Water Tile

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Water Tile
Icon Water.png
Units cannot attack in Water. Most non-flying enemies die in Water.

The Water Tile is one of the Tiles in Into The Breach.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Flying units are not affected by water. Massive units, which include all player Mechs and boss Vek, can stand in water but cannot attack. If a unit is on fire, it will be put out.

Terrestrial enemies with Explosive Decay will still explode on death, damaging adjacent tiles, when pushed into water.

If a specific Mech pushes a Vek into the water to kill it, it will gain all its XP. If a Vek is pushed or falls into water from indirect sources, its XP will be split between the squad.

If this tile is hit with a freeze effect, it will turn into an Ice Tile.

Trivia[edit | edit source]