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Notes Artificial Pilot Archive Inc Pilot RST Pilot Pinnacle Pilot Detritus Pilot Ralph Karlsson Bethany Jones Abe Isamu Harold Schmidt Prospero Lily Reed Chen Rong Henry Kwan Camila Vera Gana Isaac Jones Silica Archimedes Kazaaakpleth Mafan Ariadne Archive Inc CEO Rust CEO Snow CEO Detritus CEO
Script ID Artificial Archive Rust Pinnacle Detritus Original Genius Assassin Repairman Recycler Youth Leader Hotshot Soldier Warrior Medic Miner Aquatic Mantis Zoltan Rock CEO_Grass CEO_Sand CEO_Snow CEO_Acid
Parent Personality
Name A.I. Unit Ralph Karlsson Bethany Jones Abe Isamu Harold Schmidt Prospero Lily Reed Chen Rong Henry Kwan Camila Vera Gana Isaac Jones Silica Archimedes Kazaaakpleth Mafan Ariadne Dewey Alms Jessica Kern Zenith Vikram Singh
INFO Data Scripting info for reference Id = "Pilot_Original",

Skill = +1 XP per kill

Id = "Pilot_Genius",

Skill = Start battles with shield

Id = "Pilot_Assassin",

Skill = Deploys anywhere on the map, dealing damage to adj.

Id = "Pilot_Repairman",

Skill = Fire heals instead of damages. (CHANGE TBD?)

Id = "Pilot_Recycler",

Skill = 1 Power - Mech flies

Id = "Pilot_Youth",

Skill = +3 movement on first turn

Id = "Pilot_Leader",

Skill = 1 tile free move after attacking

Id = "Pilot_Hotshot",

Skill = Walk through enemy units

Id = "Pilot_Soldier",

Skill = Immune to web & smoke

Id = "Pilot_Warrior",

Skill = 1 power - Armor

Id = "Pilot_Medic", (medic doesnt makes sense anymore...)

Skill = Adds Flying

Id = "Pilot Miner",

Skill = 2 Power - Attack twice if they do not move.

Id = "Pilot_Aquatic"

Skill = Attacking doesn't consume the move action.

Id = "Pilot_Mantis"

Skill = Cannot Repair. Instead has 2 Damage melee attack.

Id = "Pilot_Zoltan"

Skill = +1 Reactor Core. Mech Health reduced to 1. Gain Shield every turn.

Id = "Pilot_Rock"

Skill = "Fire Immune. +3 Health"

plan Mini personal history See below, this is the entry for a generic (A.I.) pilot. See below, this is the entry for a generic Archive pilot. See below, this is the entry for a generic R.S.T. pilot. See below, this is the entry for a generic Pinnacle (A.I.) pilot. See below, this is the entry for a generic Detritus pilot. Ralph Karlsson [Unknown] Ralph has crossed the breach almost more times he can count - there's been at least a hundred timelines he's watched fall (in the opening state, he has yet to save even one). This continuous cycle of warfare has made him ruthlessly efficient, being unwilling to even sleep if he has to, as he feels every second counts... and every second that slips away could be the critical moment lost to the Vek. He's come a long way from the wide-eyed soldier he first was (it seems like several lifetimes ago, and it was), and he tries to avoid attachments to the other pilots, as he knows how likely they are to die in battle. He has never said which island he hails from, and there are suspicions he may have come from somewhere beyond the Corporate archipelago... possibly even from a space station. If true, Ralph has refused to confirm it, although in a few timelines, both Bethany, Harold, and Isaac have commented on the Time Pod's architecture as being modeled off of space-faring tech (notably a launch capsule of a rocket... or an escape pod of a rocket). Bethany Jones [Pinnacle] Bethany Jones served as a physics engineer at Pinnacle, helping design and refine Pinnacle shield technology. Having only grown up on Pinnacle, she's somewhat sheltered with regards to the other islands, and she tends to trusting of others, taking them at their word. She loves the cold and the snow, but she's also excited by the opportunities to see other islands in the Corporate archipelago and learn from the people there. While she and Isaac are technically brother and sister, there hasn't been a timeline where they both were alive to realize this (either Bethany dies at a young age, or Isaac dies - only one of them could be saved in the womb b/c of a chronic medical condition their parents had). Bethany has had a more positive upbringing than Isaac, and her genius is tempered more with empathy and optimism than Isaac (who had a much more difficult childhood). Abe Isamu [R.S.T.] Sometimes jokingly called "Honest Abe" in previous timelines, nothing could be farther from the truth. Abe served as an "expeditor" (assassin and "black box" work) during the early years of CEO Kern's rise to power, and he took on many names and identities in service to R.S.T. to handle any "difficult issues" that would arise that needed to be dealt with by the corporation. He is ruthless when given an objective (in this case, fighting the Vek), and served as ground support in his original timeline before stealing a Mech from a dying (?) pilot and using its breach technology to escape the timeline after the squad perished in the volcanic island. Since then, "Abe" has followed the orders of his first CEO Kern and is determined to keep fighting until every Vek in every timeline is defeated... a hopeless task, but "Abe" realizes he has little else to fight for, and even if he were to remain in a timeline he saved, he could not deal with the idea that other timelines were still in jeopardy. He has yet to encounter his duplicate, and if so, he may not recognize them due to surgery and the fluctuation of identities his job required before the Vek attack. Harold Schmidt [Archive] Harold is as close as they come to an engineering "sociopath" (this is not the clinical term - co-workers in previous timelines used to call him a "technopath," but even that's not an accurate term for his lack of empathy and social skills). He finds humans uncomfortable and confusing, and takes solace in tinkering with robotics and machines who have clear rulesets and reasons for what they do. In his original timeline, he served a brief term at Detritus (where he seemed bored and uncommunicative), then was rejected from Pinnacle due to his psychological exam, then found a home in Archive, studying and doing restoration work on Old Earth robotics. He initially applied to Archive's open-call for pilot training so it could get him closer to the Mech technology, then it was discovered he did well on the pilot exam (better than most Archive volunteers), and he agreed to serve as a soldier as a way of giving him access to the cutting edge of Mech technology. (Note that Harold doesn't bear any ill-will toward Detritus and Pinnacle, nor do they bear him any ill-will... however, both Singh's predecessor and Zenith saw Harold's lack of empathy, and were worried it could lead to accidents or disregard for human life while he was carrying out his duties.) Prospero [Detritus] In its original timeline, Prospero was a recycler robot from Detritus. Its job was to monitor region safety in Detritus disposal sites, but was severely damaged in a disposal accident (this was in the days before Vikram was CEO). The "recycled recycler" robot was sold at a discount to Archive as a groundskeeper for some of the nature preserves, and it seemed to take to the work, translating its knowledge of chemistry and recycling technology to help cultivate gardens (and when it wasn't able to do this, it would devour all books on botany, biology, and even spiritual books related to nurturing and growing of all life forms). It would have likely have remained a quiet hulking gardener were it not for the emergence of the Vek. When the Vek erupted on Archive, the robot followed its directives to protect the nature preserves… and saw the Vek as nothing more than garden pests to be eliminated to protect the plants. When Archive was able to send reinforcements to the region, they found Prospero still quietly tending its garden, now fertilized with Vek corpses.

Much like Gana, Prospero is viewed with some suspicion due to the robot uprising, but like Gana, Prospero follows orders and has proven itself on many occasions. When traversing to a new timeline, Prospero seems to actively avoid returning to Detritus. The reason for this is unknown.

Lily Reed [Archive] Lily was an orphan found at sea at the age of seven (she's now 20), then found and raised by Archive when her makeshift life raft came in sight of their island. Lily was only newly-employed at Archive before she answered the open call for pilot training - some employees may have frowned at her sudden shift in career were it not for the urgency to find soldiers to fight the Vek. Unlike others at Archive who wished to slowly tinker with the Mechs, she embraced her training whole-heartedly, soon learning to use the Mech with one of the fastest training times of any Archive pilot on record. Lily's gone through only a few timelines (or maybe just one) and even seeing the end of the world hasn't dulled her enthusiasm for stopping the Vek. She is a talented pilot and engineer, and her near-hyperactive energy has found a good outlet on the battlefield. Chen Rong [Detritus] Chen is Henry Kwan's opposite. He's dutiful, conscientious, and puts other's safety before his own. Chen was a high-level manager of one of the key Teleportation Waste Sites in Detritus (much like a central hub to distribute waste to the proper sections of the island), and was responsible for transporting and managing hundreds of disposal lines at once (much like an air traffic controller in the old days, but this was governing the movement of waste, junk, and insuring there were no back-ups or stoppages in the supply line). It is believed this gave him considerable skill in tactics that was recognized during the open call for pilots when the Vek first attacked. Unlike Kwan, Rong didn't volunteer because he wanted to fight, or rise above his position, he did it because he believed it was his responsibility. Since then, he has proven a capable and reliable solider, although he lacks Kwan's battle instincts. Henry Kwan [Detritus] Henry Kwan is perhaps the least reliable and least safety-minded worker in Detritus. It seemed he would be forever regulated to a low-level A.C.I.D. report-filing bureau at Detritus - until the Vek attacked. Impulsively, he applied for the open call for pilot training, and he passed the aptitude test with flying colors (his instincts and reflexes seemed to shine in "think-fast" situations - as well as situations where he could cause a lot of damage... intentionally.). While hardly the most modest employee at Detritus, his accomplishments in battle have only fed his ego. Despite the timelines lost, Henry seems to see it all as some sort of game, and remains distant from the actual suffering - some suspect his jokes and boasting are a psychological shield, and thus, are afraid to pierce it, in case he loses what gives him his fighting confidence in the first place by dwelling on his failures vs. his accomplishments. Camila Vera [R.S.T.] Camila is the sixth adopted daughter of Jessica Kern (who maintains an extended family of 20, none of them related by blood) from her Origin Timeline. She is a ex-cartographer and meteorological scout from R.S.T. - she was previously assigned to do field surveys and do "terrain testing" in areas where the corporation were testing out new terraforming weapons (she was essentially terraforming "Q.A."). In this role, she became an excellent pilot (the others are dead, it's an unforgiving job) and developed a "sixth sense" for piloting craft in hazardous conditions and trusting her instincts to "move" whenever she sensed a quake or collapse in the ground was about to occur. She has since channeled this sixth sense into combat, learning to anticipate and evade Vek webs as well as knowing how to pilot her Mech in the thickest dust storms without handicapping her combat efficiency. She was one of the first volunteers to fight the Vek in her original timeline after the death of her adopted mother, and also (she's never revealed this to anyone else) she has always had a loathing for insects, so she takes satisfaction in wiping out the giant varieties (the Vek). Gana [Archive] Gana is a construction robot adapted for combat by uploading a mix of old and modern combat routines from the Archive libraries (think Baymax in Big Hero 6). This has had… partial success, and what happened to Gana is evidence as to why he was the only construction robot so outfitted: while an excellent soldier, his expressions and outlook are a blend of construction-focused speech mixed with ruthless pragmatism. As an example, Gana may categorize an otherwise simple repair as "offending parts have been executed" - or he may start ordering a building's infrastructure to "hold the line" to prevent a collapse. Soldiers who have served with Gana for an extended period of time have come to ignore its unusual speech patterns as the robot is incredibly effective on the field (and obeys orders), but Gana can be disconcerting for new pilots. Gana has indicated that when the war with the Vek is over, he would prefer to return to his construction duties, and finds he experiences "reduced job satisfaction" in fighting the Vek.

Note that given the recent rise in prejudice against the Pinnacle robots, Gana has suffered similar discrimination… and several officers have questioned if Gana's "sanity" in case he may malfunction like the Pinnacle robots.

Isaac [Pinnacle] Isaac has seen too many timelines collapse, and seen too many permutations for how things can go wrong - his high intelligence actually works against him, rather than makes him more confident because he can imagine all the ways things can go wrong (think Chidi Anagonye in The Good Place). He feels ill-suited for being a soldier (his squad mates usually agree, but his scientific knowledge is indispensable).

While he and Bethany are technically brother and sister, there hasn't been a timeline where they both were alive to realize this (either Bethany dies at a young age, or Isaac dies - only one of them could be saved in the womb b/c of a chronic medical condition their parents had). He respects machines and sees them as equals due to being raised on Pinnacle (he has faith in Zenith, perhaps too much as he feels she's too intelligent to do anything wrong). Isaac is as much of a genius as his sister, although self-doubt weakens him. He has considerable knowledge of aeronautics, physics, gravitation theory and manipulation, and a number of other fields. It is likely Isaac could master any science he chose to, his only block is his own perceived limitations.

Silica [R.S.T.] Silica is a hybrid of Pinnacle and R.S.T. technology, believed to be one of the first (and possibly only) artificial intelligences devoted to terrain architecture.

In "his" original timeline, Silica was responsible for first detecting and studying the Vek, and eventually was modified to investigate their hives... this nearly ended catastrophically, and Silica was recovered and his programming altered from terraforming to terraforming-based-combat... the concept of using the existing terrain and shaping it, exploiting it, and using the surrounding region as a weapon against the Vek. When Silica jumped timelines, his original programming was unknown to every subsequent timeline, and they have seen him only in his role as a environmental tactician, designed to help the islands defeat the Vek.

Archimedes [Pinnacle] Archimedes is a cutting-edge robotic intelligence (a Sentient, he finds the term "robot" and "artificial" to be discriminatory) from Pinnacle designed to act as a Human Relations officer. It has come from a timeline where Pinnacle "oversaw" the islands (the Pinnacle Island Network: P.I.N.) and tended to the humans' needs (much like how you would take care of animals on a farm, but not in a mean or ruthless way – the Sentients simply saw themselves as benevolent caretakers to keep the humans from hurting themselves).

Zenith has refused to allow Archimedes access to her network, for fear that his directives may corrupt programming on Pinnacle (if this occurred it would be inadvertent, but it is a possibility). Archimedes believes the rioting behavior of the robots on Pinnacle is due to either (1) a contradictory directive they are attempting to follow or reconcile, or (2) the possibility that the arrival of sentient pilot variants from other timelines may indeed be interfering with the natural programmatic order on the island.

The Mantis are an alien race from the game FTL. Generic text is used to streamline these pilots for use in the game. Kazaaakpleth is a secret pilot that can be gained over the course of the game.

General Background: The Mantis exist to expand, loot, and plunder. There are males and females of the species. They once enslaved the Engi (and thus, may have an overseer-like dominance toward their Mech). They are expansionist, tribal, warlike, and polytheistic. Females often don't make it to high positions of authority unless they are particularly vicious. The Mantis at key points in their life, have to either return home to reform their exoskeletons (non-biological materials adhere to a resin secreted by their epidermal layers) - or to a suitable planet with the same materials. The Earth of Into the Breach is one such planet although it's not clear if the Mantis were aware of that. Their ships are also composed of the same crust as the Mantis "wear." Presumably this crust can be applied to Mech hulls as well (not planning to discuss/show in game, merely commenting this). Mantis ship hulls may also be bedecked with hides, corpses, and remains of their kills. The Mantis enjoy teleporter technology in hunting prey (teleporting onto ships) and are comfortable with the technology (but the Breach tech may be more primitive than they're used to). Specific Background: Kazaaakpleth is feared among his own people because he doesn't hunt aliens... he prefers to hunt his own kind. He outwardly claims to be doing this for bounties and for a higher, noble purpose, but secretly, he enjoys killing other Mantis. His craft is an escape pod from a failed encounter with a tribe of his own people he'd marked for death. His craft detected the beacon from Earth, and followed it to the corporate islands. He soon relalized he'd come to the "Happy Hunting Grounds" a place where he can practice his fighting skills on larger varities of insects than ever (the Vek) and a machine (his Mech) that he can use as a weapon. Kazaaakpleth is happy to slay as many Vek as he can, although if he had the skill to build a ship and take to the stars with the technology he has found, he would do so. Like Mantis, do, K. needs to reestablish his carapace, and he finds the islands rich with suitable biological material - including Vek corpses.

The Zoltan are an alien race from the game FTL. Generic text is used to streamline these pilots for use in the game. Mafan is a secret pilot that can be gained over the course of the game.

General Background: The Zoltan are a wise, intelligent species of energy, about to transcend to a higher "level" – of consciousness. They favor enlightenment above all else. They are respectful, tactful, and humble… but not pushovers if attacked. Younger members ("children") in the lore are said to be gaining telepathic powers. Specific Background: Mafan was on a pilgrimage when the beacon summoned it. It finds the idea of the breaches to be akin to enlightenment along the lines of Groundhog Day although it finds them surprising… it considers the two week "recycling" of the self an opportunity to reflect on one's actions forever within an enclosed temporal loop. It considers the Vek to be an obstruction to this enlightenment, but also a necessary part of the phenomenon that keeps sparking the breaches to be made. (More specifics about the tone and intent of each of the lines below can be found in the Writing Style Guide, broken down line by line, if curious – it gives more information on how Mafan and the Zoltan might perceive certain events.)

The Rock (People) are an alien race from the game FTL. Generic text is used to streamline these pilots for use in the game. Ariadne is a secret pilot that can be gained over the course of the game.

General Background: Rock (people, male and females of the species exist) are large, herbivorous bipeds. Rock(men) are natural isolationists and like to be left alone. They are dogmatic and single-minded. In their own territories, they are largely religious zealots and have a wide interpretation of cultural transgression (ex: offers to trade can be interpreted as hostile). Rock(men) are raised so that radical members of their species are separated from the population and carefully managed so that they can fit in with the rest of their culture. Interaction with alien species is illegal. Their home culture involve arranged marriages. They were one of the founders of the Federation (along with humans and Engi). Rockmen who do not conform to their species stereotype (say, rebelling against religion or by being simply... different) can be found amongst the stars, and several instances of Rock pirates and warriors exist in the Big Black (they are known to cover their ships with "outcast decorations"). Specific Background: Ariadne (female of the species) was fleeing a pre-arranged marriage to a Basilisk Chief (see FTL) when the beacon diverted her vessel. Her crime prevents her from wanting to return to Rock space even if she could... but is uncomfortable amongst the many cultures on the new planet she has found. She is vaguely curious what time travel/breach technology could possibly do to erase her crime and the events leading up to it, allowing for a fresh start.

See CEO biography in narrative documentation. See CEO biography in narrative documentation. See CEO biography in narrative documentation. See CEO biography in narrative documentation.
Personality Character guidelines for chatter Artificial pilots are assigned to mechs as a last resort in combat. While they are capable of fighting, Mechs excel and become better when manned by a human pilot (or Pinnacle A.I., which are far more advanced). Artificial pilots are often present in the corporate islands, but not accorded the same status nor have the same extent of personality that the Pinnacle robots do. These fellows are a little uncertain, but interested in the Mechs they are commanding from an Archive point of view. R.S.T. pilots are no-nonsense and share much of Kerns' aggressive pragmatism. They tend to be harsher than the other Island pilots and have a ruthless streak. Sometimes stiff and military ("commander"), but at other times, their eagerness at killing Vek comes out. Pinnacle are all A.I.s/Sentients, just to reinforce the robotic theme (even though there are humans on the island). Detritus pilots are cautious, careful (both due to their profession), and polite - they, like their CEO, believe in safety first and "disposing" of hazardous material (including Vek) safely vs. swiftly. They are more matter-of-fact and focus on metrics and results. "Haste makes waste" is a good Old Earth expression for explaining their slow, methodical approach. Classic cold knowledgeable veteran type. No time for those who can't keep up. Cynical/realistic about your chances. Not a very exaggerated character. Caring, intelligent, pragmatic. A bit naive to war. Constantly hopeful & encouraging. Looks for the best in humanity. Stoic, calculating, cold. Soft spoken. Inquisitive; Focused on learning more than just fighting. Easily distracted. Somewhat disinterested and uncaring. Not very empathic. Prospero has been repurposed to operate its Mech in harsh conditions. Its English is fine but isn't in love with the new "work" conditions. Really excited. Hopeful and a little silly. Feels invulnerable. Sees it as a game. Chen is conscientious, reliable, and tries to be a model soldier. He's one of the best examples of managerial skill and leadership at Detritus, and it comes through in fighting the Vek. Cocky. Feels he is the hero. Feels invulnerable. Feels he couldn't possibly be wrong. Prototypical good soldier. Treats the battle like a military war. Doesn't have time for nonsense. Wishes others were as professional. While she shares traits with Chen Rong, they occasionally (quietly) clash on military issues (she's more hands-on in the fighting, while Rong's more of a supervising officer). Construction robot adapted for military use. Meant to interface with people so speaks in sentences but is very curt and unemotional. Paranoid & pessimistic. Generally a good person but not handling all the stress well, and his attitude can sometimes be demoralizing - he's suspicious of his own successes and victories. Definitely a "this timeline's already half-lost" kind of guy. Stutters because of temporal research studies... it's caused a nervous system problem in his speech patterns. A relatively calm, pragmatic machine who has adjusted to the change in its original purpose of mineral survey to destruction. It tends to quantify its responses in terms of how actions will affect the environment first, then the individuals second. Well-mannered, aristocratic, superior (he comes from a more advanced timeline, he believes), and can be condescending toward humans. Mantis speak in a kind of chittering - (i.e. names having a lot of k's or tch's kinda sounds). Zoltan are energy beings… so perhaps a wispy ethereal speak. Rock people "speech" is like a low grumble - slower, almost a 'rocks grinding' sound.
Game States Gamestart This happens at the start of a new game "I'm back... and there's Archive, restored! Still, that won't last if I don't stop the Vek." "There it is - the island chain being hit by the Vek invasion. Sensors confirm R.S.T. is holding the line. For now." "[ Att: Pinnacle CEO: Zenith. This is #self_reverse, from compromised timeline. My databank holds records critical to human and robot survival ]" "There's Detritus, before the catastrophe. Maybe we can apply my combat data to ridding these islands of the Vek contamination." "These corporate islands are the Vek's breeding ground. Wipe them out here, we save the world.",

"No way in hell I'm letting the Vek take the islands this time.", "This timeline'll be a Vek graveyard.", "We'll hold this timeline, no matter what.",

"I was given another chance to save the world - it all depends on these islands. I can do this!" "I am not here to save you. I am here to train you to save yourselves.",

"Without determination and strength, these islands will fall again. Stand with me or stay out of my way.", "I am here to do what must be done. No more timelines must fall."

"Our strategy remains the same: defend these islands. However, I wonder... is anything different in this timeline?",

"I wonder... were any significant technological divergences in this timeline? I suppose we'll see in the battles ahead!", "I'm back - almost as if nothing happened. How long can this cycle continue?", "I wonder... are these breaches causing any damage to the timeline? The tachyon emissions alone...", "I wonder... who first invented the breach technology? And why was it used here, on these islands?"

"Detecting high concentrations of carnivorous insects infesting all corporate islands. Activating Vekticide protocols.",

"Vek parasites have infested the environmental preserves on the islands. I shall rectify this.", "These islands are my gardens. As I tend the gardens, Vek remains shall nourish the soil.", "These island biomes are threatened by Vek. I shall see to it their remains feed the soil.",

"Here we go! Another chance to save the world!",

"Hello...? Did I make it? Oh... picking up signals from the islands now. Hello, out there!", "Islands! This is #self_full... I know this may seem strange, but I know you all already, and it's great to see you again!"

"Let me know you need from me, commander. I can help organize the islands into a fighting force against the Vek, just say the word.",

"We don't have much time. Every second the islands waste debating the threat, the Vek gain more ground.", "Commander, it's good to see you again... you may not remember me, but... I'm here to do whatever I can against the Vek."

"Good citizens of the islands - no need to be afraid! I, #self_full have come to destroy the Vek!",

"People of the islands, I am here - from the future! I have come in your hour of need to... anyone? Is this thing on?", "Another timeline, another opportunity for #self_full to shine!", "People, people, please - first, I save all of you, THEN it's time for autographs."

"All right, listen up. Our primary objective is to hold these islands. We do that, we might just have a chance at winning this war.",

"Have to learn from the mistakes I made in the last timeline... if so, then maybe R.S.T. will survive.", "There's R.S.T., and it looks like my foster mother is alive in this timeline... but there's no trace of me. I wonder if Kern ever knew me?", "First order of business. We need to roll out Mech production and prioritize weapons manufacturing... what are you all standing around for? Move!", "Attention, all islands - we don't have much time. I need pilots for the war ahead - either volunteers or conscripts, it doesn't matter to me."

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. I am here because your timeline requires extensive repairs. Exterminating the Vek is a necessary first step.",

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. There are many like me, but I am unique. I am here as your ally. Without me, you will go extinct.", "All sentient systems, I am #self_reverse. You are threatened. We will act together to end this threat.",

"S-s-so many deaths, and I'm b-b-back as if nothing happened... w-w-will there ever be an end to this?",

"S-s-same islands as before - and the s-s-same war. Isn't it madness to keep r-r-repeating one's actions?", "P-P-Pardon my stutter, it's a side effect of my research. W-would it be possible to reserve some lab s-s-space?", "B-B-Back again... is it p-p-possible we're perpetuating this war? Even creating n-n-new timelines?",

"The Vek are conducting unauthorized mining in this archipelago. I am here to stop their efforts.",

"I was designed for the purpose of locating the central Vek hive. But I do not detect one on any of these islands."

"Pinnacle is regulated to a single island in this timeline. Current overseer: Zenith… a THIRD-generation intelligence? How archaic.",

"No wonder this timeline is in danger. Humans are running around everywhere, completely off their designated preserves.", "No sign of the Pinnacle Island Network... why, it looks as if Pinnacle has restricted itself to a single island. Why have they not taken control?", "There is evidence of a robotic uprising on Pinnacle. Cause unknown, merits further investigation."

"JJK! K't'ch'ch; Vk; #main_reverse! Kc'chht! KC'CHHT!" "/ ::--::..::--:: \" ":: RhnnN-kk-K-K-k-nnn. Nnn-hrn. HnNnH. ::" -- --
FTL_Found Happens on the island screen after finding the FTL pilot in a pod. "Uh... that Pod... ship... whatever it is... has an occupant. Can't make out what it's saying, but it seems... friendly?" "There's... something inside the Pod, commander. It's communicating, but what, I don't know." "[ Alien craft contains extraterrestrial occupant and language of unknown construction ]" "Craft has a pilot, but I can't decode what it's saying." "Who... or what this thing is, my systems can't translate what it's saying." "I... think it's an extraterrestrial, but I can't seem to translate its language." "The land this pilot comes from is unknown, but not of earth." "Why... I believe it's an extraterrestrial! Having trouble with its language, however." "The pilot is unaware of the damage done to the soil by their landing, but their actions seem allied with ours." "It's an alien! Let's make it feel at home! Er, whatever home's like for them, I guess?" "Looks like our new friend came from space... can't make heads or tails of what it's saying, though." "Whoever... or whatever this thing is, it's speaking gibberish." "Whatever this pilot is, my systems can't translate what it's saying, commander." "The pilot's craft bears no tachyon emissions. Its language is unknown to my circuits." "I... th-th-think the craft and pilot are alien! C-can't seem to t-t-translate its language, though." "The pilot's craft bears no tachyon emissions. Its language is unknown to my circuits." "The pilot's craft bears no tachyon emissions. It... may even be more advanced than I am." ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-k-nnn-hrn? ::"
FTL_Start Happens after you start a new game with an FTL pilot. Only needed for Recruits "Why would the future send us an alien that can't communicate with us?" "I think it's trying to communicate, commander... at least it seems like it wants to help." "[ Extraterrestrial time traveler is speaking a language of unknown construction ]" "It appears this alien time traveler is going to lead the charge against the Vek."
* Gamestart_PostVictory Start of new game after winning "So... attention, islands, I'm #self_full, and I've fought the Vek before - and won. I'm here to do it again!",

"Archive... R.S.T.... they're all there! But so's the Vek... but I beat them before, I can do it again!"

"Commander? Commander, is that you? Oh, thank god. I was worried I'd get some Archive rookie. So... uh... I'm here about your Vek problem.",

"Commander, this is Pilot #self_full, and I've come from a timeline where we defeated the Vek. Can we talk?"

"[ Att: Pinnacle CEO: Zenith. This is #self_reverse, from a salvaged timeline. My databank holds records critical to victory over the Vek ]" "Time to rid these islands of the Vek contamination all over again.",

"I wonder if the Vek clean-up will be any easier the second time around...", "Attention, islands. This is #self_full, am transmitting data on beating the Vek to your systems now. We have a war to win... again."

"We beat the Vek before, we can do it again. And every timeline we save, we can send more pilots to other timelines." "Time to save the world again!",

"I saved the world once, I can do it again.", "I hope the other Pilots got to their own timelines safely...",

"The future repeats. And if so, victory is assured." "Do... sorry, getting ahead of myself, but... can we beat the Vek without going to the volcano this time? I don't like that part.",

"Well, looks like we have another Vek situation here... time to roll up the sleeves and get my hands dirty.", "I do hope I get to meet Dr. Renfield in this timeline and say what a success his bomb was in the last timeline!", "I hope this timeline found a way to mount a Renfield bomb on a missile and save us from having to do volcano island duty."

"I shall tend to these island gardens as before until the Vek are no more.",

"The remains of the Vek shall once again enrich the soul with their nutrients.", "The moment of my awakening in my origin timeline was there, on Archive. Its gardens need me again.", "Though forged on Detritus, Archive is my home. I will tend to it across every timeline, as before.", "I shall tend to this new timeline as I did the last. Perhaps when it is over, I may return to Archive's preserves and fight no more."

"It's the islands again... but no volcanic one, good! Hello, islands? It's #self_full, here to help!",

"Islands, hello - this is #self_full, and I've got good news - the Vek can be beaten, and I'll show you how!"

"Can't let the last victory get to my head. We could lose it all again in a heartbeat.",

"Let's see if what I learned beating the Vek last time can be used to help these islands as well."

"Time to save the world again! This time with a little more style than the LAST timeline, that's for sure.",

"Still riding high from defeating the Vek... I wish everyone in this timeline had seen me pull that off!", "I saved the world before, I can do it again, no problem! <Cracks knuckles> So which island wants to be first?",

"A second timeline... and another chance to save it like we did before. I can do this. WE can do this.",

"Commander, I am Officer #self_full. I'm here from a previous timeline where we defeated the Vek. I'm here to help.", "Commander... it's... it's good to hear your voice again. I am Officer #self_full, and I come from a timeline where we beat the Vek. I can show you how."

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. I have repaired a previous timeline's Vek damage. I will now do the same to yours.",

"Islands, this is #self_reverse. I am from a timeline where the Vek population was violently extracted. I will now do the same to yours.", "Islands, this is #self_reverse. I have saved a similar timeline from the Vek. Together, we will expunge the Vek from this one as well.", "I am #self_reverse. I have come to this timeline to forcibly eradicate your Vek hives. Please send your leader to me for further instructions.", "Islands, I am #self_reverse. I once served as an Archive robot, one of many. Now I am a soldier, and I fight to save your timeline."

