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Scorpion Leader
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Massive Spinneret
Web all targets, preparing to deal 2 damage to adjacent tiles.
Icon massive.png Massive: Massive units can walk in Water (but Water will prevent shooting).

Scorpion Leader is one of the Boss Vek from Into The Breach.


Can web and melee attack in all four directions around itself in a cross-shape pattern. Unlike most other Scorpions, this attack also pushes its target.


The Scorpion Leader has the highest health in the game, but otherwise very low movement and only a melee attack, so in general it's good to deploy so that your Prime Mech can reach it. If you have 3 damage + shove, or 4 damage, that is enough to kill the boss in 2 hits.

The boss will usually try to web/attack as many targets simultaneously as possible. In general, like with Spider eggs, be sure to avoid getting multiple of your own Mechs webbed, and try to lure the scorpion to an advantageous spot where you will be able to shove it away again into a safe place (or lure it into standing on A.C.I.D., etc.) Smoke can work well against this boss due to both cancelling its attacks and preventing it from meleeing again from that spot, but confusion/flipping won't help much at all, only breaking its webs and otherwise not preventing its attacks.

The boss's ability to shove can be very useful for friendly fire, either outright killing non-Alpha veks, or disrupting + damaging Alpha vek.

For pilots, Camilla is obviously useful to negate the web, but a properly-positioned Silica can fire twice upon the boss, possibly killing it on the first turn, Archimedes or Chen can reposition into a better square even if they lose movement to being webbed, and in a pinch, Harold and a secret pilot can give a way to shove the boss when otherwise a mech might not be able to do it. Otherwise, this is just a high HP enemy that in principle anyone can take care of.