery strike, damaging a single tile and pushing adjacent tiles.
Upgrade I
Buildings Immune: This attack will no longer damage Grid Buildings.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Increases damage by 2.

Squad Achievements[edit | edit source]

Watery Grave
Drown 3 enemies in water in a single battle
Ramming Speed
Kill an enemy 5 or more tiles away with a Dash Punch
Island Secure
Complete the first Corporate Island

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • The Rift Walkers is a basic, straightforward squad who works well as an introduction, but have a surprisingly weak mid-game and their upgrades require a lot of Reactors.
  • The squad lacks mobility, so spending Power on +1 Move or Dash or equipping mobility-oriented pilots for the Combat and Cannon Mech helps.
  • The squad's weaponry are basic, so they can swap out weapons more freely than other squads that are more synergy-dependent.

Trivia[edit | edit source]