"I...Why, I'm speaking normally. Is this the result of the last breach? Or the fact we won?",

"Pardon my stutter... wait. My voice, it's normal. Um... ahem. Can I speak to someone in charge?", "I... I hope to one day travel to a timeline already freed of the Vek. It seems it is not this time.", "M-my stutter... it faded for a bit. I wonder why? Was it the because we defeated the Vek in the last timeline?", "Islands... Pinnacle, R.S.T.... Archive... this is #self_full, Doctor #self_full. I... I can help you against the Vek.", "Island citizens... I come from a timeline where the Vek were beaten - and carry research concerning the breach.", "I hope the tachyon emissions from the Renfield bomb didn't carry Vek residue into other timelines. If it did..."

"The volcanic island has not yet surfaced in this timeline. We must provoke the Vek until it emerges.",

"Preparing Vek countermeasures used in previous timeline to increase probability of victory.", "Sensors detect no volcanic eruptions on or near the islands. We must provoke the Vek hive into emerging."

"No sign of the Pinnacle Island Network here, either. Contacting island communications now and uploading Vek victory data.",

"Thought after the last victory, I might arrive somewhere more advanced."

"JJK! Tch'K't'ch'ch; Vk; #main_reverse! #main_reverse! #main_reverse!" "/// ::--::-::--:: \\\" ":: RhnnN-kk-K-K-k-Hnh. HnNnH. HNH. ::"
Death_Revived If this unit is dead, but gets repaired "Status: Functional",

"Status: Reactivated"

"Nnnh... systems are back online?",

"Thought I was a goner.",

"I'm back. CEO Kern didn't give me permission to die.",

"#self_second here, commander, back in the fight."

"[ Att: Commander. Reporting successful reactivation following a system failure ]" "I just need to run some safety checks, and I'm back in the fight." "Nnnh... #self_second, reporting in.",

"My #self_mech took some hits, but we're back for more."

"I... I'm back. Just need a moment to get my bearings." "I have returned, and I am ready." "How... how long was I out?",

"System diagnostic: clear. Self-diagnostic: ...a little woozy."

"My hibernation cycle has been interrupted.",

"Have I been recycled?", "My life cycle has been rebooted.", "I awaken... again. Does the Vek infestation remain?",

"What... what happened? Did I get knocked out?",

"Ooooh... my head is killing me!", "For the record - these things need airbags.",

"Got my second wind!",

"I'm back on my feet!"

"Did... did I get knocked out? What happened?",

"...I hope the cameras were off when I got disabled.", "Annnnd I'm back!", "Time for some payback!"

"Nnh... #self_second, reporting for duty.",

"Time for round two."

"#self_full un-decommissioned.",

"Hull restored. #self_reverse resuming work.", "Do not recommission order countermanded by Archive combat directives."

"What... wh-what happened?",

"D-Did... did I die?", "Was I resuscitated... or w-w-was this a temporal reset?"


"Sensors online.", "Commencing self-diagnostic.",

"Power... restored. Why, how embarrassing. Was I out long?" "K'cchhtt…? K'ccht?",

"K'tch! #main_reverse!"

"// ::--:: \\" ":: Rhnn-kk-k-n? …Hnh? HNH. ::"
Death_Main If this unit dies. "Damage Report: Critical", "Mech's failing! I can't-",

"Taking too many hits!", "Mech's not responding!"

"This is it for me.",

"It was an honor to serve, commander.",

"[ Att: Zenith. #self_reverse, transmitting designation no. and Timeline of Death to Pinnacle archives ]" "Transmitting... last... combat metrics now.",

"Tell CEO Singh I did my best.", "Let my family in this timeline know I went out fighting."

"This is it for me...",

"Don't forget what I taught you...", "Knew this timeline would be my last...", "See you on the other side..."


"My Mech's failing, I-", "Mom, I'm coming to join you now.",

"A fitting way to die.",

"A fine death.", "No regrets."

"If you find me in a parallel universe... give him... my research notes...",

"I hoped to fix this timeline...",

"Beginning hibernation cycle.",

"Hibernation cycle commencing.", "Entering self-reflective mode.", "All systems have completed their life cycles.", "A request: Do not bury me on Detritus.", "Recycle my components so other Mechs may continue the fight.", "Bury my components by my orchard on Archive."

"Was fun while it lasted...",

"Gave it my best shot..."

"Carry on... without me...",

"Systems are in the red! I'm- <*Krhshhh*>"

"No way... I'm not supposed to die...",

"Lucky... shot...", "Not... fair...", "Didn't... see it coming...", "At least... I went out fighting..."

"So... this is how I die...",

"This is #self_second, signing off.", "...Tell Kern I fought to the end.", "This is it for me - the rest of you, keep fighting!"

"Systems surrendering on multiple fronts. Attempting system morale reboot.",

"Primary systems have mutinied. I repeat, systems have m...", "#self_mech has failed to protect primary occupant. Formal reprimand submitted.", "Primary systems report they have not gone gently into the dark night.", "Processors have failed in their primary objectives. Executing traitorous circuits now.", "Reporting dereliction of duty in multiple critical systems. Collapse imminent.",


"No, n-n-not... aigghhh!", "Not now! N-not n-!"

"Deactivating systems.",

"Sensor failure reported.".

"Losing... power. Systems faili...." "Kc'ch'TA?! VK?! K'TCH-hk-hck…!" "\\ *:..:: //" ":: …Nn-h-H-hrrrr… ::" -- --
Death_Response If another unit dies.

Use #main to say the dying unit's name.

"Pilot #main_second: Deceased\nTactical Efficiency: Compromised" "Mech down!",

"#main_second's down!"

"We will not forget you.",

"We will avenge you."

"[ Pilot #main_second has suffered system failure ]" "Detritus will see to it your sacrifice is not forgotten." "Dammit. We can't give in now!",

"They'll pay for this!", "#main_second!", "I'll make them pay for that.", "This damn war..."

"No! #main_first...not like this...",

"#main_first!", "Gone... but not forgotten."


"The price of being in harm's way."

"Another timeline, another death...", "My gardening tasks increase as my allies fall.",

"May your remains feed the soil - and your Mech oxidize in the air.", "It is not death, #main_full, you are being recycled.",

"No no no... This wasn't supposed to happen!" "Dammit! I'm not losing anyone else!",

"Another brave soldier...", "One more life the Vek will answer for."

"If only #main_first had listened to me, they wouldn't have died!",

"Dammit, #main_first! I ordered you not to die!", "I'll avenge you, #main_first!", "That's one more the Vek'll answer for!"

"Pilot down! I want no more mistakes!",

"Everyone, focus! We can't lose anyone else!", "We lost #main_second! Dammit!",

"No artificial pilot reported inside #main_mech. Loss to #squad: minimal.",

"Pilot's parts have failed in their primary mission to protect their host.", "#main_mech's parts have failed in their primary mission to protect their host.", "#main_mech has been deemed unfit for active duty.", "#main_mech has failed to protect its host. Requesting Mech be disciplined.", "#main_mech has failed to protect its host. Requesting Mech be court-martialed and disassembled."

"#main_full! N-N-Not you, too...",

"#main_full, you will be remembered.", "When w-w-will all this fighting end?", "This w-w-war is madness.", "My god... the Mech isn't moving. And no life s-s-signs from the cockpit.", "D-Did #main_full have any f-f-family? In this timeline, I m-m-mean."

"Scanning fallen #main_mech for useful resources.",

"Unauthorized demolition of #main_mech detected."

"#main_full has ceased operating.",

"#main_full's life signs have ceased.", "Why are humans so fragile?", "Regrettable. I hardly knew the human, but it seemed an adequate specimen."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\\\ *:**........|" ":: …nnnN-N-N-nhr... ::" "It's hard to lose a soldier, but focus on the mission!",

"Another brave pilot lost to these monsters..."

"Another life the Vek will answer for.",

"We will make the Vek pay for your pilot's sacrifice."

"No longer reading life signs for Pilot #main_second. Your loss is felt by all.",

"Another life lost to the Vek."

"We mourn your pilot's loss, commander.",

"No sacrifice shall be in vain.", "Pilot #main_second will not be forgotten."

Death_Response_AI If another Mech dies but it doesn't have a pilot to die. "#main_mech: Destroyed\nTactical Efficiency: Compromised" "Hate seeing good tech get destroyed...",

"I was just starting to like the A.I. on that Mech, too."

"That Mech and its pilot are scrap metal - keep fighting!" "[ Att: Zenith. Transmitting #main_reverse designation no. and Timeline of Death to Pinnacle archives ]" "It's beyond repair; Detritus will see that it's disposed of safely.",

"It's not a complete loss - Detritus can still salvage the wreckage.",

"We needed that Mech, but at least it's not manned - keep fighting!",

"We can't lose any more Mechs!"

"Our #main_mech's been destroyed!", "Do not let it distract you." "Waste of perfectly good machinery...",

"Repairing that #main_mech won't be easy..."

"I shall ensure your shell and components are recycled into a new Mech.",

"Your components shall gain life in a new Mech.", "The Mech is but a shell, your components shall live on."

"No! That #main_mech's wrecked!",

"We lost our #main_mech!"

"We needed that Mech, unmanned or not.",

"Can't afford to lose any more Mechs!"

"Well, that's what happens when you let machines drive Mechs. No offense.",

"Hmph. Should have given it a human pilot."

"Got a Mech down!",

"#main_mech's down!", "#main_mech's out of commission!"

"#main_mech is now ready for next shift pilot.",

"#main_mech designation number logged for next qualified pilot.", "#main_mech is now acting as an obstruction to combat pathing.", "Request submitted to clear #main_mech obstruction from hazardous work zone.",

"At l-l-least it didn't have a human pilot... s-sorry, that was rude of me.",

"That... c-c-could have been me.", "The next one that falls c-c-could be me.", "I... c-c-could be next."

"Scanning fallen #main_mech for useful resources.",

"Unauthorized demolition of #main_mech detected."

"The Mech has been disabled.",

"That intelligence has such potential...", "That A.I. sacrificed itself protecting the human citizenry, as its programming dictated."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "| :....: |" ":: …nnnn-n-nhr... ::" "I... I think we can salvage that Mech, but the A.I. unit's beyond repair." "No matter how many machines the Vek destroy, we will find a way to make more. We must.",

"That Mech is now useless.", "The loss of that Mech is why mechanized pilots can never compare to human pilots."

"Even with its limited sentience, that A.I. unit would have been worth preserving",

"That limited A.I. was both an asset and a unique life. It will be missed.",

"We should be able to repair your Mech after the battle, commander. The A.I. unit, however, will need to be replaced."
* TimeTravel_Win Last thing pilot says before time traveling after a victory. "Update: Data drives ready for temporal breach" "Well #squad... see you all on the other side!",

"Looks like this is where we go our separate ways. Take care, all."

"Time to redeploy to other timelines.",

"Old soldiers never die... they just jump to other timelines.", "It's been an honor serving the #squad, commander."

"[ Initiating breach farewell protocol ]\n[ All Pinnacle thanks you, #squad ]", "Now it's time to clean up a few more timelines...",

"This is where we part, #squad. And wherever you end up, say hello to me for me."

"I... we... won. Maybe now we can turn the tide of the war everywhere.",

"Come on #squad... we've got other timelines to save.",

"Farewell, #squad... I won't forget you.", "Our war is not yet won. Keep traveling. Keep fighting." "It looks like I'm off again... new timelines, new discoveries!" "The Vek have been uprooted from this timeline. Now the islands may thrive.",

"Vekticide complete. It is time for each of us to continue our cycle elsewhere.", "Vekticide complete. The islands are preserved, and balance restored."

"Is this it? But... we'll see each other again? Maybe?",

"Nothing to be sad about... snff... better to leave on a high note, right?", "We beat the Vek! And that means we can do it again and save another timeline!",

"It's been an honor, #squad. In this timeline, and every timeline.",

"It's been a pleasure, team. If I see your counterparts, I'll give your regards.", "Not one for goodbyes... so I'll see you when I see you, all right?"

"Look, uh... I don't want to get misty-eyed or anything, but... well, I had a lot of fun.",

"Until next time? Don't forget me. Or what we did today.", "Tell them to build a monument for me. I'll be back one day to check on it."

"It's... been an honor, commander, serving you and the #squad.",

"May we meet again when every timeline has been saved.", "No goodbyes. Other timelines need us."

"Reconstruction of new temporal zone imminent. It has been efficient to have repaired this timeline with you, #squad.",

"Our work continues. There are multiple timelines in need of repairs. The #squad had proven ourselves capable of the task.", "This temporal breach has been repaired within acceptable parameters. Other timelines are in need of our on-the-job skills."

"I... I wish you all luck, both you who remain in this timeline... and any who continue traveling.",

"I... I suppose H.G. Wells is smiling at me now.", "I... I will carry what I learned to the next timeline.", "Why... my stutter seems to have gone. Now why would th-"

"Temporal excavation initiated. Re-engaging Vek in alternate timeline with new combat data." "My work here is at an end, yet the journey continues.",

"I depart in search of another timeline as advanced as my original one."

"Jjk? …Ckt'ch'kht?!" "// ..--::--:: \\" ":: Rhnnn-kk-n. Nnnh. …NnH… ::" "Thank you, #squad... you saved us. You have our gratitude.",

"I shall see to it Archive Inc. never forgets this historic day. Thank you, #squad."

"My trust in you was not misplaced. You were tested, and you prevailed." "Farewell, #squad. You have saved us. Now see if you can save others.",

"Farewell, #squad. We owe you a debt we may never be able to repay. I wish you safe journeys."

Gameover_Start Right when you lose "Status: Power Grid collapsing\nVek: Unstoppable" "The Grid is collapsing! The island's lost!" "The Power Grid has failed.",

"The battle's over. This war's lost."

"[ Att: Commander. Current timeline has suffered a catastrophic system failure ]", "Grid engineers report a complete system failure.",

"Power levels are at zero."

"I hoped we could do it this time.",

"Power Grid collapsing! Dammit!", "Grid's going down!", "Reading power failures - Grid's collapsing!", "Systems are losing power, Grid's going off-line!", "How many more timelines must fall before we drive them back?"

"My Mech... It's not responding!" "Commander... what-" "The Grid is down. It's over.",

"We have failed to protect the Grid... and this world."

"The... <warning> the... <emergency> the Grid that nourishes us is no more.",

"The Grid has perished. Shortly, the islands will be no more.", "This island garden is lost. It belongs to the Vek parasites now.", "Vekticide has failed. Humanity are the parasites now.", "Our gardening has failed. Humanity's remains shall nourish the Vek."

"My controls are locked! What do we do?!",

"My Mech's out of power! Grid's offline!"

"Grid's collapsing... the Vek have won. Again." "This can't be happening! I did everything perfectly!",

"What the hell? My technique was flawless!", "Dammit! Stupid Grid!"

"Power Grid's down. Reports of Vek swarming the islands... looks like we have no choice...",

"Grid's failed! Island's being overrun!", "It's just like my first timeline...I'm sorry, mother... your adopted daughter's failed you."

"Power Grid offline. Vek threat increasing. Advise immediate retreat.",

"The Power Grid has surrendered, its circuits in full retreat. We must do the same.", "I report the Power Grid has been lost in battle.", "The Power Grid is beyond repair. Advise halting temporal reconstruction of current timeline."

"Power Grid's d-d-down. We've f-failed... again...",

"The P-P-Power Grid - it's c-c-collapsed!", "The Grid's f-f-failed... we... we've just lost, haven't we?"

"Power Grid failure detected." "Well, there goes the Grid. And the planet. No more sentients, no more humans." "Tch'K't'ch'ch! Vk! #main_reverse!" "\\\ *:*..:. ///" ":: Rhnnn-K-K-K-N? Nnn-HRN! ::" "Power Grid shutting down! The Vek are overrunning the island!" "The Power Grid has collapsed! We've failed!",

"You've failed to protect the Grid! R.S.T.... all the islands... we're finished!", "The Grid has collapsed! The Vek are swarming the island!"

"The Grid is depleted. All sentient life will be extinguished from this timeline.",

"The Grid has suffered irreparable damage. Can't m@inta3... <shutting down>"

"The Grid is collapsing!",

"Grid has failed! That... that's it for Detritus. For everyone.", "We fought so hard... if only... but we did what we could."

Gameover_Response Response to above "Humanity: Destroyed\nInitiate: Time breach" "Here goes... jumping to another timeline." "This isn't the end. Initiating temporal breach protocols." "[ Att: Commander: Initiating temporal breach protocols ]", "We need to follow failure protocols - initiate the breach." "We have to open a breach now!",

"Activate the temporal breach!", "We've lost - but only in this timeline. Opening a breach now!", "Not again! Preparing breach to another timeline!"

"We... we can try again. Next time - we'll succeed." "It is time for us to leave.",

"This world is finished.", "There is nothing left for us here."

"This world is finished. Time to depart.",

"At least we are armed with more knowledge for the next timeline. Activate the temporal breach."

"Initiating a temporal breach. Let the cycle of life and death continue.",

"Breach initializing... farewell again, my Archive home.", "Another timeline is in need of Vekticide protocols. Initiating breach.",

"We'll just have to try again! Breach activating... now!",

"Initiating breach... another timeline, here we come, ready or not!"

"Initiating temporal breach. The next timeline awaits." "Nothing else to do but go back. No way I'll fail again!",

"Dammit! I liked this timeline!", "Just great. All right - executing time breach."

"Activate the breach! We'll have to try again!",

"We need to evac! Activating breach now!", "Initiating breach protocols on my mark - now!"

"Activating time travel emergency measures.",

"Timeline is now a Vek hazard zone. New timeline work order being processed.", "Construction efforts have failed. Activating temporal end-of-shift signal.", "Temporal reconstruction halted. Authorizing new work order in new timeline.",

"We d-d-did all we could... prepare for t-t-temporal breach.",

"I h-had thought this time... this timeline would be different. T-t-time to leave.", "I h-had thought we could win here... initiating b-breach p-protocols."

"Temporal excavation initiated. Re-engaging Vek in alternate timeline." "Shall we open a breach and try again?",

"Shall we open a breach? Not really a question, I suppose."

"Kc'ch'TA?! Jjk! K'tch!" "\\..:.:: //" ":: …NNnn-hr… …nnn-hrn… ::" "If you truly can go back in time - do it now." "The Vek are erupting across the islands... if you can get to safety, do so.",

"If you are time travelers, then prove it. There is nothing more here.", "It is over. Escape if you can... I will die here, with my people."

"Go now. If other timelines can be saved then you must do so.",

"Other timelines need you. Go while you can.", "Lives can be saved in other timelines, go help them now.",

"Go, my friends. Save yourselves.",
UI Barks Upgrade_PowerWeapon Turn on a new weapon. "Interfacing: New equipment detected",

"Interfacing: Accessing new schematics"

"Works like a charm.",

"When can I test it out?", "New weapon powering up!"

"Locked and loaded.",

"Weapon checks out, commander.", "...Now for some targets."

"[ Upgrade online ]",

"[ Upgrade complete ]", "[ Ordnance activated ]",

"Checking the safety on the weapon now.",

"Beginning system diagnostics.", "Weapon secure. Initializing now.", "Never saw something this advanced at Detritus.", "Is this safe?", "Has engineering run the proper checks on this?"

"This'll give me an edge.",

"...Have I used this in another timeline?", "...Hope they worked out the kinks with this in this timeline.", "Best use this now, I can't take it with me on the next jump.", "If only I could take this with me when I open another breach..."

"Thanks! I'll test it now!",

"Works like a charm!", "...Is it supposed to glow like that?", "Seems to have worked. Performing diagnostics now.", "I almost feel sorry for any Vek hit by this. Almost."

"This will serve.",


"Interesting. Its power capacitors can interface with nearly any hardware without any modifications...",

"Readouts are green. Could use some tweaking, of course, but I'll leave that for my lab.", "Well, would you look at that. Clicks right into place!", "Just as predicted! Works like a charm."

"Is this a new gardening tool?",

"This will enhance my Vekticide efforts.", "I am to balance the island ecology with this?", "I do not recognize this harvester configuration."

"Oooooh - I can't wait to try this out!",

"Listen to it hum!", "Ooh - I just got goosebumps.", "How soon can I try this out? Now? No? How about now?"

"This'll give us an edge.",

"The Vek won't know what hit them.", "Primed.", "Armed and ready.", "This should get the job done.",

"Perfect. I know just how to use this... but, uh, show me anyway.",

"Can't wait for the Vek to get a taste of this. It is a weapon, right?", "Now we're playing with fire. I think. What is this again?",

"Just give me my rifle and I'll be happy.",

"...If you think this is necessary, commander.", "This thing's bigger than I am.", "Weapon primed, commander.", "Weapon checks out, commander."

"Hardware install acknowledged. Accessing schematics and operation instructions.",

"Performing roll call of new systems. Systems, sound off.", "Beginning rigorous component training. Components, at attention!", "To new device: Your training begins now.", "To new device: I expect nothing less than 100% performance.", "To new device: I am #self_full. But you will address me as 'sir'."

"W-wait... how do you work this thing again?",

"What d-d-does this d-do now?", "I'm n-not entirely c-comfortable with this.", "My s-strengths lie in the lab, not live w-w-weapon tests.",

"Hardware installed",

"New excavation tools acquired.", "Excavation equipment altered.",

"There. All switched on!",

"Accessing the new device specifications now.", "Well, this is certainly... destructive.", "I do hope we can disarm these as easily as upgrade them... for the human's sake.", "This device raises some potential ethical quandaries."

"Kch'kch'kch…" "/ ::--:: \" ":: Rhnn-kk-k-n? …Hnh. Hnh! ::" -- --
Upgrade_NoWeapon If you have no weapon powered. This plays every time you remove all weapons from the Pilot. "Error: No weapon detected",

"Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal", "Warning: Weapon systems offline"

"Um, requesting ordnance, commander. Can't fight without it.",

"Am I getting a replacement?", "Um, I signed up partly to test weapons...", "Am I getting an upgrade?"

"Need ordnance before deployment, commander.",

"I'm not combat-ready, commander. I need a weapon.", "Need some firepower first."

"[ Unit has been disarmed ]",

"[ Unit has entered stand-by mode ]", "[ Unit has entered pacifist mode ]"

"Will I be getting a replacement?",

"Are we expecting support in the field?", "If you're taking my weapon, please make sure it's stored safely.", "Have I been reassigned to relief efforts?"

"I can't go into battle unarmed. Commander.",

"Need a weapon before going into battle.", "I'm not going to fight the Vek empty-handed.", "Give me another weapon, and I'm ready."

"Uh, Commander? I'm sorry, but I can't fight without a weapon...",

"Happy to give visual support, but I'd feel better with a weapon.", "Can you give me something from the science division to replace that?", "If you're giving out new equipment, anything non-lethal is fine.", "Unless I've been assigned to simulation training, I'll need actual armaments."

"...Is this a test?",

"This Mech is for battle. It must be armed.", "I am not such a fool as to enter battle unarmed."

"It would be... unproductive... to enter battle without any devices to test.",

"I'd like to be more than just a decoy. Some armaments, perhaps?", "Are you taking that away to upgrade it? Can I watch?", "Am I being reassigned to field observer? Do I get a new Mech?"

"Am I to return to my orchard on Archive?",

"I may be of more use with gardening weaponry.", "I shall need a device for continuing Vekticide efforts.", "Accelerating the Vek cycle of life and death is impeded by a lack of weaponry."

"Wait! I need a weapon!",

"Wait, I can't take my #self_mech into battle without a weapon!", "My little #self_mech doesn't have anything to kill the Vek with.", "No! I promise I won't play around with it anymore!",

"I need a weapon before we engage the Vek.",

"Switching armaments?", "Have something else I can use?", "Either give me something new, or give that back.",

"I'll need a weapon other than my winning smile.",

"Unless you want me to just wave at the Vek, I need a gun.", "Has my real weapon not arrived from the armory yet?"

"Do you expect me to use my fists? ...Commander.",

"I hope you're planning to give that back.", "I'll need that back - or something stronger.", "Are you relieving me of duty?", "Surely you trust me with a weapon by now."

"Critical warning. This unit is lacking weaponry.",

"Is unit returning to construction duties?", "Has my device been court-martialed?", "Was the device derelict in its duty?", "Attention, commander. My weapon has gone AWOL."

"Am I... am I b-being removed from th-the fighting?",

"If I h-have to go into battle, I'll need... well, s-s-something.", "Has m-my request for lab d-duty been approved?", "Has my t-t-transfer to the science division b-been approved, then?", "Does this m-m-mean I've been reassigned to lab work?"

"Error in mining array. Excavation tool not found.",

"Excavation equipment offline."

"Did the commander grant you permission you to touch my person?",

"I did not authorize my own disarmament.", "In my timeline, humans are not allowed to carry weapons, let alone disarm robots.", "I am not accustomed to being disarmed by a human.", "I shall require a device to counteract the Vek.", "Can you please clean that before you return it to me, commander? Thanks."

"Kc'ch'ta?! Jjk?! K'TCH!" "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn-hrn? ::" -- --
Upgrade_PowerGeneric Diverting reactor power to either Health or Move (basic Mech stats, not a weapon). "Calibrating: Optimizing power levels",

"Update: Power distribution complete", "Status: Mech optimized"

"Reactor checks out.",

"Installation successful.", "Would you look at that!", "Humming right along."

"Power readouts are lighting up now.",

"Reactor core checks out, commander.", "Reactor upgrade complete, commander.", "Ready to divert power to Mech's systems, commander."

"[ #self_mech upgrade complete ]",

"[ #self_mech's power diverted to new systems ]",

"Reactor power has been diverted... running safety checks now.",

"Reactor safety is within acceptable limits.", "Internal diagnostics are in the green.", "Sure glad it didn't decide to blow a gasket.", "Should we conserve power for safety protocols?"

"That should help.",

"That should even the odds.", "Just the edge this Mech needs.", "...Reactor makes my hair stand on end.", "Mech upgrades complete.", "This should help me compete with the Vek toe-to-toe."

"I'll put this to good use!",

"I wonder how much my Mech can be upgraded...", "Can't wait to field test this!", "This technology is amazing!", "Now my #self_mech's good to go!"

"...What are you doing to my Mech?",

"A blade must be sharpened, but not enough so it will break.", "Unnecessary, but I will accept it."

"These Mechs' ability to upgrade power without overheating is remarkable...",

"I wonder... what timeline did this reactor core technology come from?", "The cores seem essential to our munitions.", "Passed the initial safety checks. There's slight irregularities... but really, only I could tell that."

"My Mech and I grow as one.",

"As it feeds, my Mech grows strong.", "My Mech is nourished.", "The reactor nourishes my Mech's systems.", "This reactor shall ensure my Mech grows tall and strong.", "In the reactor's light, my Mech flourishes."

"More power!",

"Nice! And thanks!", "Aw, this is just what my little baby needed, didn't you? Didn't youuuu?", "Aw, this is just what my little #self_mech needed, didn't you? Didn't youuuu?",

"Reactor core installed - all systems green.",

"This Mech's primed and ready to go.", "Power diverted to Mech systems."

"You've made the right choice.",

"Awww yeah... listen to that Mech purr.", "Listen to that reactor hum! But louder than before!", "Hey, are these things radioactive? Anyone?",


"Reactor power increased.", "Core installed.", "This boost should do the job."

"Reactor install acknowledged.",

"Reactor output optimized.", "Power output has increased. Well done, reactor, you are due for a promotion.", "Reactor now optimized beyond original specs. Let this be a lesson to you other systems."

"I w-wonder if this will even matter.",

"W-W-Will more power really help?", "Do y-you think this will make a difference?"

"Mech upgrades complete.",

"Mech systems upgraded.", "Additional systems online.",

"A primitive battery, but effective.",

"Ah, a touch of civilization.", "So inspiring to see this Mech living up to its potential.", "Ah, approaching civilized technology.", "A step in the right direction for such primitive systems.", "Up the ladder of scientific advances, one core at a time.", "It's a slow climb up the evolutionary ladder, but this Mech will get there!", "Did they finally solve the cascade failure with these reactor cores?"


"Jjk; ckt'ch'kht?"

"/ ::--:: \" ":: …rhnn-kk-k-n…? …Hnh. Hnh! ::" -- --
Mid- Battle MissionStart Generic mission start "Weapons: Online",

"Update: Multiple targets detected"

"Let's turn the Vek into relics!",

"This Mech makes Archive's old-fashioned relics almost prehistoric.", "Time to make some history."

"Vek sighted, commander.",

"Drop successful.", "Pilot #self_second, reporting in.", "Ready to make the #squad proud, commander."

"[ Vek infestation detected ]",

"[ Weapon systems online ]", "[ Hostiles detected ]",

"#main_second reporting in... safety checks complete, weapons online.",

"Let's secure the region, clean and by the numbers.", "All right, #squad, let's make this a clean sweep.", "Let's show these Vek how Detritus takes out the trash.", "It's garbage day... and here the Vek are, right on time.",

"Prioritize protecting the city. Mechs can be repaired... buildings can't.",

"Hit them hard and fast.", "Time to make some Vek corpses.", "Let's clear the area.", "Cut off the Vek escape routes. Then we'll wipe them out, one by one.", "Let's take back what's ours."

"We have to help these people!" "You know what to do.",

"The rest of you, stay out of my way.",

"Another chance to test this machine's capabilities!",

"Let's see how our Mechs perform in this field test!", "Remember, #squad - transmit your Mech's diagnostics to me at the end of this test."

"Vek parasites have infested the region. Activating Vekticide protocols.",

"Vekticide protocols activated.", "Preparing recyclers to convert Vek into nutrients.", "Vek infestation detected in region. This garden must be sterilized.", "Let us use the Vek remains to nourish the soil."

"Here we go!",

"Raring to go!", "WhoooHOOO! Let's do this!", "Let's get this show on the road!",

"Everyone, cover each other and protect the Grid.",

"Remember - if the Grid falls, the battle is over.", "#squad, form on me.", "You know the drill, #squad - clean and by the numbers.", "All right #squad, let's show them what we're made of."

"Everyone, you can relax, I'm here to save you!",

"Let's paint the landscape with these Vek bastards.", "Citizens of #corp, the ass-kicking machine you ordered has arrived.", "Time for some pest control.", "Someone call for an exterminator?", "Leave the biggest Vek for me."

"Enemies sighted. Ready on your mark, commander.",

"#self_mech, standing by.", "Deployment successful. Ready when you are, commander.", "#self_second, reporting in.", "#self_second, ready to engage.", "Deployment successful, all systems go."

"Assessing nearby threats to infrastructure. Deconstruction countermeasures initiated.",

"Temporal reconstruction initiated. Removal of hazardous Vek material commencing.", "#corp infrastructure is at risk. Removing Vek from combat work zone.", "My weapons have reported in. All components are eager to fulfill their purpose.",

"Here we go... th-th-this time I can do this.",

"I'll n-n-never get used to this.", "Deployed... uh, assessing th-threats... acquiring t-t-targets.", "Uh, this is P-P-Pilot #self_full... r-reporting in.", "N-N-Now or never.", "Can't b-b-believe I'm on the front lines... s-surely they c-could have found someone else?"

