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Swap Mech is a Science-class mech in Into the Breach.


The mech is available as part of the Flame Behemoths squad.


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  • The Swap Mech is a very versatile Mech in general, seeming weak at first but its abilities can be vital in the late game.
  • Understanding the importance of postion is vital in using the Swap Mech, always look for ways of turning veks attacks against their own by swapping.
  • When using the Swap Mech, postion above tiles of environmental hazards such as water, lava, acid etc.
  • Upgrading the range of its Teleporter can give you a large advantage in late game.
  • When choosing targets of its Teleporter ability always check for the turn priority of the enemy.
  • Remember you can swap with allies as well, letting you eke out a few extra squares of movement.
  • You can also swap with empty tiles, essentially granting yourself Webbing immunity once you have upgraded the range at least once.

Placing your previous Time Traveler in the Swap Mech has a few economical benefits. The Swap Mech is unlikely to gain XP, which doesn't affect a leveled-up Time Traveler. The Swap Mech also starts with 0 Power. Since your Time Traveler is likely to give +1 Mech Reactor, the Swap Mech can be used to power the Flame Shielding passive, while allowing the 2 starting Power of the Flame Mech to be used towards other benefits.