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The Time Pod is a special item in Into The Breach that can randomly drop during missions.

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During each Mission, there is a chance for a pod to appear from the future, dropping it onto a random tile.

A new objective is added when this event happens: Protect the Time Pod.

Protecting or rescuing the Pod always grants a Reactor Core. Time Pods may also contain a Pilot, a Weapon, or a piece of Passive equipment.

If the Vek end on the tile where the Pod is, or if it takes damage from a Mech or a Vek attack, the Pod will be destroyed. Projectile weapons can pass safely over top of the pod, but not piercing/beam weapons. A Pod is still destroyed if the Vek who steps on it has Flying. If the Pod remains untouched until the end of the mission, it is recovered as well.


  • The Pod will typically drop on the half of the map closest to where the Vek spawn.
  • Rescuing the Pod counts towards clearing an Island perfectly - if one is destroyed, it counts as a failed objective.
  • The Pod cannot be frozen.
  • Although tides do not do damage directly, they will still destroy the Pod. The same is not true of Ice Storms.
  • Lighting the pod's tile on fire will destroy the pod, even if no actual damage was done to the tile.
  • Veks do not destroy the pod if they run over it, only if they finish their turn on the pod's square or they die on it.
  • Veks will not actively destroy the pod but sometimes AOE damages might happen to cover the tile. Veks sometimes walk onto pods even if it is rare. It can cause you to not be able to 100% an island.
  • Allied Units, such as the Renfield Bomb, can collect a pod if they're pushed or walk onto it.
  • An attacking beetle Vek will not destroy a pod if its attack passes over the pod.


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