"Region scanned. Initiating deployment.",

"Scanning region for useful resources.", "Vek excavation commencing."

"Attention, #corp citizens. Please remain in your safety pens until order is restored.",

"Attention, #corp citizens. I am a designated representative of the #squad. We are here to protect you.", "Citizens, please remain in your emergency pens until safety has been restored.", "Attention, all citizens. Please remain in your safety pens until the #squad secure the area."

"K'tch! Vk; #self_reverse!" "/ ::--:: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-k-n? Nnn-hrn. ::" "Hundreds of people are in those buildings, make sure they stay standing!", "Now show me what those Mechs of yours can do.", "Many lives depend on you. Stay safe and help everyone you can.",

"Hundreds of lives are in your hands. Please be careful.",

"We're monitoring you from here. Good luck, #squad.",

"Detritus will monitor you as best we can, commander - #squad, good luck.",

* Mission_ResetTurn Triggers after a turn reset "Update: Localized breach completed" "Nnnh... localized breaches make my head spin.",

"Are we back? Where we should be?", "Are we where we should be? And when we should be?", "Localized breach successful... all systems check out.", "Now for round two!"

"So that's what terraforming time feels like...",

"Was that safe to do?", "Localized breach complete, commander."

"[ Localized breach completed ]",

"[ Loc-Local bre-breach com-complete ]\n[ Recalibrating system echo ]"

"Nnnh... localized breaches make my head feel like it's in two places at once.",

"Ready to try this again?", "We ready to do this again?", "Let's do better this time.", "Everyone learn from last time?"

"Localized breach worked. Let's use it to our advantage.",

"#squad, reporting in. Localized breach successful.", "We've bought a little time, make the most of it!", "Glad that worked. Too bad for the Vek."

"Does... do colors seem sharper to anyone else?",

"Did we just create a new timeline or...", "I heard repeated local breaches can induce s-s-stuttering... oh no.", "Temporal physics used to make my brain hurt. Now they do, literally."

"Let us correct our mistakes.",

"We know our opponent's movements, now let us use it against them.", "No more second chances - make use of the time we have now."

"Fascinating! All right back where it was!",

"Oh, I'm right where I was when... or where I was now... which... never mind.", "I'm relatively certain short breaches were not the intention of the technology...", "These localized breaches merit further study."

"Time has been recycled.",

"#squad have been recycled.", "Let us begin our Vekticide efforts anew.", "Localized breach may cause long-term environmental damage."

"It worked! We didn't blow up time or anything!",

"That. Was. So. COOL.", "All my senses feel... sharper. Colors seem... brighter.", "Annnnd we're back!", "Okay, #self_first, remember - don't do the thing you did before, do a different thing."

"Localized breach successful.",

"Everyone okay? Now focus this time, we don't get another chance."

"Feels like we're stripping time's gears when we do that...",

"Felt like there was two of me for a sec... how awesome would that be!"

"Nnnh... localized breaches make my head hurt.",

"Can't do that again for a while.", "We got a second chance, let's make it count.", "Localized breach successful, commander... er, this may be the first time you've heard this.", "Localized breach successful, commander."

"Chronometers reset. Objectives remain fixed.",

"Localized breach successful. Suggest avoiding any more wear and tear on timeline.",

"Temporal reset... s-s-successful.",

"Recalibrating tachyon anchor... d-d-done.", "Reset c-complete. Please, we need to more careful!", "This isn't what m-my research was meant for...", "We... we need to be c-c-careful with these localized breaches."

"Systems resetting.",

"Updating chronometer."

"Did we go actually just go back in time? Or did we create a divergent timeline?" "K-k-k'ccht…?" "| *:.:-- |" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "...Did you pick up a strange glitch in your sensors just now?" "What was that? Just had a moment of deja vu... like when you first arrived." "My sensors just registered a localized time breach. Was it a malfunction?" "#squad, are you there? Getting strange readings on sensors... are you all right?"
MissionEnd_Dead Generic mission end where enemies are all killed "Update: Mission successful\nObjective: Completed",

"Update: Mission complete\nWeapons: Offline"

"We killed them all! The Vek are dead!",

"We wiped them all out! The region's clear!", "Hope my family on Archive was watching."

"Got them all. #corp will be pleased.",

"Even Kern's got to be smiling now.", "Region's Vek-free, commander.", "Clean sweep. Good job, #squad."

"[ No Vek life signs detected on sensors ]",

"[ The Vek threat in the region has been eradicated ]", "[ Vek population in the region at 0% ]",

"100% success. That's the number CEO Singh likes to see.",

"Not a trace of Vek on biohazard scanners.", "Took out those Vek cleaner than an A.C.I.D. bath.", "A teleporter couldn't have eliminated the Vek better."

"We did it. Their hold here has been weakened.",

"All Vek are destroyed!", "That's all of them!", "A few more like that, this war is won!", "Not a single Vek on sensors - good.", "Only good Vek is a dead Vek.", "Good work, #squad. But the war's not over yet.", "We won this battle, but the war continues."

"We did it! Good job, everyone!",

"Good job, #squad! We took out all the Vek!", "Did we wipe them all out? We did?", "Region secure. Not a single Vek on sensors.",

"These Vek were no match for us. A shame.",

"Thorough.", "The Vek are all dead. The region is secure.", "This battle is ours. The Vek have been slain to the last."

"I didn't collect nearly enough data on the Vek to perform a full analysis." "Vekticide of region complete.",

"Land has been cleared for planting.", "Nature preserve has been preserved.", "Vek garden pests have been eradicated.", "All available Vek nutrients have been distributed into the soil."

"We did it! That was fun!",

"Last one back to the Carrier is a rotten egg!", "That's how it's done! #squad, saving the day!", "Got every last Vek! Let's hear it for the #squad!"

"Clean sweep, let's pack it up.",

"No Vek on sensors. Good job, #squad.", "Clean and by the numbers, #squad. Well done.",

"Is that all you've got? I could do this for days!",

"Is that all the Vek? Really?", "Next time I hope the Vek put up a real fight."

"Vek eliminated, commander.",

"Mission was a success, commander. All Vek have been destroyed.", "All Vek eliminated, commander.",

"Vek hazards eradicated. Components, you have behaved admirably.",

"#main_mech's skill set has successfully removed all Vek from the threatened work zone.", "All Vek hazardous material has been removed from work zone."

"I-I-Is it over? Are there any left...?",

"Did... d-d-did we wipe them out?"

"Enemies destroyed." "The Vek have been sanitized completely.",

"The Vek have been excised from the region.", "The Vek presence has been removed from the region."

"Tch'K't'ch'ch! Vk; #self_reverse!" "// :::::: \\" ":: HnnNH. HNH. ::" "Not a single Vek life sign detected in the region - you've wiped them out!" "Every Vek has been wiped out. Thorough - and impressive.",

"Excellent work. That is all."

"Running a deep scan... no Vek detected.",

"No Vek detected within the region. Well done.", "I am grateful for your help, many lives were saved here.",

"Detritus sensor arrays detect no signs of the Vek.",

"You wiped the Vek from the sector completely! Thank you, commander!"

MissionEnd_Retreat Generic mission end when enemies retreat "Update: Hostiles retreating" "We sent the Vek packing... hope they don't come back.",

"We'll get them all next time. Those fleeing Vek won't get far.",

"Sent the Vek packing, commander.",

"Next time, we can't let the Vek flee - they'll just regroup.", "Vek retreat's not a total victory, but I'll take what I can get."

"[ Vek have been detected leaving the area ]",

"[ The Vek are receding from the conflict zone at maximum speed ]", "[ Vek leaving area. Chance of regrouping and initiating future attack: 78% ]"

"We're still picking up surviving Vek fleeing the area... not ideal, but still a win for us.",

"Hate to leave those fleeing Vek unaccounted for, but we secured the region.", "Looks like we've got the Vek on the run."

"The Vek are retreating. We'll monitor the area, but they'll likely regroup elsewhere.",

"Hate letting any Vek get away, but at least we secured the area.", "The Vek may run, but they won't get far.", "We got the Vek running scared now.", "The Vek won't dare hit this region again... still, we should hunt down the ones that fled."

"They're scattering! We pulled it off!",

"The Vek are retreating... will they regroup?", "The Vek are fleeing to other regions. I hope they don't endanger the civilians there...", "The Vek are scattering! We've secured the region!",

"The Vek flee. Cowards.",

"They flee... but will return."

"Where do the Vek retreat to? And how can they burrow so quickly...?" "Vekticide of region complete. Further gardening of other regions required.",

"Nature preserve has been protected. Further gardening may be required.", "Vek garden pests are relocating to other regions.", "Nutrients of deceased Vek have been distributed into the soil.",

"Hey, where are the Vek running off to? I was having fun!",

"Aw, just when things were getting good, the Vek run away!", "That's it, Vek! Run! And don't come back!", "We showed those Vek who's boss!"

"Don't like letting even one Vek escape... but we did good here today.",

"The Vek are fleeing... but they'll be back.", "We drove them off... I'm worried the survivors will adapt."

"Ha! Run, you Vek cowards!",

"Run back to your hives, you Vek bastards!",

"Vek have been routed, commander.",

"Vek driven off. Ready for evac, commander.", "We've driven the Vek back for now. #squad, proceed to extraction zone."

"Vek hazards have fled the zone. Warning construction crews in other regions.",

"Vek hazards have relocated. Work site integrity maintained.", "Zone has been cleared for additional temporal reconstruction."

"Are... are th-they retreating? Wh-Why... we won!",

"Did... did w-we drive them off?"

"Enemies disengaging." "The Vek have been partially sanitized.",

"The Vek have retreated. Further sanitization will be required later.", "The Vek have vacated the region."

"Tch'K'tch! Vk; #self_reverse!" "/ ::--:: \" ":: HnnNH. ::" "Our scanners are picking up reduced Vek activity. What a relief!",

"You sent them packing! Well done, #squad!, well done!", "You showed those Vek who's boss! Look at them run!"

"Hard to believe, but it appears you drove them off.",

"While I would have preferred you kill all the Vek, the region is secure, and that is enough."

"The Vek retreat gives us hope. Initiating subroutines to track the survivors.",

"I am grateful for your help, many lives were saved here.",

"The Vek - they're disengaging. We have you and the #squad to thank, commander.",

"The Vek are on the run. We'll handle them from here, commander - thank you and your squad.", "The Vek are routed. Our disposal crews can handle them from here. Thank you, commander."

MissionFinal_Start Plays at the start of the final mission "Emergency: Power Grid out of range", "We're here... but not sure what we're supposed to do without access to the Power Grid." "We're here, but we're too far from the Grid... our Mechs won't last long." "[ This unit risks itself by coming to this Vek volcanic hive so that other units might persist ]", "Deployment successful. We're out of Power Grid range, however." "This is it.",

"So close now - can we do it?", "This is the last timeline the Vek take from us.",

"We've come all this way - just a little further!",

"Come on, everyone, we can do this!"

"This is the end.",

"This will determine if this timeline has a future.", "This is for my family. All of them, in every timeline."

"Amazing... the Vek activity must have somehow sparked this eruption.",

"Thermal levels are off the charts - this volcano is active.", "Smoke and ash is interfering with my sensors... there we are, good as new."

"This island is a new biome... created by the Vek?",

"Theory. Perhaps the Vek mean to recycle Old Earth using volcanic activity.", "Diverting all power to Vekticide protocols.", "This land mass appears to be recycling itself."

"It's now or never. Well... I mean, until next timeline, I guess.",

"Anyone else getting warm?", "So this volcanic island is what the Vek call... home? Cheery."

"This is what we trained for. Everyone, form up on me.",

"First, secure the surface, then we'll need to protect the bomb.", "Watch for attacks from below - this place has Vek we've never seen."

"Hope they're still recording me back at the islands... I can't hold this pose forever.",

"We ARE coming back from this, right? Anyone?", "Don't want to get all mushy, but it's been fun, commander. Let's do this.",

"...This is for every timeline they've destroyed.",

"We're here. The central Vek hive.", "Picking up tectonic activity... watch for lava, that volcano's active.", "Mother, I failed to save you in my first timeline... I won't fail you in this one."

"Analyzing temporal reconstruction needed at current location. Calculations expanding exponentially.",

"Am testing morale of base components now. Deserters will be cast into the lava.", "My base components are prepared for disintegration before dishonor.", "This volcano is in violation of Corporate Accord Zoning laws.", "This island violates the Corporate Accords prohibiting island construction without certified safety checks.", "This Vek hive violates construction ordinance 1.i, 2.ii, and aesthetic association rule 13.a.i.",

"I-Is this the end?",

"This island... it... it d-doesn't look safe?", "H-How are we s-supposed to get off this island once we're done?",

"Scanning land mass for useful mineral deposits. Failure to access Power Grid logged.",

"Unauthorized land mass now being surveyed. Power Grid access requested."

"Not getting a Power Grid signal. Without power, the probability of success is 0%.",

"This Vek hive was beneath the ocean floor. What else is buried down there?"

"K'T'CH'CH! Vk; #self_reverse! #self_reverse!" "// ::--:: \\" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-k-nnn-hrn? ::"
MissionFinal_StartResponse Incoming power pylons "Update: Pylons incoming" "Got pylons incoming!" "Picking up the pylon drop on sensors, commander - they're falling fast!" [ Pylon deployment detected ] "Confirming pylon drop on sensors." "Pylon drop incoming." "Picking up the pylons on sensors now." "Prepare to protect the pylons when they land." "Remote power pylons? I could use a few of those myself." "Pylons have begun their descent." "We're getting company? Even if it's just pylons, they should brighten the place up a little.",

"Remote power pylons? Wow, the corporations must really like us..."

"Pylon drop detected... trajectory confirmed.",

"Pylons have been dropped, should hit our location now."

"Good. Without a Grid out here, we'd be running on fumes.",

"Pylons, just in time.", "Pylons are about to join the party... then we can start kicking Vek ass."

"Picking up the pylon drop on sensors.",

"Pylons are away! Should touch down any second."

"A squad of highly-trained supply pylons have been deployed to assist us." "D-D-Detecting p-pylon b-being deployed to our location." "Pylon deployment detected." "Pylons en route." "K'TCH! Vk; #self_reverse!" "/ ::--:: \" ":: Rhnnn-k-k-nnn-hrn. ::" "Deploying remote power pylons. They'll keep you connected to the Grid."
MissionFinal_FallStart Plays at the start of the ground falling in the final mission "Incoming seismic activity. Brace yourselves."
MissionFinal_FallResponse Plays once the ground shakes "Update: Island collapsing" "Quake! The island's tearing apart!" "The ground's unstable, we're falling in!" "[ Terrain unstable, collapse imminent ]" "Island's collapsing!" "Seismic readings are off the charts!",

"Ground's giving way!"

"Island is tearing itself apart!",

"This quake's worse than the ones on R.S.T...!"

"This island cannot defeat us, so it tries to swallow us." "Tremors on sensors... hold on!" "New fissure detected beneath us.",

"#squad is about to enrich the depths of this island with their nutrients."

"The ground's breaking apart... everyone, watch out!" "Don't like these tremors...",

"These tremors can't be anything good..."

"Earthquake? Come ON!",

"Wh- Ground's collapsing!"

"This damn island's trying to swallow us alive!",

"Seismic readings are off the charts!"

"The island foundation is collapsing due to unusual Vek activity beneath the surface." "The island! It's t-tearing itself apart!" "Seismic activity increasing. Terrain unstable." "Activate ground stabilizers, the island's breaking apart!" "KC'CHHHHHT!" "\\ *::.:.*:* //" ":: RhnnNN-K-nn-HRN! ::"
MissionFinal_Pylons "Sending down power pylons. Keep them operational, we don't have any more."
MissionFinal_Bomb What's the plan? "Update: Target acquired\nMission: Destroy Vek hive" "We're going to need something big enough to take out this entire cave system to stop the Vek." "It'd take a dozen R.S.T. Earth Movers to collapse this hive... we can't do it on our own." "[ Central Vek hive discovered, probability of destroying hive with current armament low ]" "It'd take a fleet of A.C.I.D. launchers to collapse this hive on itself... we can't do it alone." "We'll need a lot more firepower than we have to take out this complex. Any ideas?" "This hive... it's too big for us to take out by ourselves!" "Our weapons cannot kill this hive. It is the island itself." "Not trying to be negative, but our Mechs cannot take out this hive. It's immense.",

"Forgive my pessimism, but my Mech isn't suited to dismantle this hive... there's just too much of it."

"The Vek infestation here is beyond our capabilities to exterminate.", "So 'what do I do now?' said Jonah, inside the whale...",

"This hive's huge... how are we supposed to destroy it?!"

"Okay, hive size a littttle larger than expected... Hold steady and await orders, #squad!",

"Battlefield intelligence never indicated how large this hive was... #squad, maintain positions while we wait for orders."

"Great, just great! Now what? There's no way we're taking this place down!",

"This hive must go on for miles! ...Archive doesn't have any Old Earth nukes, do they?"

"If we hope to destroy this hive, we'll need a lot more bombs.",

"This hive... it's too large for us to destroy with our Mech weaponry."

"The explosives required to destroy this hive exceed this unit's capabilities." "We're inside the hive... but... h-how can we d-destroy something this size?" "Demolition efforts impeded by scope of target area." "My calculations indicate even a hundred Mechs couldn't bring this hive down." "Kc'chk'ta…; Vk?" "| *:*.. |" ":: Rhnnn-KK-K-nn-hrn? ::"
MissionFinal_BombResponse Before dropping the bomb "Deploying a Renfield Bomb. Defend it while it primes and it will destroy the hive."
MissionFinal_CaveStart Plays at the start of the final cave section (after MissionFinal_BombResponse) "Priority Update: Defend the bomb" "Get ready, #squad! Keep the bomb safe!" "Vek want to get to that bomb, they'll have to go through us first." "[ New objective, defend bomb logged ]" "Do whatever you can to keep the Vek from the bomb. It's our only chance!" "Keep the Vek from that bomb - no way I'm letting them escape what's coming." "Everyone, guard the bomb!",

"Come on, #squad - we need to buy some time for that bomb to get primed."

"Defend the bomb. With your Mech. And your life.",

"Keep the Vek from the bomb. Our lives are secondary."

"We must keep Dr. Renfield's bomb intact... even if it doesn't go off, at least I can still study it." "Do not allow the Vek to contaminate the device." "I don't recall the part where there was a bomb. But... all right, we'll keep it safe.",

"A bomb...? Oh, wait, it's coming back to me. We need to defend it!"

"Confirmed. All right #squad, form a circle around that bomb.",

"The #squad is on it. Everyone, keep that bomb ticking!"

"This is it, #squad. Protect that bomb and I... we... save the world." "Affirmative. You heard the CEO, people, let's get this done." "Demolitions are being primed. Ensure bomb hull integrity is not compromised.",

"All components, protecting the bomb is our priority. Remember your training.",

"We need to protect that b-bomb... don't let the Vek destroy it, or the w-war's lost!" "Demolition authorization and defense of Renfield tachyon explosive logged." "So we are to keep the Vek from Renfield's dangerous toy. Let's get to it." "K'T'CH'CH! Vk; #self_reverse!" "/// ::--:: \\\" ":: Rhnn-k-HNH. ::"
* MissionFinal_BombDestroyed When the bomb is destroyed, another one is dropped and the battle length is extended. "Deploying another bomb, but it will need more time to prime. Try to keep this one in one piece."
MissionFinal_BombArmed "Priority Update: Bomb armed" "The bomb... it's ready! This is it!" "Bomb's about to detonate!" "[ Bomb primed ]" "Bomb activated!" "Bomb's ready to tear this Vek hive apart!" "Getting a rise in tachyon emissions from the bomb!" "The bomb is about to fulfill its purpose." "Renfield's temporal bomb has primed itself... tachyon charge building!" "Bomb has awakened, signaling a drastic change in this biome." "That bomb's live! I... I hope this works!" "Renfield Bomb activated... bracing for impact." "Damn bomb's active, finally! Took its sweet time." "Bomb's activated! It's about to blow!" "Bomb is now active. Vek hive demolition commencing." "I'm p-picking up a rise in tachyons... the bomb, it's activated!" "Renfield Bomb activated. Hive demolition commencing." "Renfield's temporal bomb has activated. Bracing for impact." "Kc'cht! Jk; j'h'khhhht…" "/// *:*:::: \\\" ":: …HnnNH…HNH! ::" "The Renfield bomb is ready. I recommend you leave now or you'll share a grave with the Vek."
PodIncoming Pod is about to fall "Update: Pod detected" "Is that one of those Pods you were talking about?",

"Pod, coming in hot!"

"Picking up an incoming object, commander.",

"Got something on sensors - falling fast."

"[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has been detected ]" "We've picked up an unidentified object on sensors.",

"We've got a Time Pod about to impact the area.",

"Picking up a Time Pod on sensors.",

"Delivery just showed up on sensors - a Time Pod.", "Detecting a breach... an incoming Time Pod."

"Look! A Time Pod!",

"Picking up a Time Pod on sensors!", "Got something on sensors - it's a Time Pod!", "Time Pod incoming! Tracking its trajectory now!"

"Watch your head.", "Calculating trajectory of incoming Time Pod...",

"I'm detecting a temporal distortion... a Time Pod!", "Picking up tachyon emissions... a Time Pod!", "Time Pod incoming! Track its trajectory!"

"A Time Pod is causing a disturbance in the atmosphere.",

"A Time Pod is cutting its way through the clouds as it descends.", "A Time Pod is on approach. It may include contaminants to the soil in its wake.",

"What... a proximity warning? Is it a Pod?",

"Got some crazy readings... I think a Pod's on the way!", "Looks like the Temporal Express is making a delivery!"

"Sensors are picking up a Time Pod.",

"Got a Time Pod on descent.", "Time Pod, headed our way."

"Looks like a gift from the future is about to arrive." "Foreign object incoming!",

"Time Pod incoming!", "Got a Pod drop!"

"A Time Pod is entering the construction zone.",

"A temporal capsule is entering our work zone.",

"Time P-P-Pod is on approach. I h-h-hope it survives the landing...",

"P-Picking up a Time Pod... falling f-fast."

"Atmospheric disturbance detected.",

"Tachyon emissions detected. Time Pod entering region."

"I have detected a Time Pod on sensors.", "Kc'cht…? …k'h'kht?" "/ *::..: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "Our satellites are picking up an incoming Pod.",

"#squad, we've picked up a Time Pod!"

"Another Pod from 'your future' is incoming.",

"One of your 'Time Pods' has appeared on sensors. Perhaps this one will shed truth on why you're really here."

"I have detected a Time Pod. Its trajectory indicates it will land near your coordinates." "We've picked up an incoming projectile - it came out of nowhere!"
PodResponse Response to above "New Secondary Objective: Acquire Pod resources" "Let's recover the Pod if we can!",

"Don't let the Vek step on the Pod, they'll crush it!", "If a Vek crushes that Pod, they'll be sorry."

"It's one of those Pods. Might be someone inside.",

"Guess we were due for a resupply.", "To think... every Pod likely means a timeline died."

"[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has landed in our vicinity ]" "Be sure to follow safety protocols before opening that Pod.",

"Secure the Pod before the Vek dispose of it.", "We can try to secure the Pod now - or secure the area first.", "Region first, Pod recovery second."

"That Pod - we need what's inside.",

"Drive the Vek away from the Pod before they crush it.", "Secure the Pod.", "Secure that Pod!", "Need to get to that Pod before the Vek do.", "That Pod's from another timeline - it may have weapons we can use."

"Make sure the civilians are protected first! The Pod can wait!",

"Civilians first, then the Pod!", "If anyone is in that Pod, I hope they survived the landing...", "We need to keep that Pod safe from the Vek!", "...I wonder if another me is inside that Pod.",

"Someone else get it.",

"If the Pod contains weapons, save them for after the battle.", "Retrieve the tech."

"I MUST get my hands on this new arrival. Think of it, more future technology!",

"We can't let that technology get damaged!", "We have to retrieve that technology!"

"That Time Pod has disturbed the soil. Shall we remove it?",

"The soil has been contaminated by the Time Pod's impact.", "The Time Pod's landing has killed billions of soil-enriching bacteria."

"Ooo... someone sent us a gift!",

"A gift - and it's not even my birthday!", "I'll see if I can snag it!", "I'll rescue the Pod if I can!"

"Remember - Grid first, then the Vek, then secure the Pod.",

"Objective first, then we protect the Pod till the mission's done."

"Lady Luck's on my side. Let's rescue that Pod!" "We need trained soldiers, not more toys to play with.",

"Don't break formation - mission first, then we secure that payload.", "Focus on the mission, not the Pod.", "We do the job first, rescue the Pod after."

"Secure the Time Pod and detain its components for questioning.",

"The Time Pod is violating work zone safety protocols.", "That Time Pod is not cleared to be on-site."

"C-c-can we get to the Pod before the enemy does?",

"W-W-We should be careful of f-f-firing weapons near the Pod. W-w-we might damage it.", "S-S-Should I recover it? Or... can s-someone else get to it?", "Be careful of that Pod... we d-don't know where it's been... or w-when.",

"Pod has carved an unauthorized trench on the island's surface." "I wonder if the Pod will have an intelligence on board comparable to mine.",

"I do hope the Pod contains an intelligence I can have a decent conversation with."

"Tch'k. Jjk; k'h'kht." "| :....: |" ":: Rhnnn-k-n. ::" "It's vital we obtain that Pod. It may hold something that'll help us win the war.",

"Those Pods look like old space capsules... but I don't recognize the alloy. How unusual."

"That Pod's technically company property, so make sure it gets back intact.",

"I want that Pod retrieved... and if you can't retrieve in during the battle, keep the Vek from it.", "If only those Pods would hit a Vek on the way down.", "Those Pods are falling from the skies... suspicious."

"If you can secure the Time Pod, please do, but do not put any sentients at risk.",

"The technology within that Time Pod could be instrumental for protecting this island and others.",

"Whatever the object is, recover it if you can, but don't put yourself at risk to do so."
PodCollected_Self Pod collected (by the pilot talking) "Update: Pod acquired" "Recovered the Pod!",

"Pod's safe!"


"Now let's get back to the mission.", "Secured, commander."

"[ Temporal rescue craft has been rescued :: ]",

"[ Att: Commander. 'Time Pod' retrieved ]"

"The Time Pod has been recovered safely.",

"All right, Time Pod's safely stored in cargo.", "Time Pod successfully recovered, commander."


"Safe and sound."

"Recovered the Pod!",

"Pod's safe!"

"I have the Pod. Focus on your opponents.",

"The Pod is in my possession.",

"Technology retrieved!",

"I have secured the Pod!", "Can't wait to study this!"

"Time Pod has been safely extracted from habitat.",

"Time Pod reclaimed. Its impact trench will need to be reseeded.", "Weeding efforts complete. One Time Pod removed.",

"Snagged the Pod! Wait... does this mean I'm 'it'?",

"Pod's safe and sound!", "And #self_first has the ball! The crowd goes wild!"

"Pod secure. Now focus on our primary objective." "I got the Pod! Someone... go long!",

"I dug out the Pod - you can thank me later.", "I really hope my Dad's not inside this Pod...", "With my luck, this Pod contains my ex."

"Time Pod is in the cargo hold.",

"Time Pod's recovered, commander.", "We've got the Pod locked up tight.", "Pod's in the clear. Let's get the rest of the job done."

"The Time Pod has been apprehended and its components are being interrogated.",

"The Time Pod has been apprehended and its components detained for questioning.", "I will oversee the dismantling of this Time Pod personally.", "This Time Pod will answer for the unauthorized trench it carved in the region."

"I m-m-managed to save it!",

"The Pod... it's s-s-safe! For now.", "I have the Pod - it's still safely s-s-sealed.", "Recovered the P-P-Pod. It l-l-looks intact.",

"Pod extracted from terrain." "I have acquired the Time Pod. As expected, it is filthy.",

"I am pleased to report, due to my efforts, the Time Pod is secure.", "I will hold on to the Time Pod for now. For safekeeping."

"Tch'K'tch;k'h;ht! #self_reverse!" "/ ::..:: \" ":: HnnNH. ::"
PodDestroyed_Obs Pod destroyed (by anyone, including Vek, except the speaker) "Update: Pod destroyed", "Hope no one was in that Pod...",

"All that tech...", "That Pod was the last remnant of an entire timeline..."

"Pod was a distraction anyway.",

"The Pod wasn't our primary objective, put it out of your mind.", "I should have been faster to protect the Pod, commander."

"[ A temporal rescue craft, designated 'Time Pod', has been destroyed by post-landing damage ]" "We did our best to recover it safely.",

"Don't blame yourself. There was no projection a Pod would land here.", "Whoever designed those Pods, they need to make the hull stronger...", "A Time Pod surviving re-entry is useless if it drops into a battlefield."

"Lost the Pod!",

"Dammit!", "Didn't get to it in time!"

"Hope no one was in that Pod...",

"If only we could have recovered it...", "That Pod was the last remnant of an entire timeline..."

"The Pod no longer needs our protection.",

"The Pod has been destroyed. Focus on the Vek.", "The Pod was not why we were sent to this region."

"No! The Pod!",

"The Pod... it's destroyed.", "Think of what could have been inside that Pod..."

"Time Pod debris is now leaking into the soil.",

"Time Pod... and potential occupant... now enrich the soil.",

"The Pod... oh no.",

"What... what if someone was in there?", "No! The Pod!", "The Pod's destroyed!"

"Pod's gone. Focus on our primary objective.",

"Pod's been destroyed. Nothing we can do about it now."

"No sense crying over crushed Pod.",

"Pod shouldn't have dropped into a combat zone.", "Well, I'm sure we'll get blamed for letting the Pod get destroyed."

"Time Pod's destroyed, commander.",

"Pod's lost.", "Negative on recovering that Pod, commander.", "Nothing we can do about the Pod. Take it out on the Vek!"

"The Time Pod is no longer trespassing in the work zone.",

"The Time Pod has shown how unsafe it is to enter a work zone without proper clearance.", "Time Pod's structural integrity has been compromised.", "The Time Pod has been dismantled before I had a chance to dismantle it."

"The Pod... it's d-d-destroyed.",

"If only that P-Pod had landed somewhere s-s-safer.", "Do... do you think s-s-someone was in there?", "I'm not p-p-picking up any life signs from the Pod wreckage..."

"Pod dispersed across wider surface area." "I regret to report the Time Pod has suffered irreparable damage.",

"I regret to report the Time Pod... and its potential occupant... will not be joining us on the return trip."

"Tch'k. Jjk." "\ ...... /" ":: …nnnn-n-nhr... ::" "Maybe something can be recovered from the wreckage of that Pod. Though from the looks of it, I doubt it." "Careless.",

"Now that you've made recovering the Pod impossible, focus on the mission."

