Into the Breach Wiki

Zenith is the C.E.O. of Pinnacle Robotics


Pinnacle Missions[]

  • Pre-Mission
    • "A fragile ecosystem of new machine life is evolving on the silicate plains here. If too many Vek break through, the ecosystem will be devastated."
    • "The local coolant station detonated, releasing storms of cryo-nanites into the atmosphere. Avoid them or your Mechs may be flash-frozen."
    • "Threat Diagnostic: Machines: Frozen. Threat: Very high. I recommend you avoid them."
    • "I calculate there are still three hundred and seventy-three cryo-mines in this area intended for pacification of hostile machines. Keep your sensors on high."
    • "These factories are manufacturing hostile machines, but there are hundreds of innocent lives within. Please defend them while we try to shut them down safely."
    • "Pinnacle Tower is under attack. My analysis processor is unable to identify the species of Vek threatening us. Caution is advised."
  • Reset Used
  • Post-Mission
    • "The Vek are enough of a threat to your survival. I am sorry my kind is unwell and providing additional complications."
    • "Hundreds perished in that attack. Each a unique being the world will never see again."
    • "Those machines were beyond repair after suffering such extreme temperatures; killing them was a necessity to save more life. I hope."
    • "My subterranean sensors are reporting no life signs. The Vek are all dead. You have made the sector safe again."




  • "Thousands of lives were saved today. I am thankful for the time you have sacrificed to aid us."

Perfect Island[]

  • "You have saved Pinnacle, accomplishing every objective without fail. Allow me to provide additional aid."