Into the Breach Wiki

Steel Judoka is one of the Squads from Into The Breach.


These Mechs specialize in positional manipulation to turn the Vek against each other.


Name Class Health Move speed Default loadout Special
Prime 3 4
Prime shift.png
Vice Fist
Grab a unit and toss it behind you.
Upgrade I
Ally Immune: Deals no damage to allies.
Upgrade II
+2 Damage: Increases damage by 2.
Icon armor.png Natural Armor: Weapon damage to this unit is reduced by 1. All other damage (Push, Blocking, Fire, etc.) is unaffected.
Ranged 2 3
Ranged defensestrike.png
Cluster Artillery
Protect a tile by damaging and pushing adjacent tiles.
Upgrade I
Buildings Immune: This attack will no longer damage Grid Buildings.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage to adjacent tiles by 1.
Science 3 4
Science gravwell.png
Grav Well
Artillery weapon that pulls its target towards you.
Passive friendlyfire.png
Vek Hormones
Enemies do +1 Damage against other enemies.
Upgrade I
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.
Upgrade II
+1 Damage: Increases damage by 1.

Robotic Judoka.png


Have Mech Armor absorb 5 damage in a single battle
Unwitting Allies
Have 4 enemies die from enemy fire in a single battle
Mass Displacement
Push 3 enemies with a single attack


  • Because the Judo Mech has armor, you can still hit it with the cluster artillery without taking damage.
  • Look for an enemy two spaces away from a deadly tile -- vice fist can throw them into it.
  • You can use the repositioning abilities of the squad in succession: first place two enemies adjacent to each other, then get bonus damage on knockback.
  • Many pilots could synergize with this squad. Henry Kwan can more easily get into position to throw enemies. Harold Schmidt gives a free additional "weapon" to knockback enemies. Chen Rong or Archimedes can get the Judo Mech out of a bad spot after attacking -- compensating for the limited choices of tiles to attack from. Prospero's flight makes the Gravity Mech's movement much more versatile, and helps you pull enemies into deadly tiles.
  • Always check the Attack Order to look for chances to kill an enemy with friendly fire before they get their own attack off!