"I hope there was not a pilot within that Pod.",

"The technology in that Pod could have saved many lives.",

"Unfortunate. I hope there wasn't one of your fellow pilots inside, commander."
Secret_DeviceSeen_Mountain Secret object was inside a mountain

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"Update: Anomaly detected in mountain", "Look in the rubble - what's that? A relic?" "Picking up something strange in the rubble..." "[ Unknown device detected in space formerly occupied by mountain ]" "Picking up strange readings from the mountain rubble... no code my systems recognize." "What the hell is that? There, in the mountain rubble." "I'm picking up unusual readings... it looks like something was buried inside the mountain.",

"There was something buried in the mountain... no idea how long it's been there."

"Something was buried inside the mountain." "Well now, what have we here? The mountain was hiding something." "Recycling the mountain has uncovered an unknown object buried within.", "I'm detecting... something... from the rubble." "I got a signal coming from the remains of that mountain." "I think something was hidden in that mountain." "...Picking up strange readings from that mountain, commander." "A non-#corp device has been detected within the mountain. Detain it if possible." "P-P-Picking up a signal from the remains of that mountain." "Unknown object detected at mountain excavation site." "What is that in the mountain? Why... its construction is more advanced than I am." "Kc'cht…?" "| *::..: |" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "Odd... we're getting some kind of signal from that mountain that was just destroyed." "Our sensors are picking up strange readings from that mountain that was destroyed. Investigate if you can." "I am picking up strange readings within the remains of that mountain." "Our sensor array has swept the remains of that mountain... and picked up strange readings in the rubble."
Secret_DeviceSeen_Ice Secret object was under water after destroying ice

Only needs 1 line per Pilot

"Update: Anomaly detected under ice", "Look beneath the water - what's that? A relic?" "Picking up something strange beneath the ice..." "[ Device of unknown origin detected beneath ice ]" "Picking up strange readings from under the ice... no code my systems recognize." "What the hell is that under the ice?" "I'm picking up some unusual readings under the ice." "I see something beneath the ice." "Well now, what have we here? The ice was hiding something." "Fracturing the ice has revealed an unknown object beneath the surface.", "I'm picking up... something... below the ice surface." "I got a signal coming from underneath the ice." "I think something was hidden beneath the ice." "...Picking up strange readings from under the ice, commander." "A non-#corp device has been detected under the ice. Detain it if possible." "P-P-Picking up a signal beneath the ice." "Unknown object detected under ice excavation site." "What is that beneath the ice? Why... its construction is more advanced than I am." "Kc'cht…?" "| *::..: |" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "That's odd... we're getting some sort of signal from beneath the ice." "Our sensors are picking up strange readings from beneath that layer of ice. Investigate if you can." "I am picking up strange readings under that ice.", "Our sensor array have picked up strange readings from beneath the ice."
Secret_DeviceUsed Only needs 1 line per Pilot "Transmitter: Activated", "It activated! It's not my fault, it just... happened!" "Whatever it was, it's alive and ticking now. Sending some kind of signal." "[ Device of unknown origin has activated a signal ]" "Uh, that thing lit up when I got near. Looks like it's transmitting... something." "Whatever it was, it's activated." "I... I think it's some sort of beacon." "The device has activated." "I... I can't say for sure, but I believe it's a... transmitter of some sort." "The unknown object is now broadcasting a signal.", "Whoops! I think I activated it. It's... making some strange noises!" "When I got close, it emitted a signal... hope it's peaceful." "Uh, whatever that was, it lit up when I came close." "I... I think I activated some sort of beacon, commander." "The non-#corp device is sending what may be a distress call. If so, it calls in vain." "How s-s-strange... this s-s-seems to have activated s-some sort of beacon.", "Unknown object transmitting signal." "The device is broadcasting some type of signal... strange, even I can't decipher it." "Kc'cht?! Kc'cch'ccccht…." "| *:*.. |" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-k-n? Nnn-hrn. ::"
Secret_Arriving Only needs 1 line per Pilot "Update: Anomaly incoming", "I think we're getting some special visitors..." "We've got company... and it's no Time Pod I've ever seen." "[ Object of unknown origin on approach ]" "We've got company... and it's not from around here." "Haven't seen a Time Pod like that before... if it even is a Time Pod." "I think I know what the beacon was calling now." "Something comes. But it is a craft I have never seen before." "I... I think the transmitter called it here." "An unknown object is descending through the atmosphere.", "Look at that Pod! I think it came in response to the signal!" "Got something unusual coming in on sensors..." "We have company... but, uh, does that Pod looks strange to anyone else?",

"Is this the part where we welcome our benevolent overlords?"

"...What the hell is that?" "Unknown capsule, you are trespassing in a temporal reconstruction zone." "P-Picking up an incoming craft! I-I-It's emitting a s-s-signal like the beacon did." "Atmospheric disturbance detected. Alloys comprising object are not on periodic table." "An unidentified object is approaching... emitting the signal that strange device did." "Kc'cht…? …KK'hhh'kht?!" "| *:*::: |" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-k-nnn-hrn? ::" "What's this...? We're picking up a strange craft on sensors." "Sensors have picked up an unidentified craft descending on your location." "An object has appeared in orbit. Nothing in my database is able to identify it." "Our sensors have picked up an object descending through the atmosphere... if it's a ship, it's not one we've ever seen."
Emerge_Detected Emerges are queued. "Warning: Vek approaching surface",

"Warning: Enemy activity"

"Picking up quakes - Vek are digging their way to the surface!",

"We got more Vek digging to the surface, get ready!",

"Got Vek surfacing, watch the ground!",

"Watch the ground, Vek are about to surface."

"[ Seismic readings show enemy activity from beneath the surface, and rising ]" "Seismic readings are reporting Vek burrowing to the surface.",

"If only we could dump A.C.I.D. on the emerging Vek..."

"More enemies on the way!",

"Vek are about to surface! Get ready!"

"No matter the odds, we'll win if we work together.",

"They're calling reinforcements from below!",

"More Vek are emerging for us to kill.",

"More Vek are arriving to die.", "Vek are surfacing to fight us on open ground. Good.",

"If only we could find the Vek nest. We could learn so much!",

"Vek are converging on our coordinates from below."

"Vek burrowing detected. Disruptions to soil catalogued.",

"Vek subterranean disruptions increasing in magnitude. Preparing harvesting tools.", "Vek are tunneling up through the ground layer to reach the surface."

"More Vek to stomp? No problem!",

"Looks like more Vek are about to join the party!", "My seismic sensors are picking up some Vek gatecrashers..."

"I'm reading seismic activity - got Vek burrowing to the surface.",

"Vek are tunneling upwards, rising fast.", "Everyone, try and cover the Vek emergence points!"

"Guess the Vek are bringing more buddies to even the odds.",

"Ground's shaking - more Vek on the way. Good.",

"Incoming enemy reinforcements!",

"Got more Vek coming up from below!", "Vek digging to the surface!", "Got Vek approaching topside!"

"Unauthorized Vek hazards have been detected.",

"Vek preparing to emerge without permits to surface.", "Hazardous Vek material is approaching the surface."

"They just keep c-c-coming... how fast do they breed?",

"M-More Vek are t-tunneling to the surface!", "M-More Vek are about to s-surface!"

"Seismic readings indicate Vek activity approaching our coordinates.",

"Vek are conducting unauthorized tunneling in region."

"Vek are making their way to the surface.",

"Vek are about to emerge. They will likely be hostile and try to kill us.",

"Kc'cht! Vk…" "\\ ::..:: //" ":: …nnNNN-nhr... ::" "Seismic readings are picking up more Vek surfacing near your location!" "Seismic readings are spiking. More Vek will be here soon.",

"Watch the ground, we're detecting increased subterranean Vek activity."

"The Vek are tunneling to your location. They will be arriving shortly." "#squad... we've detected multiple potential Vek emergence points. Be prepared."
Emerge_Success Vek Emerges "Warning: Vek surfacing" "Got a visual on the emerging Vek.",

"Vek emerging. Let's hit them hard!"

"Let's stomp that Vek back to where it came from.",

"Vek's popped up just in time to be put down.", "Look at that - fresh meat."

"[ A Vek has surfaced. Locking on with sensors ]",

"[ Sensors have locked on to surfacing Vek ]", "[ Unauthorized Vek have emerged on #corp Island surface ]"

"Vek has surfaced. Follow combat protocols.",

"Vek confirmed. Targeting sensors recalibrated.", "Targeting systems have confirmed the Vek arrival."

"Vek surfacing!",

"We got Vek on the field!", "We got company, everyone!"

"Another one?",

"Got another Vek on sensors.", "Don't they know when to stop?"

"Let us thin their numbers.",

"The Vek has come to die in the light of the sun.", "Let the enemy come to us."

"The Vek are certainly wasting no time swarming our position...",

"The Vek are responding quickly to our presence...", "I wonder... is it a pheromone that drives the Vek to swarm to the surface?"

"I shall use all parts of these Vek in refertilizing the region.",

"These Vek are ripe for harvest.", "These Vek are ready to be recycled.", "Vekticide protocols updated to account for new arrivals."

"Vek's reached topside!",

"We got Vek topside!", "Well, well, look who crawled out of their hole... let's get those Vek!"

"More Vek have surfaced - let's give them a proper welcome.",

"Got new Vek on the surface.", "Got more Vek threatening the Grid!",

"Another Vek's joined the party.",

"Ah... more Vek target practice.", "Another Vek surfaced - now let's bury it."

"Great. More Vek.",

"Let's put these Vek back in the ground.", "Let's send these Vek back where they came from.", "Vek topside, let's put them down!"

"Vek hazards have reached the surface.",

"Attention, Vek: You are not authorized to be in this zone.", "Hazardous Vek material detected.", "Vek have emerged without permit to surface."

"They've r-r-reached the surface!",

"More Vek have s-s-surfaced!", "Oh n-no! The Vek... they've s-s-surfaced!"

"Vek detected on surface. Damage to island infrastructure negligible.",

"The Vek have surfaced. They carry no trace minerals or metals of value to our forces."

"The Vek have emerged. Wonderful.",

"The Vek have reached the surface.", "I wonder what has the Vek all stirred up to make an appearance?"

"Kc'cht! Vk!" "\\ ::**:: //" ":: nnNNN-HRN. ::" "Vek surfacing!" "The Vek have reached topside. They'll be more trouble now." "Vek have appeared. Tracking them for potential threats.",

"Updating tracking routines. More Vek added."

"Vek have reached the surface. Be careful, #squad."
Emerge_FailedMech Mech blocks Emerging Vek "Activating: Ground stabilizers",

"Update: Diverting power to ground stabilizers"

"Diverting power to ground stabilizers!",

"Got this one covered."

"How does that feel, you burrowing S.O.B.?",

"This little bastard isn't going anywhere.", "Yeah, kind of hard to surface now, isn't it?"

"[ A Vek is attempting to surface beneath this unit's Mech ]",

"[ A Vek has been prevented from surfacing ]"

"Not sure how long I can hold this Vek, commander.",

"Keeping a lid on this Vek!", "Initiating Vek counter-emergence protocols!",

"This Vek's not going anywhere.",

"Got this Vek locked down.", "Stay ...down!", "Hnh! Not today, you Vek bastard!"

"I... I got this Vek pinned!",

"Nice to pin one of the Vek for once!", "I'm keeping this Vek down, but I don't know for how long!"

"This way is closed to you, creature.",

"I guard this bridge, Vek, and you shall not get by.", "You'll not get by me."

"This Vek doesn't have the strength to move me, but it's not giving up!",

"With a little help from my good friend gravity, this Vek's not going anywhere!", "Between my mass and my good friend gravity, this Vek's staying put!"

"This Vek will remain planted in the soil.",

"This Vek will remain in the soil until ready to be harvested.", "This Vek shall remain in the earth until we are ready to dispose of it.", "This Vek struggles, but will not escape."

"Ha! Just TRY and move me, ugly!",

"Got a live one here!", "Not seeing the surface today, ugly!"

"Let's see you try and surface now, Vek.",

"Not my first rodeo, Vek - you're not bucking me.", "This Vek needs a time out."

"Got a feisty one here.",

"Easy there, big fella.", "No surfacing for you today, Vek.", "Kiss my undercarriage, Vek.", "I'm on... top... of the situation.", "Simmer down, big fella."

"I've got this Vek pinned!",

"I've got this Vek blocked!", "This Vek's covered!", "This Vek's not going anywhere."

"Work zone ground integrity maintained.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been blocked from surfacing.", "Vek hazard is secure.", "Vek has been detained."

"The Vek's right b-b-beneath me!",

"I-I can't hold this Vek for long!", "The Vek's trying to s-surface beneath me!"

"Vek emergence point sealed.",

"This Vek is not cleared for surfacing.", "Vek tunnel capped by #self_full."

"Blocking the Vek in such a manner is rather embarrassing.",

"Squatting on emerging Vek was not what I was programmed for.", "Surely we can find a better way to block these creatures than with our Mechs.", "This Vek is causing considerable damage, cosmetic and otherwise, to my Mech's underside."

"Tch'K'tch! Vk!" "| ::..:: |" ":: Hnnh. HNNH. ::"
Emerge_FailedVek Vek Block Emerging Vek "Update: Vek pathing blocked by Vek" "How about that - they're doing our job for us." "Hope they kill each other." "[ A Vek has been prevented from surfacing by another Vek ]",

"[ The Vek are interfering with their own pathing routines ]"

"They can't stop themselves from emerging... even when one of their own is above them.",

"That should keep that emerging Vek occupied."

"Nice to see the Vek blocking each other for once.",

"Hard to move with a Vek squatting on you, huh?"

"That one's trying to force its way out.", "We will use your numbers against you.", "Apparently, the lives of their own are no consequence to the Vek.",

"I don't think the Vek can sense their own kind above them on the surface - or care."

"Vek is attempting to burrow through their own.",

"The Vek is keeping the other Vek planted in the soil."

"Finally, a useful Vek! It blocked the other one from emerging!",

"At least that Vek's making itself useful!"

"Vek are blocking others from emerging.",

"Let the Vek tangle with each other for squatter's rights..."

"Looks like a little Vek on Vek action there.",

"Nothing like two Vek butting heads.",

"Let the Vek bastards get in each other's way trying to play catch up with us!",

"That Vek's blocking the other one!",

"Hazardous material is conflicting with other Vek hazardous material.",

"Vek hazard has blocked another Vek hazard.", "Vek hazard has blocked another Vek surfacing action."

"The Vek d-d-don't seem to coordinate their actions.",

"The Vek r-r-reflexes don't s-s-seem to adapt to field conditions.", "The V-V-Vek seem to work at cross-purposes to each other.",

"Vek emergence halted by Vek.",

"Vek excavator halted by surface Vek."

"Good to see the Vek are making themselves useful.",

"Good to see the Vek pitching in.", "Happy to let those two Vek sort out their emergence conflict."

"Tch'k? Vk? K'tca!" "/ ::..:: \" ":: Hnh? Hnnh? ::" "That Vek blocked the other one from surfacing!",

"How about that - the one Vek prevented the other from surfacing!"

"The Vek impede their own.",

"That Vek has blocked the other. Stupid creatures.", "If only I could block every emerging Vek with another."

"The Vek are an effective hindrance against their own kind." "That Vek prevented the other one from reaching the surface. Curious.",
Mech State
Mech_LowHealth Mech has 1 hp. "Damage Report: Critical" "My Mech's been shredded - another hit, I'm a goner.",

"My #self_mech's sustained heavy damage!", "I'm still in the fight, but my #self_mech can't take much more!"

"I've taken heavy damage, commander, but I'm still in the fight.",

"Hull's almost gone!", "Mech can't take much more!"

"[ This unit has been compromised. System failure imminent ]",

"[ This unit has sustained critical damage. ]", "[ This unit is in need of repair. ]",

"Hull won't take much more!",

"Hull's almost gone!", "Hull integrity failing!", "Barely holding on here!",

"Nnnh! Almost at critical...",

"Damage readouts are in the red!", "Taking hits here!", "Hull breached!"

"My Mech can't take much more of this!",

"Hull breached, trying to compensate!", "Another hit like that, and my Mech will be destroyed.", "Wish I could reactivate my Pinnacle shield..."


"I am still combat-worthy, but barely.", "I have only a little strength left."

"Life support systems failing!",

"This Mech will enter critical repair mode if it takes any more damage!"

"The recycling of my Mech is imminent.",

"I am about to enter hibernation mode.", "I may soon need to abdicate my gardening responsibilities.", "My Mech will soon be unable to tend this garden."

"Come on, come ON! Don't break now!",

"Hang in there, little #self_mech, I'll fix you all up when we get back to the Carrier...", "Come on, little #self_mech, hold together for #self_first now..."

"Need to repair fast. Or a shield.",

"I've taken heavy damage!", "Might not walk away from this fight...", "I'm all right! ...I just don't know for how long."

"Nfff! Don't count me out yet!",

"That the best you got?!"

"Nnh! Taking hits here!",

"Nnh! Down... but not out!", "Another hit, I'm out of the fight!", "Hull's taking hits!"

"Reporting drops in (1) outer hull integrity, (2) networked systems, and (3) this unit's probabilities for survival.",

"Surviving components are reporting severe damage to Mech systems.", "My diagnostic system has faltered attempting to assess the extent of Mech damage."

"C-C-Can't take m-m-much more of this!",

"My Mech wasn't d-d-designed to take this much damage!", "M-My #self_mech has t-t-taken heavy damage!"

"Hull integrity compromised.",

"Mech outer shell failing."

"My Mech is about to fail in its primary duty to protect me.",

"My Mech is in rather drastic need of repairs.", "My outer shell... er, Mech... is in urgent need of repair.", "As delightful as all this damage is, my Mech can't take much more."

"Kc'cch'cccccht…!" "\\ *::**:.*:* //" ":: NNN-HRN! ::"
Mech_Webbed Mech is webbed "Warning: Mobility compromised",

"Warning: Mobility at 0%"

"What IS this goo?",

"It's got me!", "I don't want to know what this goo is."

"It's got me locked, commander! Trying to break free!",

"Let go, you bastard!",

"[ Vek excretions are preventing unit mobility ]" "Whatever that Vek's spraying, it's locked the servos.",

"I'm caught in its webs - I can't pull away!", "Detritus needs to find a counteragent to this adhesive!"

"I'm pinned!",

"Damn webs!", "Damn web's locking the servos!",

"Nnh! I can't move!",

"It's webbed me!", "I'm tangled in its web!", "Servos have seized up!"

"You haven't caught me, Vek. I've caught you.",

"You will regret this.", "Do you think your web can hold me?", "This cannot hold me."

"Caught in its web! Servos unresponsive!",

"This adhesive's tensile strength is incredible - I can't pull away!", "I really must find a way to shield the engines from this gunk...", "If I could study these webs, maybe we could use them against the Vek..."

"This Vek has formed a cocoon around me.",

"This Vek has cocooned me in a manner that is neither protective nor safe.", "The Vek has sprayed me with a biological adhesive in order to feed on me.",

"Eww! What IS this stuff?!",

"Get this web off of me!", "No fair using webs!", "Webs! Gross!", "This Vek's stickyfying me with its webs!", "I'll be scraping these webs off the hull for a week!", "Ew, webs! It's like my Mech stepped in gum!"

"Vek's caught me in its web!",

"Webbed! Trying... to... break... free!", "Web's immobilized my Mech!"

"Webbing?! That's all you got?",

"This Vek's so scared it webbed itself... and uh, me.", "Think this web's going to stop me?!", "Webbed already? At least buy a man dinner first.", "Oh, you want to dance? Bring it!", "This Vek's web is a little too clingy for my liking.", "This Vek's webs are invading my personal space."

"That web won't stop me, you son of a bitch.",

"Think that web would stop me, Vek? Think again.", "Evasive maneuvers complete. Vek web went high and wide.", "This Vek webbing won't stop me. I'm clear!", "Evaded the Vek's web! Free and clear!", "Vek tried to web me, but I saw it coming a mile away.", "Try your webs on someone a little slower next time, Vek."

"#self_mech restrained by hostile Vek. Movement impossible.",

"Hostile Vek. Release me at once or suffer the consequences.", "Hostile Vek. Your constriction of this Archive combat unit is unauthorized."

"C-c-can't move!",

"I'm c-c-covered in webs!", "It's g-got me! My Mech c-c-can't break free!",

"Unauthorized organic excretions compromising mobility.",

"#self_full mobility compromised by Vek.",

"Vek! You are accosting a designated Pinnacle HR officer. Unhand me!",

"Remove your webs at once, Vek, or I shall be forced to respond!", "This Vek is secreting its substances on my person.",

"Kc'chk'ta? Vk?! TCH'K!!!" "\ *::.:.*:* /" ":: Nnn-Hrnnn! ::"
Mech_Shielded Mech is shielded "Status: Shield at 100%",

"Status: Shield activated"

"Shield up. Let's put it to use.",

"Pinnacle shield - state of the art."

"Shield engaged, commander.",

"Love this Pinnacle shield tech."

"[ Pinnacle shield engaged ]",

"[ Unit has been shielded ]"

"Shield system engaged.",

"Shield is engaged.", "A little extra safety never hurt...", "Don't mind some Pinnacle tech between me and the Vek..."

"I'll use my shield to run interference.",

"Shield powering up.", "Shield at full."

"Shield active. It'll absorb one blow at least.",

"Powering up shield.", "Shield up."

"...I don't need this.",

"Save the shield for the weak.", "Better off giving this shield to the civilians.", "This shield is unneeded. They will not hit me."

"These shields require millions of calculations a second to maintain cohesion.",

"This shield is an effective kinetic dampener - for offense or defense.",

"Being confined by a shield interferes with obtaining seed samples.",

"This shield will protect me from contaminating this habitat.", "I prefer this cocoon to those made by Vek webs.", "This shield technology would prove useful in greenhouse construction."

"Ooo. This shield really brightens things up!",

"This shield makes me feel like I'm in a giant soap bubble.", "A shield? Cozy!"

"Shield up! Time to do some damage.",

"Shield - good for offense and defense."

"With this shield, I'm unstoppable!",

"Who's shielded? This guy!", "A shield? Oh yeahhh, the Vek are in for it now!"

"Shield up.",

"Shield at 100%.", "Every little bit helps.", "Shield? I'll take it."

"Shield online.",

"Pinnacle shield, you now serve #self_reverse.",

"Shield should p-p-protect me... for now.",

"H-H-Hope I don't need this shield, but I welcome it n-nonetheless.", "W-W-Wish we could establish a shield over every b-b-building on the island.", "If only s-s-shields could auto-restore their integrity after a d-d-disruption..."

"Now encased in Pinnacle shield.",

"Pinnacle shield active."

"I am pleased to report that I am currently shielded.",

"Being shielded does not mean I plan on taking any unnecessary risks.",

"Jjk; ckt'ch'kht?!" "// -:::- \\" ":: HnnNH. ::"
Mech_Repaired Mech uses repair. "Update: Repairs complete" "I repaired what I could.",

"Not as familiar with Mechs as Archive relics, but I made do."

"Nothing a little grease and spit won't fix...",

"There we go.", "Repairs complete, commander.", "Repairs done. That should keep the engine light off for now.", "Repairs done. Damn repair notifications were driving me crazy..."

"[ Repairs have been effected ]",

"[ Diverting parts from self to damaged Mech ]",

"Managed to patch some of the hull...",

"Readouts have stopped flashing red... for now.", "I've done what I can. Proper repairs will take time."

"That'll hold until we're back at the base.",

"Just the kick this thing needed...", "My #self_mech isn't out of the fight yet!"

"Hopefully this machine won't fall apart now...",

"That should hold. I think."

"I don't have time for this." "Everyone, back away! I need space to work!",

"Hate doing repairs when I'm rushed...!", "Could I get a little space to do my work please?", "A little space for repairs, please? THANK you."

"I have given my Mech what nourishment I can.",

"Extinguished components uprooted. Mech reseeded with new parts.", "As my Mech tends to me, I tend to my Mech.",

"Me and my little #self_mech are ready!",

"Up and at 'em!", "Time for round two!", "My #self_mech's raring to go!", "Nothing #self_first can't fix!", "Nothing a little elbow grease can't fix!",

"That'll last for now.",

"I'm not an Auto-Repair Bay, but I make do.", "Have to apologize to the repair crew when I get back for these quick fixes...",

"Why can't this thing fix itself...",

"We need field mechanics, I can't be doing all this myself!", "This isn't my job, but it's done, okay?!",

"Repaired and still in the fight!",

"My #self_mech is repaired!", "It's a quick fix, but it'll have to do.", "That'll last for now.", "This'll hold until we're back on the Carrier."

"Components unfit for battle have been discharged and replaced with fresh recruits.",

"I have isolated the malfunctioning components and executed them.", "I have isolated the malfunctioning components and made examples of them.", "Repairs enacted with extreme prejudice.", "All treasonous components have been rounded up and executed."

"That h-h-helped a bit.",

"This Mech's systems were difficult to figure out... b-but it's fixed.", "These repairs should b-b-buy my Mech some time.", "I didn't have t-time to check the r-repairs, but it'll h-have to do."

"#self_mech hull has been reinforced.",

"Temporary repairs to #self_mech complete."

"A filthy job, but done superbly.",

"Field repairs really are more a job for a robot intelligence.", "Repairs are first-gen work, unbecoming of my capabilities.",

"Ckt'ch'kt, #self_reverse." "/ -:-:- \" ":: HnnNH. ::"
Pilot_Level_Self Pilot levels up (not necessarily max rank) "Tactical Efficiency: Updated", "I can't believe how much combat duty I'm putting in.",

"Not always sure what I'm doing, but I guess I'm doing it more efficiently?", "To think... I signed up for Archive as a historian."

"They better not start saluting me.", "[ Tactical algorithms upgraded ]",

"[ Have requested additional storage space for combat routines ]"

"I'm receiving a commendation from Detritus on my performance.",

"A promotion? Looks like my anti-Vek efforts have paid off.", "Can't wait to share my training with other Detritus pilots."

"I feel like I'm getting my second wind.",

"My training's coming back to me.", "If the Vek think they're wearing me down, they've got another thing coming.",

"A promotion? Me?",

"I'm an officer now? Uh... okay."

"Medals only weigh one down." "A promotion? Is that like a doctorate?",

"This adrenaline is really giving me great ideas for new tech.",

"I have optimized my Vekticide routines.",

"New Vekticide protocols have finished compiling.",

"Wow, a promotion? I don't think I could have learned all this in sim-training...",

"A promotion? Me? Wow, this real-world training is paying off!",

"Save the medals for someone else.",

"Others deserve commendation more than me.", "All those combat tours have paid off..."

"About time I got a promotion! I've been doing all the work!" "A promotion? My foster mother would be proud.",

"A promotion - wish my foster mother had survived to see this.",

"Due to their bravery in the field of battle, I have promoted several of my components.",

"Due to their valiant efforts, I am upgrading several parts to full systems.", "I am giving several sub-systems field promotions to full systems."

"...D-D-Does this p-p-promotion mean m-m-more combat missions?",

"A p-p-promotion? But... I d-d-don't want to get better at killing Vek.", "A p-p-promotion? But... I-I-I'm a scientist. I never intended to be a s-s-soldier."

"#self_full promotion logged. New managerial protocols downloading now." "My new tactical algorithms have successfully compiled. I am now more superior than before!",

"My self-defense software has been upgraded. I am now more superior than before!",

"#self_reverse! Kc'chht! KC'CHHT!" "/ ..:::.. \" ":: Hnh. Hnnnh-HNH. ::"
Pilot_Level_Obs Pilot is observed to level up "#main_reverse: Evaluating...\nTactical Efficiency: Increased",

"#squad: Evaluating...\nTactical Efficiency: Increased"

"Congratulations on the promotion!",

"<Whistles> Nice! #main_first, you're getting good at this!",

"Good for you, #main_second, you earned it.", "[ Tactical efficiency of Pilot #main_second has been upgraded ]",

"[ Pilot #main_second's tactical efficiency has been upgraded ]", "[ Pilot #main_second's tactical efficiency optimized ]",

"You're a credit to #squad, #main_second.",

"Next, #main_second'll be teaching the recruits.", "We may have a job for you at Detritus, #main_first.",

"Looks like #main_second's learned a thing or two.",

"That promotion - you deserve it, #main_second.", "Don't focus on the promotion, #main_second. Put that experience to good use."

"Congratulations on the promotion, #main_first, you deserve it!" "Medals only weigh one down." "Well done, Pilot #main_second! There's the benefit of hard work and staying focused!" "#main_full has been optimized. Updating Vekticide routines.",

"#main_full has resulted in a spike of Vekticide efficiency."

"Nice, #main_first! Grats on the promotion!",

"Does #main_first seem a little taller?"

"Well done, Officer #main_second.",

"Well deserved, Officer #main_second."

"Easy there, #main_second, your promotion thing? It's not a competition.",

"Nice promotion! Now you're almost at my level, #main_second."

"That promotion means added responsibility. Be sure to share what you've learned with others.",

"You're getting skilled with your Mech, Pilot #main_second - well done.", "Congratulations - you've earned that promotion, soldier.", "You've come a long way, Pilot #main_second. But we still have a long way to go."

"#main_mech's pilot has achieved synergy with its partner.",

"#main_mech's training of its pilot has succeeded.", "#main_mech has taught its pilot well."

"You've d-d-definitely improved since the w-war began.",

"You're d-d-doing much better than I. S-Soon you won't need me in the fight."

"#main_full promotion logged." "Why, it seems your new tactical algorithms have finally compiled, Pilot #main_second.",

"Ah, your anti-Vek algorithms have been upgraded, Pilot #main_second."

"Kc'chk'ta…; #main_reverse… Jjk?! T'ch! T'CH!" "/ ..:::.. \" ":: Hnh. HNNnh-Hnh. ::" "You've shown exceptional skill, Pilot #main_second! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your promotion!" "You've proven yourself in the field, #main_full. But to prove yourself to me, you'll have to save R.S.T. first.",

"Perhaps I underestimated you, Officer #main_second. I think you could teach our cadets how best to fight the Vek."

"Humans gain knowledge slower than machines, but it is worthy of celebration when you do!",

"Pilot #main_second is showing remarkable aptitude for piloting that Mech."

"Commendation is in order, Pilot #main_second. If anyone deserves that promotion, it's you.",

"Your performance has been exemplary, Pilot #main_second. If we had another dozen like you, this war would be over.", "If not for the Vek at our door, Officer #main_second, I'd offer you a job - Detritus' benefits plan is unmatched."

Mech_ShieldDown Mech's shield is removed "Status: Shield at 0%",

"Warning: Shield compromised", "Warning: Shield failure"

"Shield down!",

"Shield did its job.", "Better the shield goes down than my #self_mech take a hit."

"Lost the shield.",

"My shield's down, commander."

"[ Pinnacle shield disengaged ]",

"[ Unit has been de-shielded ]"

"Lost the shield.",

"Well, that did it - next hit's the hull.", "Shield has failed.", "Impact has nullified the shield."

"Shield's down - time to get serious.",

"All right, playtime's over.", "Time to get personal."

