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All of the Squads

Squads in Into The Breach determine the Mechs you can take with you onto the battlefield.

You start with the Rift Walkers squad. Additional squads are unlocked by completing Achievements. Each completed achivement earns 1 coin.

Each squad has a custom paint job. Unlocked mech colors can be applied to other squads.

Random Squads and Custom Squads[ | ]

Once a second squad is acquired, the option to create a randomized squad or a customized squad opens up.

A Custom Squad allows for the selection of any Mechs that have been unlocked, including multiple of the same class as well as multiple of the same Mech.

A Random Squad is created out of all the unlocked Mechs.

  • The Balanced Roll option selects three unique Mechs from three of the five different classes (Prime, Brute, Ranged, Science, and Cyborg). The balanced squad won't have more than 4 weapons so this prevents the Flame Mech, Rocket Mech, Defense Mech, Gravity Mech, and Nano Mech from appearing together in a balanced squad.
  • The Chaos Roll option has no restrictions on class, weaponry, or Mech combinations so you get a truly random squad.
    • However, if you get duplicate Mechs with the same Passive ability, one of the duplicate Mechs will have the Passive and any power associated with it removed.

Secret Squad[ | ]

The Secret Squad becomes available after unlocking the 8 named squads. 25 Coins are required to unlock the Secret Squad.

With the Advance Edition release is not longer needed to complete all Global and Squad based achievements in order to unlock the Secret Squad. After getting all new achivements, 5 coins are left and cannot be spend in anything.

List of squads[ | ]

Name Affiliation Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Mech Color Unlock cost
Rift Walkers Archive, Inc. A Combat Mech Cannon Mech Artillery Mech Color Rift Walkers Default starting squad
Rusting Hulks R.S.T. Corporation A Jet Mech Rocket Mech Pulse Mech Color Rusting Hulks 2 Mini Coin Coins
Zenith Guard Pinnacle Robotics A Laser Mech Charge Mech Defense Mech Color Zenith Guard 2 Mini Coin Coins
Blitzkrieg Detritus Disposal A Lightning Mech Hook Mech Boulder Mech Color Blitzkrieg 3 Mini Coin Coins
Steel Judoka Archive, Inc. B Judo Mech Siege Mech Gravity Mech Color Steel Judoka 3 Mini Coin Coins
Flame Behemoths R.S.T. Corporation B Flame Mech Meteor Mech Swap Mech Color Flame Behemoths 3 Mini Coin Coins
Frozen Titans Pinnacle Robotics B Aegis Mech Mirror Mech Ice Mech Color Frozen Titans 3 Mini Coin Coins
Hazardous Mechs Detritus Disposal B Leap Mech Unstable Mech Nano Mech Color Hazardous Mechs 4 Mini Coin Coins
Secret Squad Secret Techno-Beetle Techno-Hornet Techno-Scarab Color Secret Squad 25 Mini Coin Coins
Custom Squad n/a Any Any Any Custom unlock a 2nd Squad
Random Squad n/a Random Random Random Random unlock a 2nd Squad
Advanced Edition
Bombermechs Pierce Mech Bombling Mech Exchange Mech Color Bombermechs 4 Mini Coin Coins
Arachnophiles Bulk Mech Arachnoid Mech Slide Mech Color Arachnophiles 4 Mini Coin Coins
Mist Eaters Thruster Mech Smog Mech Control Mech Color Mist Eaters 4 Mini Coin Coins
Heat Sinkers Dispersal Mech Quick-Fire Mech Napalm Mech Color Heat Sinkers 4 Mini Coin Coins
Cataclysm Pitcher Mech Triptych Mech Drill Mech Color Cataclysm 4 Mini Coin Coins

Trivia[ | ]

  • Except for the Secret Squad, every other Squad has their own achievements to unlock, including the Random Squad and Custom Squad.
  • An early build of the game didn't include the achievement requirements to unlock squads.
  • The Rift Walkers were originally named the Rough Riders.

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