"My shield's down!",

"Lost power to the shield!",

"Useless tech...",

"Didn't need that crutch."

"I need to find a way to make these shields more resilient...",

"If only there was a way to maintain shield cohesion...",

"My shield has cycled back into dispersed energy.",

"My shield has dispersed.", "Energy cocoon removed.", "Shield has dispersed. Like sparks. In a storm.", "Violence has shattered the tranquility of my shield.",

"No more shield? Aww, I liked everything tinted blue!",

"Shield's flown the coop!", "Shield's given up the ghost.",

"Shield down - and the kid gloves are off.",

"Figured the shield would fail eventually...", "I wasn't counting on that shield anyway...", "At least the shield bought me some time..."

"Didn't need that shield anyway.",

"Shield was just getting in the way...", "I'm fine! Shield took the hit!", "Take my shield, will you?!"

"Shield is down!",

"Lost the shield!", "Shield absorbed the damage!",

"My shield has failed. Its systems will be disciplined.",

"My shield has fallen in battle. It shall be mourned.", "My shield has sacrificed itself for me.", "Shield, your bravery will not be forgotten.", "Shield has countermanded my order to remain intact."

"Sh-Sh-Shield down!",

"I've lost m-my shield!",

"Pinnacle shield integrity has failed.",

"Pinnacle shield depleted."

"I regret to inform you all that my shield has been compromised.", "Tch'ckt'ch'kht…?!" "\ ::..:: /" ":: …nnNN-n-Nhr... ::"
Damage Done Damage commentary comes in three flavors:

"SELF" : The Mech did themselves "OBS" : The Mech (or CEO) observed another Mech do it "VEK" : A Vek did it, and a CEO or Mech is commenting on that

Vek_Drown Vek drowns (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Vek submerged\nSecondary Update: Vek life signs have ceased",

"Update: Vek submerged"

"Washed that problem away.",

"Talk about drowning your troubles.", "Say hello to Old Earth on the ocean floor for us.",

"Good riddance.",

"Guess water and Vek don't mix.", "Deep sixed that Vek."

"[ Vek has been rendered inert ]",

"[ Vek has submerged and is descending at a rapid rate ]"

"That's one way to wash the Vek away.",

"Water and Vek don't mix.",

"That water'll clog its lungs in no time.",

"Teach it to attack a water-dominated planet...",

"They aren't amphibious... water is deadly to them.",

"Not a pretty way to go, but...",

"Drown along with Old Earth.",

"It went the way of Old Earth.", "More merciful than the end I intended for it."

"The Vek seem ill-adapted for water.",

"That Vek won't survive its new aquatic environment.", "Despite their many adaptations, the Vek cannot breathe underwater."

"That Vek's nutrients shall nourish the water.",

"Vek has changed biomes.", "Vek has failed to adapt to new environmental conditions.", "Chance of Vek evolving gills before it drowns: 0%."

"Guess Vek forgot the 'swim' part of 'sink or swim.'",

"That Vek's got a great future as an anchor.", "Like fish in a barrel! Wait... do I have that right?"

"Vek's in a watery grave.",

"Water kills the Vek faster than missiles.", "Like that! Drive the other Vek into the water if you can!",

"The Vek are drowning themselves to keep me from killing them.",

"I'm going to send a few more Vek after it.", "Say hello to Davey Jones for me, Vek.", "Bad day for a swim, that Vek'll see."

"Well done, let water do the work if you can.",

"Drowning works for ground Vek, but watch out for any fliers.", "Thank god we haven't encountered any amphibious Vek..."

"Vek has been removed from work zone.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been washed away.", "Attention, Vek: Flood warning is in effect.", "Vek has experienced a workplace accident."

"The Vek is dropping off m-m-my radar.",

"The Vek's in the water... and f-f-falling fast.", "One insect, washed away.",

"Vek ejected from land mass.",

"Vek now conducting unauthorized diving operations."

"The odds of that Vek resurfacing are 0%.",

"The Vek's decision to spawn on a water-rich planet is rather peculiar.", "The water should flood the Vek's trachae, inducing anoxia, and it will slowly perish as it sinks.", "Drowning the Vek should keep unnecessary Vek residue from staining the battlefield.",

"Vk? Tk'tch'Kch? Kch'Kch'Kch…" "| :....: |" ":: Hnn. Hnnnnn-Hnn. ::" "The Vek goes to join Old Earth in the depths.",

"The Vek joins Old Earth in its grave.", "The Vek aren't amphibious... it'll be dead before it touches bottom, I suspect."

"May the aquatic life feed on that Vek's corpse.",

"If you can't kill the Vek with your weapons, water will suffice."

"My data regarding the Vek and water is limited. The result appears positive.",

"Updating information databases to report that Vek cannot swim."

"That's one way to dispose of the Vek.",

"Vek has been washed away.", "Vek has been swept away."

Vek_Fall Vek falls down a hole (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Vek falling at terminal velocity",

"Update: Vek falling at increasing velocity"

"That Vek's not coming back from that.",

"Let gravity do the work, I say.", "Sometimes you need to appreciate the little things. Like a Vek falling to its death."

"Hope it hits another Vek on the way down.",

"Buried that Vek.", "One Vek... fell... off radar, commander.", "Feel free to kick some dirt in after it..."

"[ Vek descending ]",

"[ The Vek has begun its descent ]"

"Vek buried.",

"Vek's been buried.", "We'll close that hole later, let the Vek rot down there.",

"It's not coming back from that.",

"Vek down - really down.", "A little gravity to send it on its way."


"That's one way to do it...", "Not a pretty way to go, but..."

"More merciful than the end I intended for it.",

"As the Vek arise, so shall they fall.", "And so shall the Earth you seek to conquer consume you.",

"I doubt that Vek's carapace will shield it from the fall.",

"A fall of that height should be lethal to the Vek."

"That Vek's nutrients shall nourish the land.",

"Vek has failed to adapt to new environmental conditions.", "Vek lacks standard-issue propulsion engines.", "Chance of Vek evolving flight before it hits ground: 0%."

"Did you all see that? That Vek fell like a stone!",

"Look out below!", "Vek, gravity, gravity, Vek.",

"Vek in the hole!",

"I hope that Vek lands hard.", "Give my regards to the bottom, Vek."

"Yes! One Vek... going down.",

"Don't think that Vek can fly...", "Spares me the trouble of killing it...", "Damn! Wanted to kill that Vek myself!",

"Vek in the hole!",

"Vek's off the field.", "Fall should kill that Vek.", "Used to call that an 'R.S.T. special'. Still do."

"Vek has removed itself from work zone.",

"Vek has experienced the unsafe conditions inherent in the work site.", "Vek has become part of island foundation.",

"The g-g-ground swallowed it!",

"It w-won't survive that fall...", "It... it's a l-long w-way down.", "If only we c-c-could drive more of them into the fissures..."

"Vek has initiated terminal descent.",

"Vek now conducting unauthorized descent operations."

"The Vek's odds of surviving that fall are 0%.",

"The Vek's odds of re-emerging are 0%.", "My sensors confirm the Vek's terminal impact with bottom of fissure.", "Burying the Vek should keep unnecessary Vek residue from staining the battlefield.",

"Vk? ...Tk'tch'Kch? KCH'KCH'KCH!" "| ::--.. |" ":: Hnn. HNNnnn-HNN! ::" "Look at that Vek fall! I think I just heard a cheer from operations!" "We'll send a team to dig the Vek out later to make sure it's dead.",

"Better to kill the Vek where our sensors can confirm it... but the fall should kill the Vek."

"That Vek is no longer a threat.",

"That Vek is gone.", "Sensors have registered the Vek died on impact.",

"It'll die in the A.C.I.D. pools beneath the island.",

"We may need to send some waste crews to clear out that Vek blockage later.", "I'll assign a disposal team to flood that hole with A.C.I.D. to make sure the Vek's dead."

Vek_Smoke Vek is put in smoke (from anyone / any cause) "Update: Airborne particles have slowed Vek reflexes",

"Update: Airborne particles have halted Vek attack", "Update: Vek attack compromised"

"That smoke's slowing the Vek.",

"Guess they don't like smoke any more than we do..."

"I hope that Vek chokes on the dust.",

"Like smoking a wasp nest."

"[ The particles are interfering with the Vek sensors ]", "The particles are disorienting the Vek.",

"Excellent... the smoke is slowing the Vek down."

"That'll scramble its head for a bit.",

"Hope it chokes on that cloud.", "It won't see us coming now."

"Looks like the Vek don't like the smoke much...",

"That smoke's slowing it down!"

"It is not used to fighting blind. Let us take advantage of this.", "The Vek is exhibiting symptoms of disorientation.",

"The Vek can't seem to focus in the smoke - interesting.",

"The smoke is acting as a Vek repellent.",

"Adding smoke dispersal to Vekticide routines.", "Particle dispersal interferes with Vek receptors.", "The smoke is acting as a deterrent to the Vek's aggression.",

"Choke on that, ugly!",

"Hope the smoke makes that Vek's eyes water...", "I'm surprised the Vek can still breathe in that cloud!"

"Looks like that Vek's lost its bearings in the smoke.",

"The smoke's staggered that Vek!", "Smoke should distract that Vek for now."

"Vek's smoked!",

"Smoke's stunned the Vek!", "Guess the Vek wasn't expecting smoke!"

"Smoke can't stop me, but it can stop Vek.",

"Have to be R.S.T.-trained like I am to fight in storms, Vek.", "The Vek can't maneuver in the smoke like my Mech can.",

"Vek's lack of safety goggles has disoriented it.",

"Vek sensors appear to be malfunctioning in the smoke."

"The cloud s-s-seems to be d-d-disorienting the Vek...",

"The c-cloud is, uh... clouding... er, c-c-confusing... the Vek's senses...", "The V-V-Vek seems to be s-slowing in the smoke, as if c-c-confused."

"Vek encased in cloud of particles.",

"Smoke cloud detected around Vek."

"I believe the smoke is interfering with the Vek's olfactory receptors.",

"I suspect the particles are blinding the Vek's olfactory receptors."

"Vk…; Kch'kch'ch…" "| :----: |" ":: …rhnn-kk-k-n…? …Hnh. ::" "The Vek actively avoid smoke... much like our own pilots.", "The smoke disorients the Vek, makes them easy targets." "The dense smoke will neutralize that Vek for now.", "The smoke seems to confuse them... perhaps we can make more use of that?",

"CEO Kern mentioned the Vek were susceptible to dust storms and smoke... I see what she meant."

Vek_Frozen Vek is frozen (from any cause except Snow Storm and Freeze Mine) "Update: Vek is frozen.",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%",

"It's trapped in the ice.",

"It's frozen!", "It's on ice."

"Frozen... but the Vek's still alive in there.",

"Commander, Vek's frozen, but still alive.",

"[ Vek has been encased in ice ]",

"[ Vek has ceased movement ]"

"Vek's been flash-frozen.",

"Cold and Vek don't mix.", "Vek's frozen, but still alive.",

"Got that one on ice.",

"Vek's iced.", "More for the freezer."

"Bet the Vek wasn't expecting that!",

"The Vek's completely encased!", "That ice should hold the Vek!"

"The Vek has succumbed to the extreme temperature.",

"The Vek is frozen... but I'm still reading life signs.", "Maybe we could transport the Vek to the dissection chambers in ice..."

"The Vek has been suspended in ice.",

"The ice is acting as a deterrent to the Vek's aggression.", "The ice will suspend the Vek until its body can be recycled safely."

"Vek's on ice!",

"Vek's in the fridge!", "A little ice calmed that Vek down!"

"Vek's frozen. We'll deal with it later.",

"Stopped that Vek cold.", "Vek's trapped in the ice. Watch your fire, don't accidentally free it."

"Vek's an ice cube!",

"That's one ugly-looking icicle.", "Hope it wasn't expecting a warm reception...", "Vek's an ice sculpture now - shall we get to carving?", "Vek's been sub-zero'd!"

"Vek's been frozen, commander.",

"Vek's on ice.", "That Vek'll have trouble punching through that ice."

"Hazardous Vek material has been encased in ice.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been frozen.", "Vek has been encased in ice for safe removal."

"I... I b- believe the c-c-cold has slowed its metabolism.",

"Vek life s-s-signs are slowing - it's alive... b-b-but unable to move.", "Its m-m-metabolic readings are slowing. I... I think it's trapped.", "W-W-Will that ice be able to h-h-hold it...?"

"Vek contained by hazardous weather conditions.",

"Vek frozen by hazardous weather conditions."

"The Vek has been cryogenically paralyzed.",

"The Vek's life signs are faint, and its mobility compromised by its new, icy shell.", "The Vek has been encased neatly in a fresh cryogenic shell."

"Vk? Tk'tch'Kch…?" "| ------ |" ":: Rhnn-kk-n?! …Hnh. ::" "It seems the Vek are as susceptible to the cold as we are.",

"Interesting... the Vek don't seem strong enough to break free of the ice."

"Now that the Vek's frozen, don't let it break free." "The ice has preserved the Vek. I am detecting very faint life signs.",

"The ice is only a temporary solution. Something may set it free.", "That Vek is frozen solid. Focus on other targets now.",

"That Vek's been frozen solid, but still lives. I hope it doesn't get freed by accident."
VekKilled_Self "Update: Target destroyed",

"Update: Target deleted", "Update: Enemy obstruction removed", "Update: Enemy has been deactivated"

"I got one!",

"This is for Archive's citizens!", "And there's more where that came from!"

"Mark one for me.",

"Never get tired of killing Vek...", "Kill confirmed, commander."

"[ Vek has been deleted ]",

"[ Vek threat removed ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations ]"

"Target eliminated.",

"Vek disposed of.", "Disposal complete."

"All right, who's next?",

"Another one for me.", "Target down.", "That's one.", "Done with this one.", "This one's not running back to its hive.", "Another Vek down."

"Enemy down! We can do this!",

"One more down!", "This one's down!"


"One more dead.", "Another for me."

"Unfortunate. Its remains are too badly damaged to analyze.",

"I meant to stun it for research, not kill it.", "This mission of ours is really like a big game of violent chess, when you think about it.",

"The Vek shall nourish the soil.",

"Vek has been recycled.", "May the Vek nourish the soil.", "The Vek's essential nutrients have been dispersed.", "The Vek has transitioned into nutrients."

"One down! Who's next!",

"Lights out, ugly!", "And STAY down!", "That's from the #squad, suckers!", "#squad: 1! Vek: 0!"

"Vek eliminated. Acquiring new target.",

"Vek down. Moving on to the next one.", "Slow, steady, and by the numbers, #squad."

"Hah! Chalk up another kill for me!",

"Did you all see that?", "Got it! Yes!",

"Target down.",

"Vek's down, commander.", "Vek down. One by one, we'll get this done."

"Vek hazard disposed of.",

"Vek disposal operations are on track.", "Vek hazard has been cleared from the area.", "I have removed the Vek hazard from the area.",

"The Vek... it's... d-d-dead.",

"I... k-k-killed it.", "I w-w-wish there was some other way to deal with the Vek, but..."

"Vek has been excavated.",

"Vek has been mined of all useful resources.",

"I have disposed of this threat to human safety.",

"The Vek has been disposed of safely and humanely.", "I'm relatively certain the Vek didn't feel any pain.", "This Vek hazard has been sanitized.",

"Vk; K'tch; #self_reverse!" "/ ::--:: \" ":: Hnn. ::"
VekKilled_Obs "Evaluation: #main_reverse competency logged",

"Retrieving Compliment: 'Well done!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'You deserve praise!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'Jolly good show!'", "Retrieving Compliment: 'Kicking ass, taking names!'"

"Nicely done!",

"Archive'll be proud!", "Another for the #squad!", "Teach them to mess with us."

"That's one for you.",

"Let's keep it up!",

"[ Vek has been deleted. Credit for deletion: Pilot #main_second ]",

"[ Vek threat removed. Credit for removal: Pilot #main_second ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations. Credit for cessation: Pilot #main_second ]"

"One less Vek to dispose of.", "Don't get overconfident. There's more where it came from.",

"Keep moving, more may be on the way!", "That's one more for #main_second.", "That's one... but there's plenty more.", "Good! Keep up the pressure!", "That's it, wipe them all out!"

"Great shot!",

"Great shot, #main_first!", "Keep it up, everyone!",

"Stay focused.",

"Watch for others.", "Don't gloat, keep fighting."

"Careful! You'll ruin any attempt at an autopsy.",

"Can someone save at least one of these for study, please?", "If someone would save just one of these subjects for study, I'd appreciate it."

"The Vek shall nourish the soil.",

"The Vek has been recycled.", "Make sure no part of it is wasted.", "Vek essential nutrients dispersed.", "Vek harvesting successful.", "The Vek has transitioned into nutrients."

"Gross! Now there's dead Vek bits everywhere!",

"That's from the #squad, suckers!", "1 for the #squad! Vek: 0!", "Nice, #main_first! That Vek didn't even see it coming!"

"Good job, #main_second. Keep up the pressure.",

"Good one, #main_second.", "Good job, #main_second, you're doing the #squad proud!"

"Took you long enough.",

"Next time, try killing the Vek with a little more style.", "I don't need any help killing these Vek, you know.", "Hey! Leave some Vek for me!", "Don't get selfish now."

"Good kill, #main_second.",

"Clean kill, #main_second.", "One less Vek to worry about...", "Good one, #main_second! Keep up the pressure!"

"Vek hazard disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are on track.", "Vek hazard has been cleared from the area."

"The c-c-creature is dead.",

"The Vek... you k-k-killed it.", "I w-w-wish we could find s-s-some other way to deal with the Vek, but..."

"Vek has been excavated.",

"Vek remains marked for excavation."

"Another threat to human safety disposed of.",

"By lesser standards, a perfectly adequate kill.", "The Vek hazard has been sanitized."

"Kc'chk'ta…; Jjjk; K'tch!" "/ ::--:: \" ":: Hnn. ::" "Bravo!",

"Encore!", "Well done!", "Excellent, Pilot #main_second!", "Another for the #squad!"


"Now let's see you do even better.", "Kill confirmed.", "Don't get complacent... there's thousands more.", "Pat yourself on the back after the mission's done."

"Every Vek killed is more lives saved.",

"Efficiently done.", "Well done",

"Our sensors detect one less Vek.",

"Vek kill confirmed - good work, Pilot #main_second."

VekKilled_Vek "Update: Target destroyed\nCause of Death: Friendly Fire",

"Vek Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal"

"Once the Vek commit, they can't seem to stop their attack.",

"Talk about single-minded.", "The Vek are taking each other out!", "The Vek are clearing our way."

"Why are we losing to these things again?",

"Saved us the trouble...", "Vek taken down by another Vek, commander."

"[ Vek deleted. Cause of deletion: rival Vek ]",

"[ Vek threat removed. Reason for removal: rival Vek ]", "[ Vek has ceased life operations. Cause of cessation: rival Vek ]"

"Looks like the Vek are cleaning up after themselves.",

"Good to see the Vek disposing of each other.", "The Vek are assisting in the clean-up efforts.", "Looks like the Vek are a hazard to themselves as well."

"If only they would wipe each other out completely.",

"Sometimes the Vek might as well be on our side.", "Get them caught in each other's way!", "Trip them up, and they'll murder each other."

"Let them kill each other.",

"It saved me the trouble."

"Interesting. It's as if once they decide to attack, they can't stop themselves.",

"It's as if they lack the motor skills to rein in their own attacks...", "Interesting. They react to shifting battlefield conditions much slower than our human and A.I. pilots.",

"The Vek are accelerating their own life cycles.",

"The Vek infestation is working against itself.", "The Vek are harvesting their own.", "The Vek are recycling the Vek.", "The Vek is dispersing the nutrients of the other Vek.",

"Why do the Vek DO that to each other?",

"Jeez. The Vek are their own worst enemies!",

"Vek are making it easier on us.",

"Vek are doing our work for us.", "The Vek killed the other one. Guess the Vek have switched sides..."

"Someone explain why we're losing to these guys again?",

"Vek could use some trigger discipline.", "The Vek sure don't play nice with each other."

"One less problem to worry about, thanks to the Vek...",

"The Vek are taking each other out!",

"Hazardous Vek material has consumed itself.",

"The Vek appear to be clearing the work site themselves.", "Vek hazard has disposed of Vek hazard.", "Vek obstacle has been disposed of by another Vek obstacle."

"Why w-w-would they hurt each other?",

"They s-s-seem to take too long to adapt to changing c-conditions.", "They d-d-don't seem able to adapt to changing battlefield c-conditions.", "I d-don't think that was intentional... they're j-j-just too s-s-slow to react.", "It's like the Vek n-n-nervous system lags behind their r-receptors."

"Vek has conducted unauthorized excavation of rival Vek." "Good to see the Vek are making themselves useful.",

"Hmm. Perhaps those two Vek didn't care much for each other?"

"Kc'chk'ta…; Vk; K'tch?!" "/ ::..:: \" ":: Hnn-kk-k? ::" "It mystifies me why the Vek kill their own.", "Vek kill their own. Such stupid creatures.",

"Mindless beasts... the Vek can't even stop themselves from killing each other."

"It seems the Vek are lending a helping hand.",

"Who would have thought the Vek would aid us on the battlefield."

DoubleVekKill_Self "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets deleted", "Update: Multiple targets destroyed"

"I got two!",

"That's one way to conserve our ammo.", "That's two more Vek that won't be bothering us!"

"Mark two for me." "[ 2 Vek have been deleted ]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed ]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations ]"

"Singh would be proud.",

"Hope that shows up in my performance review.", "Hope Detritus caught that on sensors...",

"Line them up, I'll knock 'em down.",

"Love it when the Vek leave themselves open.", "Two for the price of one.", "Bet they didn't see that coming."

"Did I do that?",

"Got them!", "That's two less we have to worry about."


"Double kill.", "Let's see if they can match that."

"Two down. Minimal effort, optimal result.",

"It's all about positioning. Positioning is key.", "I take back what I said about this being akin to chess... maybe bowling would be a better analogy?"

"These Vek shall nourish the soil.",

"Vek have been recycled.", "Multiple Vek life cycles transitioned.", "May these Vek nourish the soil.", "Vek essential nutrients dispersed.", "Multiple Vek have transitioned into nutrients."

"Wow! I... ah... meant to do that?",

"Did you all see that?! That was me!", "And there's more where that came from!", "Scored a double!", "That's from the #squad, suckers!", "2 for the #squad! Vek: 0!"

"Vek... two of them... eliminated. Guess I still got it.",

"Two Vek down... acquiring new targets.",

"Two for me!",

"The rest of you try and keep up, all right?", "Like my magic trick? I take two Vek and make them disappear."

"Two more targets eliminated!",

"Two Vek down!", "I've taken care of these two!"

"Vek hazards disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are ahead of schedule.", "Vek hazards have been cleared from the area.", "Vek hazards removed from the area.",

"D-D-Did... did I do that?",

"I killed them? B-Both of them?", "I killed them b-both?", "I... I d-d-didn't think that would work on them.", "I... d-d-didn't think, I just... acted."

"Vek have been excavated.",

"Vek have been mined of all useful resources.",

"I have disposed of these threats to human safety.",

"These Vek have been disposed of safely and humanely.", "I'm relatively certain the first Vek didn't feel any pain. The second...", "Vek hazards sanitized."

"Vk; Vk; K'TCH; #self_reverse!" "// :::::: \\" ":: Hnn-HNN! ::"
DoubleVekKill_Obs "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets deleted", "Update: Multiple targets destroyed"

"All right!",

"Let's see what other Vek we can line up for kills!", "One for the history books!"

"Now you're just showing off.",

"You need to show me how you did that.", "The Vek are going to need reinforcements quicker than they thought."

"[ 2 Vek deleted. Cause of deletions: Pilot #main_second]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed. Reason for removals: Pilot #main_second]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations. Cause: Pilot #main_second]"

"Looks like I need to up my efforts...",

"You deserve a commendation.", "Well done, #main_second!"

"Not bad, rookie.",

"Nice one, #main_second.", "Gunning for a promotion?", "That's two notches for you.", "When we get back, drinks are on me.", "Way to show 'em how it's done!"

"That'll show them!",

"Great job!", "Good one, #main_first!", "Two less we have to worry about!", "Two down - let's keep it up, everyone!"

"Excellent strike.",

"Flawless.", "The Vek are vulnerable to such strategy."

"Could have at least wounded one for study...",

"Tactically sound.", "Excellent example of conserving fire.",

"The Vek shall nourish the soil.",

"The Vek life cycle has transitioned.", "Make sure no part of it is wasted.", "Vek essential nutrients dispersed.", "The Vek has transitioned into nutrients."

"You scored a double!",

"Wow. Remind me not to piss you off, #main_first!", "What's better than a dead Vek? TWO dead Vek!", "Do you want US to do anything, or...?", "2 for the #squad! Vek: 0!"

"Good job. Keep up the pressure.",

"Good one, #self_second.", "Good job, you're doing the #squad proud!"

"Hmph, not bad, not bad... but I could have done better.",

"Two Vek? Not bad. I guess.", "Um... we're not keeping score on Vek kills, are we?"

"Good one, #main_second.",

"Nicely done, #main_second.", "Way to thin the herd, #main_second.", "Come on, #squad, we going to let #main_second do all the work?",

"Vek hazards disposed of.",

"Vek cleaning operations are ahead of schedule.", "Vek hazards have been cleared from the area.", "Vek hazards removed from the area.",

"You killed them b-b-both?",

"I... I'm impressed.", "Maybe we h-h-have a chance yet...", "This b-b-battle's not over..."

"Vek has been excavated.",

"Multiple Vek remains marked for excavation."

"More threats to human safety disposed of.",

"That attack came close to approaching my own performance levels.", "Vek hazards sanitized.", "Your Vek sanitization skills are improving! Due to my example, no doubt."

"KC'chk'TA…; Jjjk; K'TCH! JJK?" "// :::::: \\" ":: Hnn. Hnn. ::" "Spectacular!",

"Amazing!", "Magnificent!", "That was incredible, Pilot #main_second, simply incredible!"


"Well done.", "Well executed.", "Pilot... #main_second, is it? Well done."

"Efficient use of resources.",

"Efficiently done.",

"Well done, Pilot #main_second.",

"Expertly performed.", "You #squad certainly know your trade.", "I'm glad you #squad are with us in this fight!"

DoubleVekKill_Vek "Tactical Efficiency: Optimal+\nUpdate: Cataloguing new tactics",

"Update: Targets destroyed", "Update: Targets destroyed\nCause of Death: Friendly fire", "Update: Targets deleted\nCause: IFF failure", "Vek Tactical Efficiency: Sub-optimal"

"Once the Vek commit, they can't seem to stop their attack.",

"Talk about single-minded.", "The Vek are taking each other out!", "The Vek are clearing our way."

"Why are we losing to these things again?",

"Saved us the trouble...", "Vek taken down by another Vek, commander.", "Love it when the Vek turn on each other..."

"[ 2 Vek deleted. Cause of deletions: rival Vek ]",

"[ 2 Vek threats removed. Reason for removals: rival Vek ]", "[ 2 Vek have ceased life operations. Cause of cessations: rival Vek ]"

"Are they on our side now?",

"Looks like the Vek are engaged in their own clean-up operation.", "The Vek are tearing each other apart!"

"If only they'd do that more often...",

"Can't believe the Vek are stealing our kills...",

"They're killing their own!",

"It's as if once the Vek decide to attack, they can't stop themselves.",

"They kill their own kind." "Fascinating creatures. A little slow to adapt, however.",

"It's as if they lack the motor skills to rein in their own attacks...", "Interesting. They react to shifting battlefield conditions much slower than our human and A.I. pilots."

"The Vek are accelerating their own life cycles.",

"The Vek have started to harvest their own.", "The Vek is dispersing the nutrients of its own kind.",

"Look at those Vek tear into each other!",

"Watching those Vek fight reminds me of fights with my brothers...", "Guess the Vek don't have a sense of family. Or remorse."

"Vek are making it easier on us.",

"Vek are doing our work for us.", "Guess the Vek have switched sides..."

"These Vek are idiots.",

"I can't believe the Vek survived this long.", "Those Vek better not rack up more kills than me!"

"The Vek are clearing the board for us.",

"A few more like that, and we can pack it up.", "They're turning on each other - but don't let your guard down.",

"Hazardous Vek material are consuming themselves.",

"Vek appear to be clearing the work site themselves.", "Vek hazard has disposed of Vek hazards.", "Vek obstacles have been disposed of by another Vek obstacle."

"Why w-w-would they hurt each other?",

"They s-s-seem to take too long to adapt to changing c-conditions.", "They d-d-don't seem able to adapt to changing battlefield c-conditions.", "I d-don't think that was intentional... they're j-j-just too s-s-slow to react.", "It's like the Vek n-n-nervous system lags behind their r-receptors."

"Vek has conducted unauthorized excavation of Vek rivals.", "Good to see the Vek are making themselves useful.",

"Hmm. Perhaps those Vek didn't care much for each other?"

"KC'chk'TA…; Vk; K'TCH?!! VK?!!" "// ::..:: \\" ":: Hnn-Hnn-kk-k? ::" "It mystifies me why the Vek kill their own.", "Vek kill their own. Such stupid creatures.",

"Mindless beasts... the Vek can't even stop themselves from killing each other."

"It seems the Vek are lending a helping hand.",

"Who would have thought the Vek would aid us on the battlefield."

MntDestroyed_Self Note that because a destroyed mountain (and building) can then be moved through, some lines reflect the fact the player can now move into these tiles. "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

"Good old-fashioned terraforming...",

"Did I do that?", "These Mechs could put R.S.T. out of business..."

"Nothing like a little manual terraforming...",

"At R.S.T., we used to take down mountains like this before breakfast.", "This is nothing - wait to you see an R.S.T. Earth Mover at work."

"[ Terrain has been altered ]" "Mountain is no longer an obstacle.",

"Mountain has been disposed of.",

"Mountain's clear.",

"Leveled it.", "One mountain down.", "Leveling the playing field.", "Terraforming, the old-fashioned way."

"Mountain's collapsing!",

"...The power of these Mechs scares me sometimes.", "Better I do it than the Vek ruin it, I guess?", "I... I did that? I... wow."

"Obstacle cleared.", "Did I do that?",

"The firepower of these Mechs is considerable.", "I thought R.S.T. had a monopoly on terrain deformation..."

"The mountain has been dispersed.",

"Mountain recycled. Area is now suitable for planting."

"Did... did I just blow up a mountain?",

"Wow. The mountain's... gone.", "I... can't wait to try that again!"

"Terrain cleared.",

"At least it gives us more room to maneuver.", "One less obstruction for our weapons."

"Just call me King of the Mountain.",

"One mountain, now rubble.", "That mountain was ruining the view anyway."

"Mountain's gone.",

"At least it gives us some space to maneuver...",

"Mountain obliteration complete.",

"Mountain has been obliterated.", "Mountain has been demolished with extreme prejudice.",

"I... have d-d-destroyed one of the mountains.",

"That w-w-was me - I destroyed it."

"Mountain excavation complete. No significant mineral resources obtained.", "Isn't there a first-gen R.S.T. intelligence that could be doing this instead?",

"...I have destroyed a mountain.", "Please do not add mountain disintegration to my skill set.",

"Tch'k." "| ------ |" ":: Hnn-HRN! HRN?! ::"
MntDestroyed_Obs "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

"Good old-fashioned terraforming...",

"These Mechs could put R.S.T. out of business..."

"Doing a little terraforming? R.S.T. is hiring.",

"At R.S.T., we used to take down mountains like that before breakfast.", "That's nothing - wait to you see an R.S.T. Earth Mover at work."

"[ Terrain has been altered ]" "Mountain is no longer an obstacle.",

"Mountain has been disposed of.",

"Watch the rubble!",

"Well, that cleared the view.", "Hope that made you feel better."

"At least we have more room to maneuver.",

"Mountain's collapsing!", "...The power of these Mechs scares me sometimes.", "Better we do it than the Vek ruin it, I guess?",

"Save your strength for the Vek." "The firepower of these Mechs is nothing short of incredible.",

"Excellent - we've removed a terrain obstacle."

"The mountain has been dispersed.",

"Mountain recycled. Amount of arable land in region increased.",

"Jeez! Did... did you blow up a mountain?",

"Wow. These Mechs scare me sometimes.",

"Terrain cleared.",

"Gunning for a terraforming job with R.S.T., #main_second?", "Gives us more room to maneuver.", "One less obstruction for our weapons."

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were throwing a tantrum.",

"I didn't like that mountain either."

"Mountain's gone.",

"At least you gave us some space to maneuver...",

"Mountain obliteration complete.",

"Mountain has been obliterated.", "Mountain has been demolished with extreme prejudice.",

"Mountain excavation detected. Scan indicates no significant mineral resources obtained." "Tch'k; Jjk; K'tca." "| ------ |" ":: Hnn-HRRN! HrnN?! ::"
MntDestroyed_Vek "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Mountain deleted",

"Update: New pathing available", "Update: Environmental obstacle removed"

"Better a mountain than a building..." "Too bad R.S.T. can't herd up the Vek to help with terraforming..." "[ Terrain has been altered ]" "At least it cleared some room for us.", "Better a mountain than a building." "What did that mountain ever do to it?",

"I wonder if it saw the mountain as an alpha rival?", "If only we could keep the Vek focused on attacking the mountains..."

"If the mountain will not come to the Vek, the Vek will bring down the mountain.",

"Nature will have its revenge."

"Vek has dispersed the mountain.",

"Terrain has been leveled and is now suitable for planting.",

"Maybe the Vek saw the mountain as a rival?",

"That's it, Vek... attack the mountain while we target you with our weapons..."

"At least it gives us more room to maneuver.",

"One less obstruction for our weapons."

"Guess the Vek feel threatened by mountains...",

"One less mountain range to worry about, I guess...",

"At least the Vek gave us some space to maneuver...", "Unauthorized Vek work order has demolished a mountain.",

"Vek hazard is performing unauthorized demolitions in region.",

"Unauthorized Vek mining operations detected.",

"Scan indicates no significant mineral resources obtained."

"The Vek has destroyed the mountain." "Tch'k; Vk; K'tca." "| -..--.- |" ":: HNN-HRN! HRN?! ::"
PowerCritical "WARNING: Grid approaching critical",

"WARNING: Grid failure imminent"

"Uh... the Grid's about to hit bottom!",

"We're losing power! Another hit, and the island's done for!", "Grid's hit critical!"

"Grid's down to fumes. Guard the buildings.",

"Grid's approaching zero, commander!", "Protect the Grid, it's almost gone!"

"[ Att: Commander. Grid power is almost depleted ]" "Engineers report Grid is almost at zero!",

"Emergency Power is almost depleted - when it's gone, it's over.", "My systems are losing power, protect the Grid!"

"Grid's almost at zero!",

"Power Grid collapsing! Dammit!", "Grid's going down!", "Reading power failures - Grid's collapsing!", "Systems are losing power, Grid's going off-line!", "Grid's about to fail! Protect the buildings!", "Grid's about to collapse - if it does, the planet's lost!"

"Grid's almost out of power!",

"We're about to lose the Grid!", "Grid's in the red! But we can save it, I know we can!", "Grid's about to fall! We need to protect the buildings!", "Grid's nearing collapse! If it does, the planet... the entire timeline... is lost!"

"Our resolve is strong. The Grid is not.",

"The Grid is about to fail. Shall we die with it?", "The Grid is bleeding out. We must protect it.", "Defend the Grid. If it falls, so does the world."

"We're losing the Grid! Another hit...",

"Our Mechs are powered by the Grid! It needs to remain intact!", "Grid's about to fail! We're already at emergency power!"

"The Grid is losing its ability to nourish us.",

"These battlefield conditions are damaging the Grid.", "The Grid is unused to these battlefield conditions.",

"Bad news, #squad - Grid's in the red!",

"Another hit, and the Grid's toast!", "Losing power... any more damage, and we're dead in the water!"

"Protect the Grid or we're done for!",

"Grid's approaching critical.", "Losing the Grid... that happens, we lose this timeline."

"Power's nearing zero!",

"Uh, looks like we're almost out of juice. That's bad, right?", "Grid's almost fried! It goes, so do our Mechs!"

"Grid's almost gone!",

"Protect the Grid or we're done for!", "Grid's critical! We lose it, this timeline's done for!"

"Grid analysis indicates we are nearly out of power. The island will be lost.",

"Island is now on emergency power. When it is depleted, we have lost."

"The Grid's in th-the red! We n-n-need to do something!",

"Grid's about t-t-to fail! What are w-w-we going to do?"

"#corp Power Grid nearing collapse.",

"#corp Power Grid failing.",

"I do not wish to alarm anyone, but the Power Grid is likely to fail if it takes any more hits.",

"I don't wish to affect morale negatively, but the Power Grid is at near-failure.", "I must point out if the Grid fails, we will not simply lose this battle, but this timeline as well."

"Kc'CCH'ccccCHT…!" "\\\ *:**::* ///" ":: Rhnnn-KK-N. Nnn-HRN! ::" "The Grid is failing! We don't have much power left!", "The Grid is bleeding power. Another hit, and we're done for.", "If the Grid sustains any more damage, the island reactors will fail completely.", "Our engineers report the Grid is at critical levels!",
Bldg_Destroyed_Self "Accessing: Island pop. database\nUpdated: Civilians lost" "I... I... couldn't do anything else.",

"I didn't want anyone to die.", "I hoped the structure would hold..."

"I had no choice, commander.",

"Forgive me.", "Those lives are on me."

"[ Casualty reports have been filed ]",

"[ Targeting error ]",

"I'll... report this to #ceo_second myself.",

"I take full responsibility.", "I will notify the families myself."

"The fight never gets easier...",

"Dammit...", "The Vek left me no choice."

"I can't watch...",

"Oh my god!", "No!", "I... oh my god, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!", "I never meant to... I was trying to save lives, not..."

"There was no choice.",

"This is war.", "They did not belong on the battlefield.", "They remained here and put themselves at risk."

"I hope this doesn't damage the Grid too much.",

"Detecting a drop in Grid power...", "Combining the power distribution network in civilian structures was once economical... but not during war."

"Human silo destroyed. Multiple lives have been recycled.",

"The #corp civilians will nurture the soil.", "Human silo destroyed. Failure in Vekticide protocols logged."

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!",

"That was me! Sorry!", "...Oh no! What did I do?"

"Those people... but have to stay focused...",

"I... I take responsibility.", "It's... the cost of beating the Vek."

"I... I wasn't the one who lodged civilians in a combat area!",

"Don't blame me, blame #corp, they assigned civilians here!"

"I had no choice.",

"I'll report my actions to CEO #ceo_second myself.", "I'll tell the #corp families myself."

"Collateral damage unavoidable. Power Grid holding.",

"Workplace accident logged.",

"I c-c-can't believe I just did that...",

"I... I wanted to use my research to p-p-protect people, not...", "I have broken my oath.", "If only we c-c-could have evacuated the area first...",

"Reporting violation of demolition authorization.",

"Reporting unauthorized demolition of #corp infrastructure."

"There is no need to trouble the human citizenry about this regrettable incident.",

"Submitting a request for a press blackout on this regrettable tragedy.", "These #corp buildings are exceedingly fragile.", "These #corp buildings are exceedingly fragile... their humans, even more so.", "Why does the #corp pen their humans up in such flimsy structures?"

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn-HR! …Hrrrrnn… ::"
Bldg_Destroyed_Obs "Accessing: Island pop. database\nUpdated: Civilians lost" "Watch it!",

"Stay clear of the buildings!"

"Watch your fire!",

"Check your fire!"

"[ Casualty reports have been filed ]" "Be careful!",

"Those buildings aren't reinforced, they can't take hits like we can!",

"It's for the greater good.",

"Don't think about it, keep fighting!", "We can't mourn them now.", "Watch your fire!", "#main_second, check your fire!",

"How could you do that...!",

"What did you just do?!", "Did you just... oh my god!", "There were people inside!", "No! We came to help them!", "Did we just... oh my god."

"The weak cannot protect the weak.",

"Careless.", "You must predict your actions or others will suffer for them.", "Recklessness has its price.", "Put it from your mind. Focus on the fight.",

"Next time, think of the Grid!",

"Do not risk Grid damage, or we will have nothing to fight with!", "Regrettable, but it was bound to happen."

"Human silo destroyed. Multiple lives have been recycled.",

"The #corp civilians will nurture the soil.", "Human silo destroyed. Failure in Vekticide protocols logged."

"Oh no! I hope no one was in there...",

"Did... did they have time to evacuate?", "Oh! No, no, no!"

"What the hell was that?",

"#main_second, report! What are you doing?!", "#main_second, you and I are going to have a talk when we get back...",

"Were you just careless or did you mean to kill them?",

"Did you seriously just do that?", "What, you joined the Vek?"

"Don't think about the building. Keep fighting.",

"That building... you had no choice.", "It's a terrible loss, but keep your head in the fight."

"Collateral damage acknowledged. Power Grid holding.",

"Workplace accident logged.",

"No! All th-th-those innocent people...",

"Why... w-w-as letting them die n-n-necessary...?", "If only we c-c-could have evacuated the area first...",

"Unauthorized demolition detected.",

"Reporting unauthorized demolition of #corp infrastructure."

"There is no need to trouble the human citizenry about this regrettable incident.",

"Submitting a request for a press blackout on this regrettable tragedy.", "These #corp buildings are exceedingly fragile.", "These #corp buildings are exceedingly fragile... the humans, even more so.", "Why does the #corp pen their humans up in such weak structures?"

"Tch'k; Jjk; K'tca." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn …Hrrrrnn… ::" "Please watch your fire, those buildings have civilians in them!",

"Please try to defend the buildings, not damage them!",

"Careless. That building should have been protected!",

"Your incompetency will result in hundreds of deaths!",

"Please prioritize avoiding collateral damage.",

"I trust that was unavoidable, but please be careful.",

"Those citizens... I'll speak to their families myself.",

"Detritus knew we would suffer losses, but... those poor people."

Bldg_Destroyed_Vek "Update: Tactical algorithms\nUpdating: Civilian priority" "The Vek will pay for that!",

"Let's get some payback."

"That Vek's mine.",

"Vek bastard..."

"[ Casualty reports have been filed ]", "The Vek will answer for this.",

"I won't let the Vek get away with this.",

"Don't let that happen again!",

"Keep them from the buildings!", "Protect the people and protect the Grid!"


"This can't be happening!", "We have to stop them!", "They're killing innocent people!"

"They should have evacuated weeks ago...",

"Not everyone can be saved.", "A small sacrifice if we can save this timeline.", "They did not belong on the battlefield.", "They remained here and put themselves at risk."

"Must we allow the Grid to sustain such damage?",

"While the loss of life is regrettable... why do the Vek target the island structures?", "Interesting - the Vek don't seem to be attacking the structures to feed on the citizens.", "The casualties are unfortunate... but I wonder... why do the Vek attack the buildings at all?", "I... I had thought the buildings were durable, but the Vek...",

"Human silo destroyed. Multiple lives have been recycled.",

"Those #corp civilians will nurture the soil. The Vek will follow.", "Human silo destroyed. Failure in Vekticide protocols logged."

"No, no, no...",

"The Vek are going to pay for that!", "Those poor people...", "There's... there's no sign of survivors."

"I'm not letting the Vek hurt anyone else!",

"The Vek want to hurt anyone else, they'll have to go through me!"

"Look, there's nothing I could have done to protect that building, all right?",

"Don't you even think about blaming me. That was the Vek."

"We can't let the Vek do any more damage!",

"I swear the Vek will answer for that.", "That Vek that took down the building? Mine.", "That Vek's going to answer for killing those people...", "That Vek's going to find payback's a bitch."

"City damage acknowledged. Power Grid holding.",

"Vek hazard level has increased.",

"No! All th-th-those innocent people...",

"If only we c-c-could have evacuated the area first...", "Th-they didn't deserve that... n-n-none of them did!",

"Unauthorized demolition detected.",

"Reporting unauthorized demolition of #corp infrastructure."

"Updating population figures for #corp resource projections.",

"Tabulating a list of the civilians' extended families and dispatching condolence letters.", "Why does the #corp pen their humans up in such weak structures?"

"Tch'k; Vk; K'tca." "\ ::..:: /" ":: NNN-HR! HrrrRNN! ::" "What a loss... that building stood tall for hundreds of years.",

"Dispatching rescue crews to see if any civilians can be helped!",

"We need you to defend those buildings!",

"It is unacceptable to let the Vek succeed. Stop them!", "You're there to stop the Vek, not watch them destroy the city.",

"I am reading multiple casualties. So much death.",

"Too many lives have been lost in this war.", "That building had countless machine lives in storage.",

"Those citizens... I'll speak to their families myself.",

"Detritus knew we would suffer losses, but... those poor people."

Bldg_Resisted Building resists damage, currently anyone can comment but I can change this to _Obs/_Self/_Vek if we think it's worth it. "Assessment: Structure intact",

"Assessment: No interruption to Grid"

"Looks like that building was built to last!",

"Building was lucky that time.", "We can't risk that building being hit again."

"The building took the hit!",

"Building's tougher than it looks."

"[ Structure is unharmed ]",

"[ Damage to structure is minimal ]"

"Reports are the civilians in the structure are safe!",

"Looks like the building passed its safety inspection.", "Much respect to that building's engineer.",

"Grid Defense held!",

"Building's tougher than I thought.", "Next time those civilians might not be so lucky...",

"Can't let it take another hit!",

"Thank heavens... I thought it was done for.", "The building... it held. It held!"


"It may not be so fortunate a second time."

"Solid construction.",

"Give my thanks to the building's engineer.", "Perfect! We didn't lose any Grid power!", "No drop in power! The Grid held!", "Well, how about that? I thought the residents were done for."

"Human silo has resisted the impact.",

"Human silo still intact.", "Human silo intact. Nourishment to Grid uninterrupted."

"Yes! The building's still standing!",

"The people are all right!", "Thank goodness the building held!", "Phew. Building's still standing!", "That building got lucky! This time...",

"Are the citizens okay?",

"No casualties - building held!", "Building withstood the attack! Guess #corp engineers know their construction!"

"Guess that building was tougher than it looked.",

"Building's still standing! Uh, not like I had any doubts.", "Phew... if it fell, #corp would have had our hides."

"#corp building's intact!",

"Civilians reporting in - no casualties from the hit!", "#corp citizens in that building - they're safe!", "#corp building reporting minimal damage."

"#corp structure has resisted assault.",

"Wrecking attempt on #corp structure has failed.", "#corp building's supports have refused to surrender."

"...Such a r-r-relief.",

"Finally, some luck for a c-c-change.", "Countless people c-c-could have died...", "We're putting so many p-p-people at risk..."

"Demolition attempt halted.",

"Demolition attempt prevented."

"I am surprised the building didn't collapse, considering how fragile #corp buildings seem to be.",

"The structural integrity of the #corp building has surpassed my expectations.", "The #corp humans in the building are panicked, but unharmed."

"Tch'k." "/ ::--:: \" ":: Hnn? HnN! ::" "Archive construction at work! Our buildings may be old, but they're sturdy!",

"Whew, the building held! That was close!"

"The Grid held. You got lucky this time.",

"The Power Grid's defense is unreliable at best. But it worked this time, that building held.",

"Damage repelled. The lives within are safe.",

"No damage reported. The attack was successfully repelled.",

"The structure held! No casualties reported!",

"The people in that building are safe!",

Mission Specific Mission_Train_TrainStopped "Scanning: Train schematics\nDiagnostic: Recoverable" "Train took a hit... but it's not irreparable.",

"Train took some damage, but #corp engineering teams could patch it up."

"The #corp train is hit, but not destroyed. Yet.",

"Train's hit, but not out!", "Train damaged, commander, but not destroyed."

"[ Train is damaged ]", "The train is disabled, but #corp should be able to fix it.",

"Looks like #corp makes trains that can take a hit.", "The train's partially damaged, but not destroyed."

"Train's derailed, but #corp can get it running again.",

"Train's derailed, but from the looks of it, #corp can still fix it.",

"Train's wrecked - but not completely.",

"Based on my scans, I think #corp can still repair the train."

"The train is damaged, but may be salvaged after the battle." "Once the battle is over, I can get that train running again.",

"Give me an engineering team, and I can get that train up and running after the fight.",

"#corp train compromised but not destroyed.", "Looks like the #corp train's stopped... but at least it's not completely destroyed!" "Protect the train until the Vek are gone, might be salvageable.",

"Don't let the #corp train take another hit!",

"Well, the train was slow before, but now it's not moving at all.",

"#corp should really make faster trains. With armor. And weapons."

"Train took a hit, commander, but an engineering team could fix it.",

"Train's off the rails, but #corp engineering can get it up and running again.", "Train's stopped - but not destroyed.", "Train's taken damage, commander, but #corp should be able to recover it."

"#corp train has experienced an accident. Recommend execution and replacement of offending parts.",

"#corp train's repairs are covered under warranty.", "#corp train is merely wounded. Defend our brother until the medics arrive."

"The train d-doesn't look completely d-damaged. Maybe the #corp can repair it?",

"The train's d-d-damage isn't extensive, b-b-but it won't be moving for a while."

"#corp train partially disassembled.", "The #corp train has come to a halt.",

"I have radioed ahead and let the #corp know their train will be delayed.",

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ *::.:.*:* /" ":: Nnn… Hhhhrn? ::" "Ol' Harold's one tough locomotive, but even he can't take much more!",

"That train's tough, but it can't take another hit!"

"Our maglev's crippled, but can be repaired. Keep it from taking any more damage." "The train has been damaged, but scans indicate Pinnacle can still restore it. Please keep it from further damage." "Our train's external structure has been breached, but it's still functioning. Another hit, though..."
Mission_Train_TrainDestroyed "Update: Train destroyed\nObjective: Failed" "That train's scrap.",

"Another supply line lost...", "#corp isn't going to like this one bit...", "That's it for the #corp supply line."

"That train's gone. Leave it.",

"Train's a casualty. Let's make sure there aren't any more.", "Train's dead, #corp can bury it after we're done here.", "#corp train's destroyed, commander."

"[ Train is destroyed ]",

"[ Train is irreparable ]"

"The train's destroyed. Not even #corp could get it running again.",

"#corp was counting on that train.", "CEO #ceo_second won't be happy about the loss of that train."

"Train's wrecked. Concentrate fire on the Vek.",

"Train's a lost cause - but this mission isn't.",

"There's... almost nothing left of the train.",

"The poor railway crew. I... don't detect any survivors.",

"Forget the train.",

"We no longer need to protect the train.",

"...Even I couldn't repair that.",

"It's more parts and scrap than train now.",

"#corp train has been destroyed. Advise removing railway to create more arable land.",

"#corp train destroyed. Advise repurposing train hull as a planter for saplings.",

"That train's next stop is the scrapyard... it's done for. Finito. Gone." "#corp train's wrecked. Concentrate fire on the Vek.",

"#corp train's destroyed! We lost it.", "Dammit! We needed that train intact!",

"Okay, train's beyond saving. Let's kill some more Vek.",

"We can cry over the wrecked train later... now let's kill Vek.", "If the train wanted to survive, it would have moved faster, all right?", "Now train escort duty is done, let's have some fun!"

"Train's destroyed, commander.",

"Not even all of #corp's engineering teams could put that back together again.",

"#corp train's necessary repairs exceed warranty.",

"The #corp train has fallen in battle. We must avenge it.", "The #corp train has sacrificed itself. Let this sacrifice not be in vain.",

"I d-d-don't think anything could repair that train now.",

"Not even a f-f-full #corp engineering team could repair that train.",

"#corp train disassembled.",

"#corp train irrecoverable."

"The #corp train has ceased functioning. It is beyond repair.",

"I have radioed ahead and let the #corp know the train will be delayed indefinitely.", "That #corp train was exceedingly fragile, it is no surprise it was destroyed so easily."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\\ *::*:.*: //" ":: Hnn… Nnnhr. ::" "That hit damaged poor Harold beyond repair. The last Old Earth locomotive... lost.",

"The train's lost... what a tragedy. But at least it was lost carrying out its duty."

"Our maglev's destroyed. A waste.",


"The train has ceased operations. This undermines our survival projections considerably." "Our train is down - and so is the crew. There is nothing more to be done."
* Mission_Block_Reminder Remind player to block emerging Vek "Reminder: Block emerging Vek" "We need to block those Vek from reaching the surface!",

"Remember our orders! We need to block the Vek from emerging!", "We need to put a lid on those emergence points!"

"We need to keep those Vek from surfacing!",

"We need to keep those Vek pinned underground!", "Don't worry, commander, we'll keep the Vek from emerging as ordered."

"[ Objectives dictate emerging Vek need to be contained underground ]",

"[ Objectives dictate emergent Vek must be blocked ]"

"We need to keep those Vek from emerging to secure the region.",

"Keep those Vek below ground, block them with your Mechs!", "We need to block the emerging Vek to secure the region."

"#squad - we need to focus on preventing the Vek from emerging.",

"#squad - move to block the Vek, don't let any of them surface!",

"#squad, move to block the emerging Vek... with your Mechs if you have to!",

"Come on #squad - pin down the Vek before they surface!"

"Our orders are to block the emerging Vek.",

"We were ordered to prevent the Vek from surfacing.",

"What were we supposed to be doing here again? Oh, yes, prevent the Vek from emerging." "We are required to prevent Vek from surfacing and damaging the region's topsoil.",

"The Vek are to remain planted in the ground. We must prevent them from surfacing.",

"Uh... we're supposed to be keeping the Vek belowground, right?",

"We need to keep those uglies from surfacing! Commander's orders!",

"Remember #squad, we need to keep the Vek pinned down.",

"#squad, Cover all Vek emergence points!", "#squad, don't let the Vek surface! Use your Mechs to stop them!",

"So... our orders are to sit on our asses... correction, sit our asses on Vek?",

"Wait... didn't the commander say something about keeping the Vek from emerging?",

"We have our orders. We need to stop the Vek from surfacing.",

"Remember - our mission is to keep the Vek from reaching the surface.", "Pin the Vek down with your Mechs, don't let them surface!"

"Our work orders are to keep the Vek from surfacing.",

"No Vek is to be allowed to emerge without permission.", "We have all been given our shift assignments. Cover the emergence points.",

"Um... shouldn't we be s-s-topping the Vek from emerging?",

"S-should we f-f-focus on the Vek emergence points?", "I h-hope we c-can stop the Vek from emerging...",

"Vek have not been cleared for emergence and must be detained.",

"Unauthorized Vek tunneling must be halted.", "Vek tunnels must be capped by any means necessary."

"I feel the need to remind everyone we were requested to prevent the Vek from surfacing.",

"Commander's orders were to focus on the emerging Vek.", "We need to block the emerging Vek from surfacing. The 'commander' said so."

"Kc'cht! Vk!" "| .----. |" ":: Rhnnn-k-nnn! ::" "We need to keep the Vek from surfacing. Block the emergence points any way you can!" "Block those emergence points! Don't let the Vek surface." "Part of your mission is ensuring the Vek remain contained below ground." "Block the emerging Vek if you can - we need to keep them contained.",

"The more Vek that surface, the more danger they'll pose to the #squad and Detritus."

Archive Inc
Mission_Airstrike_Incoming "Alert: Air support incoming" "Did ol' Dewey really get those planes flying again?",

"Archive bomber coming in - I hope the pilot finished basic training.", "Uh... Archive pilot coming in. I'd get clear. Now."

"Great - Archive air support, for what that's worth.",

"Old Earth plane incoming... let's hope Archive can keep it in the air.", "Watch your heads, Archive bomber coming in.", "About to have hell raining down from above..."

"[ Incoming Archive jet detected ]",

"[ Archive air support detected ]"

"Archive air strike on the way!",

"We've got air support incoming, move to safety!", "Everyone, clear the strike zone!", "Got air support coming in fast!", "Looks like Archive is about to teach the Vek the value of air superiority..."

"Archive's got a bomber coming in. Watch yourselves.",

"Archive's air support is on the way... stay clear.",

"I'm picking up an Archive bomber on sensors.",

"Archive bomber's coming in for a strafing run.", "Stay clear, everyone, Archive bomber's beginning its run!",

"Bombing run commencing." "Picking up an Old Earth bomber on sensors. It's... wobbling a bit.",

"Air strike incoming. Hope the pilot knows what they're doing..."

"Sensors detect an Archive jet flying with primitive propulsion systems.",

"An Archive bomber is about to do considerable damage to the region's topsoil.",

"I think we're about to get a fireworks show from above!",

"I hear a bomber coming in... and... nnh... someone needs to tune its engines.",

"Archive jet has started its bombing run... please don't hit us, please don't hit us...",

"#squad, get clear of the bombing area!", "Hope that Archive bomber doesn't veer off course...", "Archive bomber incoming! Get clear!"

"Got an Archive bomber incoming... it better not get a scratch on my Mech." "We've got air support incoming!",

"Air strike incoming!", "The Archive pilots are beginning their bombing run - stay clear of the strike zone!"

"A flying demolitions crew is approaching our position.",

"An aircraft laden with explosives is preparing to drop them in our work zone."

"I'm p-p-picking up an incoming fighter... one of ours.",

"I h-h-have what looks like a jet on s-s-sensors... and an old one, at that.", "I b-b-believe Archive is sending air support."

"Archive bomber entering region airspace.",

"Archive bomber about to deploy explosive charges."

"A sub-optimal Archive jet with a sub-optimal pilot is on approach.",

"An Archive jet is beginning its run. Bracing for civilian relations nightmare."

"Kc'cht! Jjk… k'h'kht…" "/ *::..: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "We've got one of our jets coming in for a bombing run! Clear the target zone!",

"Bomber incoming! Clear the area!",

Mission_Tanks_Activated Both tanks survived to activation "Update: Archive Inc. Tanks online",

"Update: Archive Inc. Tanks online\nCall Signs: 'Mama Bear', 'Daddy Warbucks'"

"Ol' Dewey was right about those tanks - they're good to go.",

"Those tanks are online? I'm surprised, they've been exhibits for so long.", "Guess Old Earth made those two tanks to last - they're ready!", "Blasts from the past - online!", "I'm getting the 'go' signal from those two relics - I can't believe it, but they look ready to fight!"

"Those old Archive tanks finally woke up. Get them moving!",

"Both tanks are powered up. Let's put that old artillery to use!", "Those two Archive tanks are primed. Hope they don't shoot dust."

"[ Archive tanks are active ]",

"[ Archive tanks: call signs 'Daddy Warbucks', 'Mama Bear', are now activated ]", "[ Archive tanks are ready to be deployed ]"

"Those Archive tanks don't look safe... but they're up and running.",

"Not sure what those tanks can do, but they're ready.", "Looks like those Archive relics are warmed up and ready to go.", "The tanks are active. Hope they did the proper safety checks..."

"Archive tanks are reporting in.",

"Looks like those two old warhorses are ready to fight.",

"Both of the Old Earth tanks are powered up!",

"We've got fire support from both Archive tanks.",

"The old soldiers await orders.",

"Make certain that those old tanks do not hit us.",

"Tanks' batteries are at full. They are awaiting orders.",

"It looks like Archive was right, the tanks still work!",

"The Old Earth tanks are activated, and ready to add Vek nutrients to the soil.",

"The Old Earth tanks are activated... and asking if our enemies are 'communists'.",

"Get it into gear, old-timers, we need both you tanks in the fight!",

"You two relics - brush off the dust, shake a tread, whatever... there's Vek to stomp!"

"Got new friendlies on our side!",

"Archive tanks are activated, time to roll out!", "Archive tanks are ready, let's put them to work!"

"Looks like those tanks want a piece of the action.",

"Those two junkers can join us, but they better stay out of my way!"

"We've got reinforcements. Those two tanks are ready to be deployed.",

"Those two tanks are... against all odds... ready to roll.", "The Archive tanks... uh, 'Mama Bear' and 'Daddy Warbucks'... are ready to fight."

"The two bulldozers with cannons are now ready to begin work.",

"We have two new members of the work crew, ready to pitch in.", "Two bulldozers requesting permission to join the #squad.", "Two new employees are ready to assist clearing Vek hazards from the region."

"G-G-Getting a 'ready' signal from those t-t-two Archive tanks.",

"Those t-t-tanks are c-charged and r-ready.",

"Archive tanks online. Syncing objectives now." "These tanks are online... and my, they're rather crude.",

"The two tanks are online... and... I believe they're gossiping about me!", "The tanks are activated... although I can barely understand what they're saying."

"Tch'k. Jjk; j'h'kht…" "/ *::..: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-hnh! ::" "We're reading green on the tanks - they're ready to go!",

"Those Old Earth tanks are powered up and ready to fight!"

Mission_Tanks_PartialActivated Only one tank survived to activation "Update: Archive Inc. Tank online",

"Update: Archive Inc. Tank online\nCall Sign: 'Mama Bear'"

"Archive tank's good to go! ...and can't believe it still works.",

"Tank's ready - let's see what ol' 'Mama Bear' can do!", "I'm getting the 'go' signal from the remaining tank - I can't believe it, it looks ready to fight!", "Mama Bear... er, the Archive tank... is online and ready to roll out!",

"That last Archive tank finally woke up. Get it moving!",

"Surviving tank is powered up. Let's put that old artillery to use!", "Archive tank is reporting in. Hope it doesn't shoot dust."

"[ Surviving Archive tank is now activated ]",

"[ Surviving Archive tank: call sign 'Mama Bear', is now activated ]", "[ Surviving Archive tank is ready to be deployed ]"

"That Archive tank doesn't look safe... but it's up and running.",

"Not sure what that tank can do, but it's ready for orders.", "The second tank is active. Hope it did the proper safety checks..."

"That Old Earth tank's charged and ready.",

"Got the signal from the surviving tank - it's ready for battle!",

"Hey! The surviving tank is armed!",

"Looks like that Old Earth tank wants to help!",

"The last old soldier is awake, and seeks to avenge its brother.",

"Make certain that old tank does not hit us.", "Make sure those tanks stay out of my way."

"Tank's battery is at full. It is awaiting orders.",

"Why, look at that - the last tank still works! It's online!",

"The surviving Old Earth military unit is indicating it is ready for action.",

"The remaining Old Earth tank is activated, and ready to add Vek nutrients to the soil.",

"One tank's alive - and ready to avenge its sister!",

"Hey, that last tank is ready! You go, Grandma Tanky!"

"Got a new friendly on our side!",

"That Archive tank should even the odds.", "Archive tank's fully charged - time to roll out!", "Archive tank's ready, let's put it to work!"

"Looks like the surviving tank woke up. And it's pissed.",

"That junker's ready to fight, but it better not steal my kills."

"The surviving tank is ready to be deployed.",

"The surviving tank's giving an old call sign, but... uh, 'Mama Bear' is ready to fight."

"The intact bulldozer with the cannon is now ready to begin work.",

"The surviving employee is ready to assist with clearing Vek waste from the region.", "The remaining bulldozer is requesting permission to join the #squad.", "We have a new member of the work crew, ready to help remove Vek hazards."

"G-G-Getting the ready signal from the r-r-remaining tank.",

"The s-s-surviving tank is charged and ready.", "W-Would you look at that! That l-l-last tank activated after all."

"Archive tank online. Syncing objectives now." "The tank is awake... and why, I believe it just called me a 'snob'.",

"The surviving tank is online... and using a rather coarse programming language.", "The elderly tank is online... and... I believe it's flirting with me."

"Tch'k. Jk; j'h'kht…" "/ *::… \" ":: Rhnnn-k-hnh. ::" "My engineers report that the remaining tank should be ready for action. Send it into the fray!" --
* Mission_Dam_Reminder Remind player to destroy the Dam "Reminder: Complete destruction of dam" "We still need to break that dam...",

"Anyone who gets a shot at the dam, take it.", "We need to destroy that dam if we're going to stop the Vek..."

"That dam still has to go.",

"That dam needs to be destroyed to protect the region.", "Don't worry about the dam, commander, we'll take it down."

"[ Dam still needs to be destroyed ]",

"[ #squad notification: Dam is still intact ]", "[ Destruction of dam is among our primary objectives ]"

"We still need to take out that dam...",

"Dam's still intact. We need to take it down.", "Time's running out to take down that dam...", "#squad, if anyone gets a clear shot, take down the dam!"

"#squad - if someone gets a clear shot at the dam, take it!",

"If we don't collapse that dam, the Vek will burrow deeper into the island..."

"Hate to destroy the dam, but if it helps against the burrowing Vek...",

"#squad - if I can target the dam, I will!"

"Destroy the dam when Vek lie in its path.",

"Use the dam to drown the Vek.", "The Grid, the Vek, then the dam."

"It seems a waste to destroy the dam...",

"Shame we have to destroy the dam - it's really a fascinating piece of Old Earth engineering.", "I'm sure there's some easy release valve for the dam that wouldn't require us shelling it...",

"We are required to recycle the dam to irrigate the region.",

"We have been instructed to recycle the dam to reduce Vek burrowing efforts.",

"Seems a shame to blow the dam up, but...",

"Uh, everyone... should I take the dam or...?"

"We need to take the Archive dam out. Commander's orders.",

"CEO Alms asked us to take out the dam. Let's get it done.", "We need to hit that dam. It's the only thing that'll block the Vek advance."

"I hope you're not expecting ME to destroy the dam.",

"The dam doesn't count as a kill. I'll only do it if I have to.", "Me? Blow up the dam? Someone else do it!"

"Remember - commander's orders are to take out the dam.",

"All #squad - target the dam, we need to bring it down!"

"Our work orders include obliterating that dam.",

"That dam must be obliterated. With extreme prejudice.", "We all have been given our shift assignments. Obliterate the dam.",

"Um... w-what about the d-dam?",

"Sh-Should I be the one to d-d-destroy the d-dam?", "Can our M-Mechs even t-take down that dam?",

"Dam obstruction must be removed.",

"Dam demolitions operation must commence."

"I feel the need to remind everyone we need to bring down that dam.",

"Commander's orders were to destroy the dam.", "In order to block the tunneling Vek, we'll need to destroy the dam in this region."

"Kc'cht! Jjk!" "| .----. |" ":: Rhnnn-k-n. ::" "That dam needs to be destroyed... we need a natural barrier to stop the Vek, and a river's what we need.",

"I hate to press, but is the dam still intact?", "If you can bring that dam down, do it! Better the monument fall than the people of Archive."

Mission_Dam_Destroyed After the completed animation of the dam drowning things "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: River now online",

"Update: Vek tunneling prevented\nCause: Water barrier", "Update: Vek environmental barrier online"

"I guess this is what you'd call Archive terraforming?",

"Shame about the dam, but it was necessary.",

"Uh... Archive control? You've got yourselves a new river.",

"Dam breach successful.", "That'll make a nice wall to Vek burrowing efforts."

"[ Dam has been destroyed, river has been deployed ]",

"[ River has been deployed ]", "[ Vek burrowing efforts halted by river ]"

"Someone should tell #corp they've got a new river.",

"Updating region maps with the new river...", "That should curtail the Vek's attempts to burrow inland."

"That did it!",

"Water's the best wall against burrowing Vek.",

"Looks like Archive's got a new river.",

"That river should serve as a natural barrier against Vek burrowing inland."

"From violence, a river.",

"A dam has become a dam of another sort - a barrier against the Vek."

"The flooding has made a natural barrier!",

"We seem to have made a mess of the dam.",

"Dam recycled. River is now irrigating the region.",

"Water has formed a natural barrier against Vek burrowing attempts.",

"Do we get to name the river?",

"We should name the river after the squad - the #squad River, maybe?"

"River's deployed.",

"Not the best irrigation job I've ever seen, but...", "Dam objective complete. Uh... for the record, that wasn't profanity, it's an actual dam."

"First dibs on naming the river... #self_second River, discovered by yours truly.",

"Vek tunnel into that, they can cry me a river... get it? ...Anyone?"

"Should be proud - R.S.T. terraforming rarely makes rivers.",

"This river will make a good defensive wall against tunneling Vek."

"Monument obliteration detected.",

"Monument obliteration complete.", "Monument has been obliterated with extreme prejudice.", "A new drainage ditch has been created.", "A river to ferry away the dam wreckage is now online.",

"This sh-sh-should put a s-s-stop to the Vek's tunneling efforts.",

"This'll s-s-stop the Vek burrowers... but n-n-not the fliers."

"Dam demolition successful.",

"Dam obstruction removed."

"Well, that dam would have collapsed eventually, I suppose.",

"If we must sacrifice decrepit human museum pieces to defeat the Vek, it seems like a win-win.",

"Tch'k! Jjk!" "/ ::..:: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-HNH! ::" "Look at that river run! Well done #squad, I knew you could do it!",

"You know, I always thought a river would look nice in that region."

Mission_Satellite_Destroyed Triggers only when the first satellite is destroyed "Update: Satellite 'Argus V' destroyed" "Dewey must be crying right now - his grandfather gifted that to Archive.",

"Poor 'Argus V' - that rocket still had life in its engines."

"Rocket's destroyed, commander.",

"We lost one of the rockets, commander.", "It's gone! Protect the other rocket!"

"[ Rocket has been destroyed ]",

"[ Launch canceled ]"

"We've lost one of the satellites.",

"First satellite lost, defend the second!", "What a waste..."

"Guess that one's not seeing orbit.",

"Protect the second one!"

"Rocket's disabled!",

"We've lost one of the rockets!"

"We no longer need to protect that rocket.",

"Focus efforts on the second rocket."

"And I hoped to see it fly...",

"There goes my chance of seeing it launch..."

"Satellite recycled. Its rocket emissions will also no longer contaminate the region.",

"Rocket has been recycled. Detecting chemical residue bleeding into soil.",

"Oh no! The rocket!",

"That poor satellite - it'll never see the stars.", "I guess we still have the other one? For now?", "We still have one more rocket!"

"First satellite's been destroyed.",

"Satellite's lost. Protect the other one!", "Defend the other satellite!"

"That satellite wasn't really a gift from Dewey's grandpa was it? Tell me it wasn't.",

"Uh... the loss of the rocket was out of our control. At least that's the story I'm sticking to."

"First satellite's destroyed, commander.",

"First satellite's lost, commander."

"Rocket has suffered system failure.",

"Rocket has been decommissioned.", "Rocket couldn't take the pressure.",

"We've lost one of the s-s-satellites!",

"The s-s-satellite! It's destroyed!", "Satellite's g-gone! Wh-What do we do now?", "W-We still have the other r-rocket, right?"

"Unauthorized destruction of Archive property detected.",

"Rocket destroyed."

"A waste of a perfectly adequate rocket.",

"Let's leave this incident off the public channels until we see what happens with the other rocket.",

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn… HRN. ::" "No, not the satellite! I can't look!",

"The satellite's lost! Grandfather must be spinning in his grave...", "I'm sorry, grandfather, we tried to keep the satellites preserved..."

Mission_Satellite_Imminent Triggers when the Satellite queues its launch (the turn before it actually launches) -- It can trigger for either satellite, or both, it's randomized. "Update: Rocket preparing to launch" "Almost ready to launch. I hope that rocket holds together...",

"We'll soon see if that Archive maintenance paid off when that rocket launches...",

"Almost ready to launch...",

"It's almost in the air, commander.", "Just need to buy that rocket a little more time..."

"[ Launch imminent ]" "Rocket's firing up...",

"Be sure to clear the rocket's blast area!", "Rocket's about to launch, get to minimum safe distance!"

"Rocket's firing up - stay clear!",

"Satellite's about to launch - keep your distance!",

"Satellite's almost ready to launch!",

"Just a little longer before it takes off...",

"Do not let the Vek near the rocket.",

"Keep the Vek from the launchpad."

"Almost clear for launch!",

"Rocket systems are green.",

"Rocket is about to leave this habitat.",

"Short-term damage from rocket exhaust offset by long-term gain in Vekticide efforts."

"10... 9... 8...",

"Archive, this is, uh, Chief #self_second in mission control. It's a clear day, and rocket's about to launch!", "The rocket's almost ready for takeoff!", "We just need to buy the rocket a little more time...", "I want a front row view of the launch, but the pad's going to get reeeal hot in a second..."

"Just a little longer...",

"It's almost ready to take off...", "Stay clear of the launch pad - that rocket'll fry anything near it on takeoff!"

"Will that damn thing launch already?!",

"If you can fry a Vek using the launch pad, do it!"

"Satellite's almost ready for launch, commander.",

"#squad, stay clear of the launch pad or you'll be ash!",

"Clear the launch pad. I repeat, clear the launch pad.",

"Warning: Launch pad temperatures will rise enough to melt our Mech's hulls.", "Rocket launch imminent - all #squad get to minimum safe distance."

"R-R-Rocket's almost about to launch...",

"R-R-Rocket's about to launch... g-get clear of the pad while you c-can!"

"Seismic readings indicate imminent rocket launch." "Why, I believe the rocket may actually launch.",

"Be careful of the rocket exhaust, our Mechs are not built to withstand the blast.",

"Kc'cht… Jjk…" "/ *::..: \" ":: …rhnnn-kk-k-nnn… ::" "The rocket's about to take off! I can't believe it!",

"Rocket's almost ready, #squad, just keep the Vek away a little longer..."

Mission_Satellite_Launch Triggers when the satellite actually takes off, can trigger for either or both "Update: 'Archive, we have liftoff!'" "I can't believe it can fly!",

"Guess CEO Alms was right - they can still fly!", "The rocket's taking off!", "Relic's away!"

"Rocket's airborne!" "[ Rocket launch detected ]", "Reporting successful satellite launch!",

"Launch successful!", "Satellite's out of reach of the Vek now..."

"Satellite's away!",

"Hope that Archive rocket holds together..."

"It's away!",

"Beautiful sight!",

"Focus on the ground, not the launch.",

"That rocket is no longer our concern."

"We have liftoff!",

"I wish I could have gone along for the ride..."

"Countless insects and plants have given their lives for this launch.",

"Rocket has left habitat and is entering new habitat in upper atmosphere."

"Wow! Look at that rocket go!",

"I can't believe it... an actual rocket launch!", "I heard we used to send rockets into space all the time..."

"#corp, we have launch!",

"Archive, rocket's away!",

"Dammmn! Look at it go!",

"I can't believe that piece of junk can still fly!"

"Satellite's in the air, commander.",

"Launch successful, commander."

"Rocket has left the work zone.",

"Post-launch clean-up procedures in full effect."

"It launched... the r-r-rocket actually l-l-launched!",

"W-W-Would you look at that - it's in th-the air!",

"Launch successful." "I hope it doesn't hit the station in orbit ...there is one in this timeline, isn't there?",

"Give my regards to the orbiting lab - if it's even still there."

"Kc'cht…?! KK'hhh'kht!" "// ::..:: \\" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-HNH! ::" "It's away! Oh my stars, that is magnificent!",

"I can't believe it, the rocket launched! Er, well, I mean, I was SURE it would, but Old Earth relics can be, um, unreliable sometimes."

Mission_Mines_Vek Vek Killed by Mine "Warning: Detonation detected\nCause: Proximity mine" "Looks like Old Earth still has some surprises for the Vek.",

"Good thing we held off on disarming those land mines...", "Old Earth demolitions at work."

"Mine shredded that Vek.",

"Love to see those Vek pop.",

"[ Detonation detected ]",

"[ Explosion detected ]"

"Vek destroyed in the detonation.",

"Mine's disposed of the Vek.",

"Never get tired of seeing that.",

"The proximity mine took it out!",

"Oh! That mine took out the Vek!",

"I... I guess the Vek can't sense mines."

"A mine is a coward's weapon, but for the Vek, it is fitting.",

"Let them come to us."

"Why, those Old Earth mines still work! Excellent!",

"Thought that mine's proximity sensor might be a bit dodgy, but it did the job!",

"Garden proximity mine has assisted in Vekticide efforts.",

"Vek infestation countered by proximity mine.", "Proximity mine is assisting in Vek recycling efforts.", "New arable land has been cleared by proximity mine.",

"Whoa! Vek should have watched where it stepped.",

"It's the Vek's own fault for having too many legs. Was bound to hit a mine eventually.", "Teach that Vek not to trespass on Archive island!", "There's plenty more mines around for you Vek to step on!"

"We could use a few more mines like that.",

"Mine's done its work!", "Vek don't seem to recognize what a mine is. Their loss, our gain."

"Ha! I will NEVER get tired of seeing that.",

"I could watch Vek pop into confetti all day.", "Tell #corp we're going to need another mine. And another Vek.",

"Proximity mine took out that Vek.",

"Vek hit a proximity mine - that evened the odds a bit.", "#squad, position yourselves between the Vek and the mines, let them come to you!"

"Vek demolition successful.",

"Proximity mine functioning within normal parameters.", "Vek has unsuccessfully interacted with an Archive proximity mine."

"It was killed b-b-by the mine.",

"The m-mine went off... the Vek d-didn't even see it...", "The Vek... it d-didn't even know it was there..."

"Authorized proximity mine detonation detected.",

"Proximity mine has detonated."

"Primitive mines. But effective.",

"Those mines are old technology, but adequate.",

"Kc'cht…?! Vk? Tk'tch'Kch?" "/ *::..: \" ":: Rhnn-kk-n?! …Hnh. ::" "Well, those Old Earth mines still have some fire in them!",

"Please be careful of the mines - I certainly wouldn't want you to go the way of that Vek!"

Mission_Terraform_Destroyed If the terraformer is destroyed "Update: Terraformer destroyed" "Terraformer destroyed. Hate to be the one to tell CEO Kern.",

"Terraformer's down! So much for R.S.T. tech.", "Won't have that terraformer to help rebuild when the war's over..."

"Terraformer destroyed. CEO Kern must be losing it right now.",

"R.S.T. is going to have us filling out reports on this for months.", "Terraformer down, commander.", "Thing was one of R.S.T.'s best defenses against the Vek!"

"[ Terraformer has been destroyed ]",

"[ Terraformer is offline ]"

"Terraformer destroyed. A terrible loss.",

"R.S.T. was counting on that terraformer..."

"Dammit! We needed that terraformer!",

"Kern's going to have our heads for losing that terraformer..."

"No! We've lost the terraformer!",

"Terraformer's gone! Such a waste..."

"The terraformer is destroyed.",

"The terraformer no longer needs our protection.", "The terraformer is lost. Focus on the Vek."

"A waste of perfectly good tech...",

"There goes our chance of environmental recovery after the war..."

"Terraformer has been recycled. May it never be rebuilt.",

"Crude, unplanned terraforming efforts have been put on hold. Indefinitely.",

"Whoops. We needed that terraformer, right?",

"Was that terraformer supposed to blow up?",

"Better than losing the Grid, but Kern's going to blow a fuse over the terraformer.",

"CEO Kern isn't going to be happy about losing that terraformer..."

"CEO Kern's going to lose it over that terraformer.",

"Nothing we can do about that terraformer. R.S.T. can bill me.", "Let me do the talking in the R.S.T. debriefing, I'll smooth this over."

"Mother... CEO Kern in this timeline... isn't going to be happy.",

"Terraformer's destroyed, commander."

"The terraformer has ceased operations.",

"The terraformer has expired. Calling deconstruction crews now."

"We've lost the t-t-terraformer!",

"The terraformer's g-gone! Wh-What do we do n-now?"

"Terraformer represented a substantial investment of R.S.T. resources.",

"R.S.T. Terraformer operations interrupted."

"I believe the Corporate Accords protect us from any liabilities resulting from the terraformer's loss.",

"The R.S.T. terraformer was doing tremendous damage to this island anyway.",

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn… HRN. ::" "Report to my office about that terraformer as soon as you're back.",

"About that terraformer... make my office the first stop when you return to base.", "Terraformer's offline. Careless."

Mission_Terraform_Attacks After the player uses the terraformer (not necessarily the first, random chance)

This will obey the same rules as other barks, where something like a pilot death will take priority.

"Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Terraforming successful" "No wonder this island shifts so much.",

"Okay, that's scarier than these Mechs.", "Vek picked the wrong fight with R.S.T."

"Think that's impressive? Wait till you see an R.S.T. Earth Mover in action." "[ Please stay clear of terraformer work area ]",

"[ Terraforming initiated]"

"Watch out for the terraformer, it won't distinguish friend from foe.",

"Keep a safe distance from the terraformer.", "R.S.T. needs more stringent safety protocols on that machine..."

"Keep clear, let the terraformer do its work!",

"Watch it, people, you don't want to get near that thing."

"Wow. R.S.T. tech sure is... effective.",

"No wonder the Vek are attacking that thing.",

"A scorched earth policy, then.",

"The land will only endure so much.",

"Fascinating! A marvelous piece of technology!",

"It's much like a Detritus teleporter, but for sculpting terrain...",

"Terrain has been crudely tilled.",

"R.S.T. uses a hammer when a tractor will do."

"Whoa. That terraformer gives me the shivers.",

"No wonder R.S.T. Island shifts so much..."

"Stay clear of the terraformer, #squad - we've got our own job to do.",

"Keep the Vek away from the terraformer, #squad, let it do its work.", "Stay clear of the terraformer, #squad, you don't want to get caught in its wake."

"I need THAT as a weapon.",

"We need to put that terraformer on a Mech, we'd have the war won in no time!"

"Terraforming successful.",

"Terraformer's doing its job, commander.",

"Work site has been altered. R.S.T. terrain successfully subjugated.",

"The R.S.T. terraformer has broken the island terrain to its will."

"The terraformer... just... d-d-dissolved the terrain.",

"The terraformer... just... w-wiped away the g-ground."

"R.S.T. Terraformer rezoning of region complete.",

"R.S.T. Terraformer operations successful."

"That R.S.T. terraformer consumes an abhorrent amount of energy.",

"If you ever wondered why so much of R.S.T. is nothing but particles... there's your answer."

"KC'CHT…?!" "\ *:*::. /" ":: Rhnn-KK-K-N?! …HnH…? ::" "Stay out of the terraformer's way and let it do its work.",

"Use the terraformer to kill the Vek if you have to... it's an effective weapon."

Mission_Cataclysm_Falling Triggers when ground is falling during either RST mission with falling ground "Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: Canyon added to database" "Ground's shifting!",

"How does R.S.T. even live here?", "Seismic readings are off the scale!"

"Quake on sensors... just another day in the R.S.T.",

"Living on R.S.T., you get used to the quakes.", "That should stir the Vek up..."

"[ Earthquake warning ]",

"[ Attempting to project aftershocks... calculating... ]",

"It's a wonder R.S.T. doesn't tear itself apart...",

"Seismic readings are off the charts!", "The ground's collapsing, be careful!",

"Seismic readings are off the charts!",

"Watch your footing, ground's giving way!"

"This island is tearing itself apart - how does R.S.T. survive here?!",


"Use the canyons against the enemy.",

"Drive our enemies into the ground."

"Tremors on sensors... hold on!",

"All these quakes... I hope R.S.T. knows what it's doing to its own island..."

"Terrain is unstable. A new geologic survey of the area will be required.",

"These fissures will only stop ground Vek. Watch your sensors for airborne Vek.",

"Is this island with us or against us?",

"That chasm could swallow a city! And us! Several 'us's!"

"Never get used to fighting on this unstable terrain...",

"Watch your fire, #squad - and watch the ground!", "These quakes must be driving the Vek into a frenzy..."

"I think we just lost ground. Literally.",

"Plug those chasms with the Vek!"

"Registering quakes! Watch the ground!",

"Watch for tremors! If you fall, we won't be able to rescue you!", "#squad! Keep an eye on your seismic sensors!"

"Unsafe work conditions detected.",

"The foundation of the R.S.T. structures were designed to resist these quakes.",

"S-S-Seismic readings are off th-the scale!",

"Are these q-q-quakes... n-n-normal on R.S.T.?",

"Seismic readings indicate unstable land mass.",

"Scan for new mineral deposits in canyons commencing."

"All ground units, be advised we have a terrain collapse in effect.",

"R.S.T. citizens, there is no cause for alarm. Please remain in your designated emergency areas."

"KC'CHT…?!" "\ *:*::. /" ":: RhnNn-k-K-k-nNn! ::" "Watch the terrain... R.S.T. is continually shifting and breaking apart.",

"Knock the Vek into the chasms if you can - the fall will kill them."

Mission_Lightning_Strike_Vek If lightning hits a Vek "Update: Recalibrating EMP safeguards",

"Alert: Electrical discharge detected"

"Don't mess with mother nature...",

"Watch for other strikes, we don't want to get hit, too.", "That's way better than an Archive air strike..."

"Storm's out of control...",

"R.S.T. started using the weather to fight the Vek... now it's fighting on its own.", "Watch out for the storms, not just the Vek!"

"[ Vek has been electrocuted ]", "Guess lightning and Vek don't mix.",

"Seems there's no such thing as a re-usable Vek lightning rod.", "The lightning has vaporized it."

"Nothing like the smell of charred Vek.",

"Mother nature's bug zapper.",

"Did you see that flash? I feel bad for the Vek...",

"We'd better avoid that storm or we'll end up like the Vek."

"Sword of heaven.",

"Lightning purifies.", "May the storms rain their fury upon the Vek."

"Confirmed. The Vek are not shielded against electrical discharges.",

"The discharge vaporized the Vek!", "Looks like CEO Kern is putting the sky's natural weapons to good use...",

"The storm has recycled the Vek.",

"The storm has disintegrated many of the Vek's essential nutrients.",

"Yikes! That storm means business!",

"Ouch! Do you think that Vek felt any pain...?",

"Lightning took the Vek out!",

"Vek got caught in the storm!", "Vek's sparks and embers now.", "Vek's fried!"

"Weather reports today indicate a 100% chance of fried Vek.",

"That must have been a shock... get it? Anyone?",

"R.S.T. weather stations report more strikes on the way...",

"If only R.S.T. could regain control of those stormfronts...",

"Vek has been exposed to lethal amounts of electricity.",

"Vek lacks adequate insulation to survive a lightning strike.",

"The V-Vek do not seem immune t-t-to electrical d-d-discharges.",

"It s-seems the Vek's c-carapace isn't insulated..."

"Vek conducting unauthorized meteorological studies.",

"Logging data on Vek meteorological interactions."

"The storm has discharged itself all over the Vek. Messy.",

"The Vek's insulation has proved inadequate to withstand a lightning strike."

"Kc'cht…?! Vk! Tk'tch'Kch!" "| **::.. |" ":: Rhn-k-K-k-n?! …Hnh. ::" "Even storms hate the Vek...",

"That's why we harness the weather against the Vek. It's quite effective."

Mission_Solar_Destroyed Solar panel destroyed "Update: Solar farm destroyed" "Solar farm's destroyed!",

"Kern's going to lose it when she hears about the farm.", "Well, with the farm lost, expect power rationing in the near future..."

"Kern's not going to like our report about the farm, commander.",

"Farm's destroyed, commander."

"[ Solar farm has been destroyed ]",

"[ Solar farm is offline ]"

"Farm's destroyed - no way we can salvage it.",

"Every solar farm lost costs us more power in the future...", "Kern won't be happy about that solar farm...",

"Solar farm's wrecked!",

"Kern's going to have our ass for that solar farm..."

"No! We've lost the solar farm!",

"The solar farm... it's destroyed! The people...",

"The solar array is no more.",

"The array is lost. Focus on killing Vek.",

"Such a waste! All those solar panels... wrecked.",

"A waste. Not even the farm's panels look salvageable."

"Solar farm recycled.",

"Solar collection efforts have been halted."

"I think we just lost the solar farm.",

"Weren't we supposed to protect the solar farm?"

"Farm's been destroyed!",

"We lost the solar farm.", "Not much we could do. The solar farm wasn't built for battlefield conditions..."

"Solar farm's gone, nothing we can do about it now.",

"Let me handle the debriefing on what happened with the solar farm, I'll smooth this over."

"Solar farm's destroyed, commander.",

"Solar farm's gone. Need to do better, #self_first..."

"Solar array's components have failed to defend it.",

"Solar array's structural integrity has been found lacking."

"The f-farm... it's gone!",

"The f-farm! It's d-d-destroyed!", "The f-farm is g-gone! Wh-What do we do n-now?"

"Unauthorized destruction of R.S.T. property detected.",

"R.S.T. solar array destroyed. Disruption in long-term power projections logged."

"The solar farm's fragile construction has failed in light of current combat conditions.",

"I regret to inform you all that the solar farm has shut down operations indefinitely."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn …Hrrrrnn… ::" "I'll see to it you apologize to the R.S.T. families personally.",

"We needed those farms!", "Solar farm's been destroyed. Careless."

* Mission_Force_Reminder Remind player to destroy the mountains "Reminder: Mountains must be destroyed" "Remember, we need to level those mountains before the Vek start making hives in them.",

"We still need to level those mountains to prevent future Vek hives."

"Those mountains still have to go.",

"Those mountain Vek-hives-to-be still need to be leveled.", "Don't worry about the mountains, commander, we'll bring them down."

"[ Mountains still need to be destroyed ]",

"[ Destruction of mountains is among our primary objectives ]"

"We still need to bring down those mountains, everyone.",

"#squad, keep in mind we need to level those mountains before we go.", "Remember, destroying those mountains is key to securing the region."

"Still need to bring down those mountains...",

"#squad... if you're not killing Vek, direct fire on the mountains."

"The mountain range is still intact... if we don't bring it down, the Vek will make hives there.",

"If anyone has a clear shot at the mountains, we need to bring them down!"

"Our orders are clear. The mountains must be destroyed.",

"If the mountains remain standing, we have not won this day."

"We still need to destroy those mountains... prevent the Vek from nesting in them.",

"That mountain range still needs to be leveled...", "We still need to bring down those mountains, don't we?",

"Mountains must be removed to prevent Vek hive formation.",

"Mountains still need to be recycled.",

"Can we blow up some mountains now? Please? They gave us permission!",

"I know we have our orders, but I don't understand why R.S.T. can't dissolve the mountains themselves...", "I hope when we crack those mountains, we don't discover a Vek hive's already there..."

"Don't forget - we're here to take down the mountains, CEO Kern's orders.",

"Still got more mountain clean-up work to do, #squad.",

"Wait... didn't the commander say something about blowing up the mountains?",

"I hope you're not expecting me to destroy all the mountains.", "Mountains don't count as kills. I'll only do it if I have to."

"We still need to bring down those mountains. Commander's orders.",

"All #squad - if you don't have a clear shot at the Vek, level the mountains!", "Remember - our mission is to take down those mountains if we can.",

"Mountains still require obliteration.",

"Our work orders are clear. Mountains must be obliterated.", "Mountains must be made unsuitable for Vek habitation."

"Um... w-what about the m-mountains?",

"S-should I handle destroying the m-mountains?", "Are our Mechs able to t-take down those m-mountains?"

"Mountains in region queued for excavation.",

"Requesting authorization to commence mountain excavation.",

"I feel the need to remind everyone we need to bring down those mountains.",

"I believe the commander's orders were to destroy the mountains."

"Kc'cht! Jjk! JJK!" "| .----. |" ":: Rhnnn-k-n. ::" "You have your orders. Those mountains need to come down.",

"If those mountains remain standing, the Vek will use them as a staging ground for more attacks.", "Direct your fire on the mountains! We can't let them be used as hives."

Mission_Freeze_Mines_Vek Vek Frozen by Mine. This takes priority over all other Freeze conditions. "Update: Vek in hibernation mode\nCause: Pinnacle cryo-mine",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%\nCause: Pinnacle cryo-mine", "Update: Vek in hibernation mode", "Update: Vek mobility at 0%"

"The cryo-mine got one of the Vek!",

"Cryo-mine went off! Vek's frozen solid!", "Cryo-mine went off, but careful, that Vek's still alive in there."

"The Vek need to learn to watch where they step.",

"Cryo-mine disabled the Vek, commander.", "Cryo-mine froze the Vek, commander."

"[ Cryo-mine triggered ]",

"[ Target has been immobilized ]"

"Cryo-mine successful. Vek's been incapacitated.",

"Vek was immobilized by the cryo-mine, but it's still alive.", "Vek is frozen, but watch your fire, or it might break free."

"Land mine's better, but putting them on ice is just fine with me.",

"The cryo-mine put that Vek on ice.",

"Cryo-mine went off! The Vek's completely encased in ice!",

"That cryo-mine should hold the Vek!"

"The Vek has ceased moving.",

"Winter has seized the Vek.", "The Vek and the cold are not allies."

"The Vek hit the cryo-mine!",

"The cryo-mine has stopped the Vek!"

"The cryo-mine has suspended the Vek in ice.",

"The cryo-mine has rendered the Vek inert until we dispose of it.", "The cryo-mine has suspended the Vek life cycle."

"Whoa! Vek should have watched where it stepped.",

"Cryo-mine'll teach that Vek not to trespass on Pinnacle Island!",

"Cryo-mine froze the Vek!",

"Cryo-mine did its work.", "Cryo-mine got the Vek!",

"I bet that Vek's blinking under the ice, wondering what happened.",

"Let's save that frozen Vek for last..."

"Cryo-mine took it out. For now.",

"It's been frozen by the cryo-mine - but it's still alive.", "#squad! Try to position yourselves between the Vek and the cryo-mines!",

"Cryo-mine is functioning within normal parameters.",

"Vek has failed to observe worksite safety procedures.", "Vek hazard has suffered a cryogenic workplace accident."

"The cryo-mine... it s-s-stopped the Vek!",

"Vek life signs are s-s-slowing - it's t-t-trapped.", "The Vek hit by the c-cryo-mine... its metabolic readings are s-s-slowing!", "The cryo-mine w-w-worked... but will the ice hold it...?"

"Cryo-mine detonation confirmed. Vek contained.",

"Cryo-mine detonation confirmed. Vek frozen."

"Last-gen cryo-tech, but effective.",

"An old cryo-mine design, but adequate.", "The cryo-mine has fulfilled its purpose."

"Kc'cht…?! Vk! Tk'tch'Kch…?" "| *::---- |" ":: Hnn? Hn-Hnn! ::" "The cryo-mine has preserved the Vek. I am detecting very faint life signs.",

"The ice is only a temporary solution. Something may yet set it free.", "The cryo-mine has frozen the Vek. Focus on other targets now.",

Mission_Factory_Destroyed Bot Factory destroyed "Update: Robotics factory destroyed" "Factory's down!",

"At least no more haywire bots will be coming out of there..."

"Pinnacle can bill me.",

"Factory's destroyed, commander."

"[ Factory has been destroyed ]",

"[ Factory is offline ]"

"The factory wasn't designed to withstand that kind of damage.",

"There was no way it could withstand a hit like that.", "Zenith will not be pleased with our performance."

"Factory's down. At least it's not spawning more problems.",

"Factory's gone. Pinnacle's not going to be happy."

"Wish we could have saved it... Zenith, we're so sorry.",

"If only we had had the time to fix the factory...",

"The factory is no more.",

"The factory is destroyed."

"A shame. I'm sure we could have fixed that factory.",

"Now we may never know what went wrong at the factory...",

"Robotics factory operations have been halted. Indefinitely.",

"Malfunctioning robot construction efforts have been halted."

"Whoops. Was that factory supposed to blow up?",

"At least we won't have to worry about any more crazy robots..."

"Factory's been hit!",

"...Factory's gone.", "...I'll report the factory's loss to Zenith personally.", "Going to catch hell for that... or worse, Zenith's cold shoulder."

"Uh, the loss of that factory? It's really the robot's fault when you think about it.",

"Let me handle the debriefing on the loss of the factory, I'll smooth this over.", "Trust me, Zenith will get over losing her murder bot factory."

"Robotic factory's destroyed, commander.",

"Factory's destroyed. Need to do better, #self_first...",

"The factory's components have failed to defend it.",

"The factory's structural integrity has been found lacking.", "The factory was too fragile to survive the attack.", "The factory was not only malfunctioning, but it also failed to reinforce its hull against an attack."

"All that r-r-research... all th-th-those robots... lost.",

"Were we... weren't we s-s-supposed to p-p-protect the factory?", "C-C-Could we have used that factory to fix the robots?"

"Unauthorized destruction of Pinnacle property detected.",

"Pinnacle factory destroyed. Disruption in long-term Pinnacle mechanized deployment logged."

"Thousands of intelligences... current and future... extinguished.",

"I... I can't look. Shutting down receptors.", "Now we'll never know if we could have saved them.",

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn… HRN. ::" "That factory housed millions of lives. They were sick, but they could have been helped",
Mission_Factory_Spawning Bot Factory spawning "Warning: Enemy activity",

"Warning: Hostiles detected"

"We got more bots incoming.",

"It just deployed more cannon-bots..."

"Which side is Pinnacle on?",

"Can't believe Zenith wants to protect these things..."

"[ Rogue intelligences detected ]",

"[ Factory is deploying rogue intelligences ]"

"I'm picking up another Sentient Machine on sensors.",

"That factory has deployed another mobile cannon.", "I'm picking up another Sentient... it's powering up."

"Factory's spitting out bots. Be careful.",

"Great - Pinnacle's best robots are now part of the problem.",

"More cannon-bots have been deployed!",

"What is wrong with that factory?! It makes no sense!"

"The factory has deployed more soldiers.",

"The factory sends more to test us.", "We need to kill the factory before it sends more killers for us."

"The factory's still producing robots! At an incredible pace!",

"Another robot! Even malfunctioning, the factory is operating at peak efficiency!"

"Malfunctioning robotics factory has produced another malfunctioning robot.",

"Robotics factory is continuing operations.", "Robotics factory is still operational."

"More crazy robots are coming out of that factory!",

"Maybe we can disable those crazy robots before they power up!"

"Got more robots on the field!",

"Try and take the robots out before they activate!", "More cannon-bots...? Need to end this fight quick.", "Hope Zenith can restore control of those factories when this is all over..."

"Good to see the factory that's spitting out murder bots is working JUST fine.",

"And Zenith wants us to SAVE that factory? Come on, it's trying to kill us!"

"Mechanized units have been deployed.",

"Factory's deployed cannon-bots.", "Factory's deploying more robots, commander.", "Need to take those robots out before they activate!",

"The factory has deployed a new construct to be deconstructed.",

"The factory is compounding its errors by emitting damaged robots.", "That robot's systems have turned on it. Its systems will pay for turning on their master."

"M-M-More robots... and their p-p-programming's still erratic.",

"M-M-More robots... try to avoid d-destroying them!", "Those robots from the factory... they'll activate s-s-soon!"

"Pinnacle facility is refusing to comply with closure request.",

"Pinnacle facility manufacturing error increasingly exponentially."

"This robot... forgive the term... is experiencing contradictory directives.",

"This robot is unable to extinguish friend from foe.", "These Pinnacle models are surprisingly last-gen... and erratic.", "Avoid the robots if you can... they're not responsible for their programming."

"Kc'cht? Jjk?" "\ ...... /" ":: …rhnnn-kk-k-nnn-hrr… ::" "Destroy that robot if you must, the threat it poses to innocents is too high.",

"That robot is sick and a threat, but I wish you did not have to kill it.", "Another malfunctioning robot has been detected, be wary.",

Mission_Reactivation_Thawed A selection of enemies on the map are freed from ice (might be bots) "Warning: Enemy activity",

"Warning: Enemy leaving hibernation mode"

"They're breaking out!",

"They've freed themselves from the ice!"

"Hostiles breaking free, commander.", "[ Enemies have freed themselves from the ice ]" "Hostile is on the move.",

"That ice couldn't hold it.",

"Looks like our friends have thawed out.",

"They broke free! We've got company!",

"Looks like even the cold can't hold them for long...",

"Was hoping they'd stay encased in the ice longer...",

"Our enemies have freed themselves.",

"Our enemies have broken free.", "Our enemies are freed... and now free to die."

"Interesting. The cold didn't stop it for long.",

"They've freed themselves from the ice!",

"The hostile is no longer suspended in ice.",

"The hostile has ended its hibernation period.", "The ice is no longer halting enemy movement.",

"Guess the enemy didn't like being icicles, they're free!",

"Uh... those enemies that were in the ice? They're loose!"

"Hostiles breaking free of the ice!",

"Didn't think the ice would hold them for long..."

"Enemies have broken free of the ice. Great.",

"They're free of the ice?! Nghhhh... can we EVER catch a break?",

"It was only a matter of time before they broke free...",

"Watch out, they're breaking free of the ice!", "Hostiles have broken out of the ice and are on the move!"

"Hostile units have broken free of ice.",

"Hostile units have escaped the ice and are on the move.",

"W-Was afraid th-the ice w-w-wouldn't hold them!",

"The fr-frozen enemies - they b-b-broke free!",

"Target no longer impeded by climate conditions." "Activity detected from previously-frozen units.",

"Previously-frozen units are now on the move."

"Kc'KC'cht!" "\ ...... /" ":: …NNN-nhr... ::" "Climate controls are failing. These enemies are being released from the ice.",
Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenVek Snowstorm freezes Vek "Update: Vek in hibernation mode\nCause: Meteorological",

"Update: Vek mobility at 0%\nCause: Meteorological", "Update: Vek in hibernation mode", "Update: Vek mobility at 0%"

"Cold's hitting them hard!",

"Storm's working to our advantage."

"Storm's wreaking hell on those Vek.",

"One Vek, on the rocks.", "One cold day in hell for the Vek."

"[ Storm has immobilized the Vek ]",

"[ Vek has been immobilized ]"

"The cold's on our side.",

"The cold's incapacitated it.", "Never thought I'd be happy to see a Pinnacle cold front until now."

"That'll put it on ice for a while.",

"Don't break it free until we're ready to kill it.",

"Yes! Storm's on our side!",

"Guess the Vek are at the mercy of the cold just like we are."

"The Vek have ceased moving.",

"Winter has seized the Vek.", "The Vek and the cold are not allies."

"The cold has paralyzed the Vek!",

"The Vek are at the mercy of the elements just as we are.", "It seems the Vek are unprepared for such temperature extremes."

"The storm has suspended the Vek in ice.",

"The storm is acting as a deterrent to the Vek's aggression.", "The storm has rendered the Vek inert until we dispose of it.", "The storm has suspended the Vek until it can be recycled safely."

"That Vek got caught in the storm!",

"Brrrr. I got chills just watching that Vek freeze!",

"Looks like an early winter for the Vek...",

"That storm should slow the Vek down.", "Steer clear of the storm - what it does to that Vek, it can do to us!"

"Stopped that Vek cold.",

"Hope that Vek wasn't expecting a warm reception...", "Guess that Vek'll need to wait for the thaw.", "'Hello, Vek, my name is blizzard... ice to meet you.'"

"Different kind of storms than at R.S.T., but still effective against the Vek.",

"Looks like snow's as effective as R.S.T. lightning against the Vek."

"Hazardous Vek material has been encased in ice.",

"Hazardous Vek material has been frozen.", "Vek has been encased in ice for safe removal."

"Vek seem unable to c-c-cope with extreme cold... or water...",

"R-R-Registering faint life signs from the frozen Vek... but it can't m-m-move.",

"Vek impeded by climate conditions.",

"Vek frozen. Logging data on Vek meteorological interactions."

"The Vek has succumbed to the storm.",

"The storm has slowed the Vek, but not killed it."

"Kc'cht…?! Vk! Tk'tch'Kch!" "| ------ |" ":: Hnn. Hn-Hnn! ::" "The storm has trapped the Vek."
Mission_SnowStorm_FrozenMech Snowstorm freezes speaking Mech -- This takes priority if Vek are frozen as well "Warning: Mobility compromised",

"Warning: Mobility at 0%", "Warning: Mobility compromised\nCause: Meteorological", "Warning: Mobility at 0%\nCause: Meteorological", "Warning: Mobility compromised\nCause: Unfavorable weather conditions", "Warning: Mobility at 0%\nCause: Unfavorable weather conditions"

"Cold's locking up my systems!",

"Mech's unresponsive!"

"I thought R.S.T. weather was hell...",

"Ngghh - if it's not lightning, it's ice."

"[ Storm has immobilized my Mech ]",

"[ Controls not responding ]", "[ Mech systems are shutting down ]"

"Systems unresponsive - the cold's shut them down.",

"The storm's incapacitated my Mech!", "I've lost mobility... but at least the ice will reinforce the hull."

"Ice's locked the Mech's systems!",

"Storm's paralyzed my Mech! Thought the damn webs were bad...",

"The cold's crippling the systems!",

"Looks like I've got a natural shield now..."

"I cannot move.",

"Winter has me in its grip."

"My Mech isn't shielded against the cold! My controls are frozen!",

"Mech's frozen, but I bet I can break this ice with some simple repairs..."

"My #self_mech has been suspended in ice.",

"The storm has rendered my #self_mech inert.",

"I got caught in the storm! My Mech's shutting down!",

"I'm iced in, but really, it's kind of cozy.", "Great. Caught in the storm. Looks like I'm taking a snow day."

"Ice storm's locking my controls!",

"Concentrate on the Vek, I'll free myself from the ice!",

"Storm's caught me!",

"My Mech's frozen solid! Do I have to wait for summer, or...?", "What the hell - these Mechs can't handle cold?!",

"My Mech's freezing up!",

"Mech controls aren't responding!", "Storm's locked my Mech's systems!",

"My Mech refuses to respond. Preparing repair components to free unit from the ice.",

"My Mech has failed to protect me from the sudden drop in temperature."

"The storm... it's... it's freezing m-my systems!",

"This #self_mech isn't equipped for t-t-temperature extremes!"

"This Mech impeded by climate conditions.",

"This Mech unresponsive due to temperature extremes."

"The cold is exceeding this Mech's capabilities.",

"I don't mean to be crass, but this meteorological phenomenon is really fraying my wires."

"Kc'cht?! Tch'ckt'CH'KHT?! "\\ *:*:.. //" ":: Nnn-hr? Nnn-Hrnnn! ::"
BotKilled_Self Player kills a hostile Bot "Update: Target decommissioned\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Update: Target deactivated\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Hate to destroy any tech...",

"Glad Archive isn't here to see this..."

"It's scrap.",

"Had to scrap it.",

"[ Serial number recorded ]",

"[ Threat has been neutralized ]", "[ Self-defense protocols enacted ]"

"Robot disposed of.",

"Robot has been... decommissioned.", "A waste, but necessary.", "I'll take responsibility for this with Zenith."

"It's us or them.",

"That's one way to fix its bugs.",

"I didn't want to, but...",

"If only we knew what was wrong with the robots...!",

"The machine is destroyed.",

"The machine has been put down."

"I... I tried to avoid the memory core. Maybe its black box can be salvaged?",

"If I could have reprogrammed it, I assure you, I would, but...", "The robot's destroyed. I couldn't allow its rogue code to corrupt my Mech's systems."

"Malfunctioning robot has been recycled.",

"Short-term battlefield advantage offset by loss of potential long-term robot ally.", "Chance of reassigning damaged robot to recovery at Archive: 0%.", "Robot has been reduced to base components."

"Sorry, little crazy robot, but I had to.",

"I didn't want to, little robot, but you were misbehaving."

"We're trying to keep from killing the robots, but...",

"We can't protect the robots and fight the Vek at the same time...", "That robot had to be destroyed. I'll apologize to Zenith personally.", "Would rather have an engineering team capture the robot, but..."

"Another robot down. Zenith can bill me...",

"Er, you think Zenith saw me destroy that robot? What am I saying, of course she did.", "Can't say I'm too torn up about destroying a robot...",

"Had to destroy one of the robots, commander.",

"One of the robots was destroyed, commander.",

"Damaged robot has been decommissioned.",

"Robot's malfunction has been corrected.", "Robot's remaining parts will be rounded up for questioning."

"I... d-d-didn't want to destroy the robot, but...",

"If w-w-we only had time to run a d-diagnostic on these robots first..."

"Unauthorized mechanized activity halted.",

"Robot has been excavated of all useful resources."

"We robots are supposed to be setting an example for the humans, not working against them.",

"This robot behavior is unacceptable. Whatever could have caused its malfunction?"

"Jjk; K'tch; #self_reverse!" "\ ...... /" ":: Hnn. ::"
BotKilled_Obs Player is observed to kill a hostile Bot "Update: Target decommissioned\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Update: Target deactivated\nArchiving: Factory serial number to casualty reports",

"Hate to see any tech destroyed...",

"It was us or them.",

"These bots didn't leave us much choice.",

"Another bot for the junkpile.",

"[ Serial number recorded ]",

"[ Threat has been neutralized ]",

"A waste, but necessary.",

"We had to protect ourselves.", "If only we had time to diagnose what was wrong with them...",

"Sorry, Pinnacle, but it's us or them.",

"Zenith's not going to be happy.",

"I wish we could have fixed it...",

"Poor Zenith... losing her robots must be painful for her to watch."

"Hostile down.",

"Another machine has been destroyed.", "Another machine has been put down."

"That robot was at the mercy of its programming...",

"I know this is war, but we should protect the robots if we can...", "I may still be able to examine that robot's remains.",

"Malfunctioning robot has been recycled.",

"Short-term battlefield advantage offset by loss of potential long-term robot ally.", "Chance of reassigning damaged robot to recovery at Archive: 0%.", "Robot has been reduced to base components."

"Why are the robots acting so crazy?",

"Maybe that'll teach the other crazy robots to calm down?"

"That robot had to be stopped. I'll apologize to Zenith personally.",

"If you can spare the robots do it, but don't put yourself at risk to do so.", "Watch your fire if you can, but if it's you or a robot, take the shot."

"It was a murder-bot - what else could you do?",

"I respect Zenith wanting to save these robots, but they ARE trying to kill us.", "It was the robot or us, and that's the truth."

"We're supposed to try and protect the robots if we can.",

"This is against our mission parameters.",

"Damaged robot has been decommissioned.",

"Robot's malfunction has been corrected.", "Round up the robot's remaining parts for questioning."

"If we can spare the r-r-robots... Zenith w-would want that.",

"Each r-robot is like killing one of Zenith's family..."

"Unauthorized mechanized activity halted.",

"Scanning robot remains for useful resources."

"Unfortunate loss of a robot. Serial number recorded.",

"Why would Zenith allow something like this to occur?",

"Kc'chk'ta…; Jjk? Jjk! K'tch!" "\ ...... /" ":: Hnn. ::" "Killing that robot was an unfortunate necessity.",

"I take no pleasure in the demise of my sick brethren.", "That machine had to be destroyed.",

Mission_Disposal_Destroyed Player was supposed to defend the Disposal unit and it was destroyed -- Shooter could be anyone "Update: Detritus A.C.I.D. launcher destroyed" "Launcher's destroyed, we're on our own.",

"Launcher's gone!", "We lost the launcher!"

"Launcher's destroyed, commander.",

"Nothing more we can do about the launcher - concentrate on the Vek."

"[ Disposal unit has been destroyed ]",

"[ Disposal unit is offline ]"

"That disposal unit was key to Detritus' recovery efforts...",

"Detritus was relying on that disposal unit - we've set them back years.",

"Dammit! We needed that disposal unit intact!",

"With the disposal unit wrecked, our job just got a lot harder..."

"No! We've lost the launcher! The poor crew...",

"The launcher and its crew... they're gone!",

"The disposal unit is destroyed.",

"The disposal unit is lost. Focus on killing Vek."

"I... I could repair the disposal unit, but the crew...",

"We've lost the Detritus disposal unit! We'll have to make do without it..."

"Detritus toxin deployer destroyed. A.C.I.D. production halted.",

"Detritus' poisonous chemical deployment system has been shut down.", "A.C.I.D. launcher recycled. As one almost recycled me before I was sold to Archive."

"Uh... now the disposal unit's gone, what now?",

"I don't even want to think how much that unit costs.",

"We needed that Detritus unit to clear the Vek hives!",

"Without the disposal unit, Detritus will have to deal with the Vek mountain hives the old-fashioned way..."

"Detritus vomit dispenser is gone, nothing we can do about it now.",

"Vikram will understand. We're helping him, right?", "Let me handle the debriefing on what happened to the disposal unit, I'll smooth this over.",

"Detritus unit's wrecked!",

"Detritus unit's destroyed, commander."

"The disposal unit's components have failed to defend it.",

"The disposal unit's structural integrity has been found lacking."

"D-D-Disposal unit's been destroyed!",

"D-D-Disposal unit's g-gone! Wh-What do we do now?"

"Unauthorized destruction of Detritus property detected.",

"Detritus unit destroyed. Disruption in long-term Detritus waste disposal efforts logged."

"Well, we'll never hear the end of this from the Detritus 'intelligences'.",

"I believe the Corporate Accords will protect us from any liabilities resulting from this.", "Due to inclement combat conditions, the Detritus unit has ceased operations."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn… HRN. ::" "Ah... unfortunate. I had hoped we could keep the unit intact, it was key to our defense.",

"You... you did all you could for the disposal unit, now focus on protecting yourselves."

Mission_Disposal_Activated Player uses Disposal Unit -- mass damage "Warning: Activate chemical filters",

"Accessing: Region topography\nUpdated: A.C.I.D. concentration levels logged"

"Talk about an acid bath...",

"A few more of those things, and we could win the war..."

"I wouldn't want to be in charge of cleaning this up...",

"Detritus isn't much for subtlety, are they?"

"[ Please stay clear of disposal unit's zone of operations ]",

"[ Please avoid the disposal zone ]", "[ Elevated A.C.I.D. levels detected in region ]"

"Be careful of any splash damage - those chemicals will dissolve the hull in seconds!",

"Keep a safe distance from the disposal unit!", "Activating filtration systems.",

"Detritus certainly knows how to wipe away problems...",

"Stay clear of the waste!",

"Oh my God. That disposal unit... is unbelievable.",

"That disposal unit, it... it just liquefied the terrain.",

"Give the launcher space to do its work.",

"Do not let the launcher's swath of destruction distract you."

"My word, I see Detritus wasn't exaggerating about those chemicals.",

"No wonder Detritus takes such precautions with the A.C.I.D..."

"Detritus toxin deployer has been activated. Wasteful. Inefficient.",

"Detritus toxin deployer has released more A.C.I.D. nanites to destroy habitat.", "Stay clear of A.C.I.D. dispersal. Dispersal nearly ended this unit before joining Archive."

"WOW. And double WOW.",

"Did you see what that disposal unit just did?!",

"...That disposal unit is one reason I don't miss working at Detritus.",

"...Disposal units like that are a reason I volunteered as a pilot.",

"Give that disposal unit some treads and we'll win this war.",

"So glad I'm not with Detritus anymore... I'd have to file reports on that mess."

"Detritus unit's saturated the ground, commander.",

"Give that Detritus unit a wide berth, understand, #squad?"

"The disposal unit is dousing terrain with nanite disassemblers.",

"Detritus terrain doused.",

"D-Disposal unit's r-releasing enough chemicals to poison the oceans.",

"I h-h-hope Detritus shields its drainage... h-h-hate for those nanites to reach the ocean."

"Detritus unit rezoning of region complete.",

"Detritus unit operations successful."

"That Detritus unit certainly makes a mess. I hope I didn't get any A.C.I.D. on my hull.",

"That A.C.I.D.- dispensing sludge thrower doesn't exactly brighten up the landscape, does it?",

"KC'CHT?!" "\ *:*::. /" ":: Rhnn-KK-K-N?! …HnH…? ::" "The disposal unit has proven very effective against the Vek. I wish we could make it mobile."
Mission_Barrels_Destroyed A.C.I.D. barrel destroyed (as per mission objectives) -- shooter unclear "Update: Detritus A.C.I.D. vat destroyed",

"Update: Seismic readings\nUpdated: Vek burrowing activity decreasing"

"I hope those chemicals do the job...",

"The Vek below are going to be choking on those soon..."

"Vat's popped.",

"Vat breached, commander.", "One chemical spill, as ordered."

"[ Vat destroyed ]",

"[ A.C.I.D. released ]", "[ Subterranean hive contamination initiated ]"

"One chemical vat down.",

"The vat has been breached, chemicals released.", "Chemical released!"

"Wait till the Vek below catch a whiff of that...",

"Hope the Vek choke on those chemicals..."

"I almost feel sorry for the Vek below...",

"Those chemicals are likely to kill anything, not just the Vek below..."

"The vat has been breached.",

"The chemicals have been released into the ground."

"My, that Detritus A.C.I.D. burns through the ground fast!",

"Would hate to be caught in that A.C.I.D. stew... the Vek won't like it much, either."

"Detritus toxins now seeping into Vek hives.",

"Containment vat has been cut open, and A.C.I.D. is bleeding into surrounding terrain.", "A.C.I.D. is being absorbed into the ground, and is eating its way toward Vek tunnels."

"A.C.I.D. released! I feel sorry for the Vek below... almost.",

"That'll serve the Vek right for making a hive beneath the area!"

"Vat's destroyed! A.C.I.D.'s released!",

"A.C.I.D.'s eating into the ground... and soon, the Vek hives below."

"Keg's tapped! Er... well, the A.C.I.D. barrel is.",

"Chemical cocktail's being poured for the Vek below the surface..."

"A.C.I.D. released as ordered, commander.",

"That A.C.I.D. bath should be a surprise for the Vek down below..."

"Detritus A.C.I.D. vat has been punctured. Chemical release detected.",

"Please observe safe distance from ruptured Detritus vat.", "A.C.I.D. released. Tracking spread patterns now."

"V-Vat's releasing the A.C.I.D. into the ground - sh-should hit the Vek hives soon.",

"V-Vat's destroyed - ch-ch-chemicals should drown the Vek below... I hope."

"A.C.I.D. vat has been destroyed.",

"Vat chemicals have been released into island foundations."

"Vat destroyed. The chemicals are draining into the hives below.",

"Vat has been disabled. The Vek hive repellent has been deployed."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "/ ::..:: \" ":: …rhnn-kk-k-k-nnn… …hnh…? ::" "Excellent, commander! The Vek should get a taste of the A.C.I.D. soon."
Mission_Power_Destroyed Power plant is destroyed "Update: Power plant destroyed" "Power plant's gone!",

"Power plant's down!"

"Guess we'll need to ration the juice to our Mechs in the future...",

"It's gone - focus on the Vek.", "Power plant's destroyed, commander."

"[ Power plant has been destroyed ]",

"[ Power plant is offline ]"

"Power plant's destroyed.",

"Power plant has been leveled.",

"Plant's lost!",

"We needed all the power we could get..."

"No! We've lost the plant!",

"The plant... it's destroyed!"

"The power plant is lost.",

"The power plant is gone. Focus on killing Vek."

"...I think the power plant is closed for good.",

"With that plant gone, we'll have to conserve power in the future."

"Power plant has been recycled.",

"Power plant operation cycle has halted. Indefinitely."

"Whoops. We needed that power plant, right?",

"...Was that power plant supposed to blow up?",

"Power plant's lost. I'll apologize to Director Singh myself.",

"With that power plant gone, looks like we're on power rationing for the foreseeable future."

"Were we supposed to protect the power plant?",

"The power plant's gone... oh man, we are in SO much trouble.",

"Power plant's lost, commander.",

"Power plant's destroyed, commander."

"The power plant's components have failed to defend it.",

"The power plant's structural integrity has been found lacking."

"P-P-Power plant's been destroyed!",

"We've lost the power plant!", "With the plant gone... we'll n-n-need to begin p-p-power rationing..."

"Unauthorized destruction of Detritus property detected.",

"Detritus power plant destroyed. Disruption in long-term power projections logged."

"I believe the Corporate Accords will protect us from any liabilities resulting from this.",

"Due to inclement combat conditions, the Detritus power plant has ceased operations."

"Tch'k; Jjk." "\ ::..:: /" ":: Nnn… HRN. ::" "Ah... unfortunate. Still, better that we ration power from here on out than lose the region!",
Mission_Teleporter_Mech Mech teleports (self) "Update: New coordinates logged",

"Update: Reacquiring targets",

"Jump successful.",

"Made it.", "Nnnh... teleporters make me dizzy."

"Detritus needs to miniaturize these things.",

"Teleport successful.", "Re-deployed, commander.", "Re-acquiring targets..."

"[ Teleport successful ]",

"[ Transmitting new coordinates ]"

"These teleporters weren't made for living matter...",

"I hope this doesn't cause any permanent cellular damage...",

"...Damn thing gives me a headache.",

"At least it helps with flanking..."

"These teleporters are incredible!",

"If only we could deploy these teleporters on other islands..."

"I do not need these tricks, but I will use them.",

"It is said teleporters steal the soul of those who pass through them.",

"That... certainly was d-d-disorienting.",

"Teleporters aren't normally cleared for biomatter..."

"Teleport successful. Recalibrating systems.",

"I have been recycled and reassembled.",

"Wheee! I want to do that again!",

"I was all particles and energy, now I'm me again!"

"Remember - red to red, blue to blue.",

"Once you teleport, you'll need a second to adjust."

"...and now I'm over here!",

"I can feel every molecule in my body just... vibrating."

"Teleport successful, commander.",

"Flanking maneuver complete."

"Displacement successful. All components accounted for.",

"Teleport complete. All components, sound off."

"Teleport complete... and my voice. It's... steady.",

"Recalibrating coordinates... wait, is that my voice?",

"Teleport successful." "These teleporters are much larger and clunkier than I expected.",

"This last-gen technology has been known to cause occasional DNA damage."

"Kc'cht…?! Kch'kch'kch…" "\\\ :::::: ///" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "If you feel faint or dizzy after teleporting, please contact our medical division at once.",

"Normally we don't teleport sentient matter... it's untested, and I don't want to put you at risk."

Mission_Belt_Mech Mech moves on conveyor (self) (does not hit anything, no damage, etc.) "Tactical Efficiency: Mobility affected",

"Update: Recalculating mobility"

"Wish we had these at Archive for moving the relics...",

"Hope this doesn't take me to a Mech disposal site...",

"Hope this belt holds...",

"Need to get off this before it dumps me in a vat.",

"[ I am being conveyed ]",

"[ Conveyance enacted ]"

"Looks like these belts can support our Mechs after all.",

"Hope this belt passed inspection..."

"Time to go for a ride.",

"Let's put these belts to use.",

"Just like an old-fashioned airport walkway...",

"Wish I had time to enjoy the ride."

"Using this conveyer belt is... undignified.",

"Activating stabilizers. Adjusting for conveyer movements."

"I certainly hope the Mech's weight doesn't exceed the belt's safety parameters...",

"Hope this doesn't plow me into a building... or an A.C.I.D. pool."

"Conveyance successful.",

"Detritus uses these to transport waste.",

"These conveyer belts belong in a theme park!",

"Mech, meet conveyer belt. Conveyer belt, meet Mr. Mech.",

"Let's put this Detritus conveyer to work...",

"Always wanted to take a ride on these when I worked here..."

"Let's fire up this conveyer!",

"Time to go for a ride!"

"I'm positioned on the conveyer.",

"Conveyer shifting!"

"It is a work site violation to use the conveyer belts for personal use.",

"Using conveyer belts without hand rails is a court-martial offense.",

"Uh... is it s-s-safe to m-m-move on this?",

"B-B-Better get off before it dumps me in an A.C.I.D. vat."

"Reporting self-violation of conveyer use safety protocols." "This manner of conveyance is unbecoming of an intelligence such as myself.",

"How embarrassing... being ferried about by such a primitive device.",

"Kc'cht?!" "/ *::..: \" ":: Rhnnn-kk-k-n? ::" "Inventive!",

"Glad Detritus conveyer belts can lend some help!"